November 14th, 2012 | 297 Entries

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297 Entries for “measured”

  1. It seems every joy and pain in life is measured. Nothing lasts forever. No happiness no pain no suffering lasts forever. You cannot measure happiness, or can you? Thee is a country not very well known that forgot about money. They measure the happiness of their people. Don’t believe me? look it up. Bhutan.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 11.14.2012

  2. pressured
    measured by the way you think, its the way you act and breath its the way you like to interact in social settings.

    By emily on 11.14.2012

  3. my love for you,
    cannot be measured.
    I’d do anything
    and when i say anything,
    I literally mean anything
    for you
    and all i ask for in return
    is faith
    in me
    please give me strength
    help me get through the tough parts
    of life
    give me a shoulder when i cry
    make me feel better
    please don’t abuse my love for you
    I wouldn’t be able to take it
    oh, heartache
    how I hate you
    you make me smile
    and make everything better
    all the time
    i tend to freak out
    simply because i’m so attached
    don’t go
    you give me chills
    all the way through my spine
    when you tell me you love me
    when you laugh at my lousy jokes
    i get giddy
    i cannot stand the fact
    of the thought
    of you being with someone else
    i’ll kill them.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 11.14.2012

  4. Time is measured in different ways. Sailors measure it with the watch on their wrist. Students measure it with the time of the old rundown clock on the wall. I measure it by the hours, minutes, seconds that I am away from you. That I don’t hear your voice. That I am not next to you. That I can’t hold your hand or brush my lips against your warm, smooth cheek. Time feels endless when I can’t be with you.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 11.14.2012

  5. measured is a word when you measure cheese and cheese smells and lemons and geese and farts and lemon and geese and farts and grandmothers elucidating nostrils.

    By Thea on 11.14.2012

  6. i measured a bit of water tonight. i tried drinking the prebrewed coffee my grandfather consistently drinks. It doesn’t have that satisfying coffee quirk.

    By karissa on 11.14.2012

  7. As I measured the amount of time left in my life I realized how little it actually. Don’t get me wrong 2,000 years is a long time compared to how long humans use to live, but it is nothing when compared to the cosmos. I am still a speck of dust compared to the awe-inducing vastness of the universe.

    By Jameson Brown on 11.14.2012

  8. After we measured out the cocoa and butter and flour and sugar, we took a break because I inconceivably twisted my wrist while pulling the egg whisk out of the cramped drawer of cooking tools and utensils. Now Sadie was sidled up to me at the dining room table, as I applied a bag of frozen meatballs against my arm where the muscle was turning black and blue.

    “You can say you were in a great cooking accident,” she declared with amusement.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.14.2012

  9. As I measured the amount of time left in my life I realized how little there actually was. Don’t get me wrong 2,000 years is a long time but compared to the age of the cosmos it is nothing. To them I am still a speck of dust, a mere blip on the radar.

    By Jameson Brown on 11.14.2012

  10. I felt that my worth was measured by my accomplishments in life. Did I pass or fail I have no idea. I hate to think that my worth would be summed up by what I had or had not accomplished.

    By Linda on 11.14.2012

  11. What can be measured?

    Time, the thickness of your coarse thighs, the length of your pudgy fingers.


    What can’t be measured?

    Your kindness. Your personality. Your happiness.


    By Ollie on 11.14.2012

  12. He whispers to me,
    “How much do you love me?”
    I say
    ” Dear, you cannot measure love..
    But if I could compare how much I love you to anything, It would be the amount of stars in the sky, and the amount of butterflies that stir in my stomach whenever you walk in the room.”

    By AngelDuCiel on 11.14.2012

  13. How do I measure up in my kids eyes? Am I good enough? Or now that they are adults do they ask themselves why wasn’t Mom better or how in the world did mom manage all us kids and Dad too?

    By K Mitchell on 11.14.2012

  14. Love can not be measured , Feelings can not be measured .. you suddenly feel it , live it.

    By Kholoud on 11.14.2012

  15. Measured. Makes me think about math, considering I have a Calculus 2 test coming up in the next 24 hours that I should be studying for instead of doing this. But I enjoy this whole-heartedly. It’s not only an activity or a workout for the brain, it is something I do for daily enjoyment. Once a writer, always a writer.

    By Sami URL on 11.14.2012

  16. In a perfect world,
    He would have been mine from the start, and
    She can have my ex.
    My two gay friends could be together without scorn
    And nobody would be in a hurry,
    Since we live in a world sewn with punctuation.

    I wouldn’t mind being a crutch and
    The stars would be a bit brighter.
    Music would play just a little louder
    And the world would sing all at once.

    I would always see the world in his eyes,
    He would never feel distant
    And he would know, with just a touch,
    The amount of love I have for him.

    He makes up a piece of what makes me up,
    Even though the rush of day to day living is exhausting
    Coming home to him, or waking up with him,
    Those simple little things warm me
    In the depression of winter.

    By AngelDuCiel on 11.14.2012

  17. I carefully measured the flour. lined in up in the cup, and cut it off with the knife. There. The boys in front of me were already putting their cajke in the oven, and I was only up to measuring, but theres was already baking.

    By littleredowl URL on 11.14.2012

  18. a way for humans to rationally describe different numbers of things. This is a way people are able to control things. scientific. modernist thinking. time, age, height weight, distance. measure is arbitrary.

    By on 11.14.2012

  19. I’m not a ruler kind of guy myself. Measuring is difficult because it’s relative, you see? What are you measuring against? What are you measuring for? Why measure at all?

    By John URL on 11.14.2012

  20. A machine created to measure love? What would that look like? It would have two pink seats wired up to a machine, humming and buzzing. There would be a suction cup to place on your heart, that would take out all your love and enter in into the machine. It would fill up tubes, like water or sand, and indicate your love for the person sitting next to you. What an invention that would be

    By Ginger URL on 11.14.2012

  21. I measured the hours and the minutes and they passed by in front of me. Nodding off, I couldn’t quite clearly see the clock that became blurrier and blurrier. It’s been too long. that’s all I know.

    By Baylee on 11.14.2012

  22. If I were to measure time it would not be with grains of sand or by counting one by one upon the hands of a man. Rather I would keep tally with more important things, like each breath you take or the shifting of the seas.

    By MariahH. URL on 11.14.2012

  23. my love for you is measured in heartbreaks, memories and lack of sleep.

    By Amy URL on 11.14.2012

  24. defined
    I don’t understand the point of this…what exactly am I writing? Everything in our world is measured; it is how we, as humans, struggle to make sense of the world we live in.

    By vvvv on 11.14.2012

  25. I measured my love this time
    Because I did not want to lose it all
    I measured my smiles this day
    So that I did not recklessly throw them away
    I was and will always be
    Bound in the joyful sorrow of measurements

    By Arushi Chamoli on 11.14.2012

  26. measure flour and eggs and sugar and make something
    um yeah it’s like this right now because sometimes to keep getting better you have to keep going even if you don’t know what you’re doing..

    By Liz URL on 11.14.2012

  27. When its all said and done do you think it will be enough? If God measured your sins by your genuine attempts to make a positive difference in the world do you think he’d open the gates and let you into Heaven???

    By ldydai22 URL on 11.14.2012

  28. in math class i measured the world and all the numbers involved. the magic of tubes and flasks, bundled up in a small class and didnt seem to cover it all. it didn’t grasp what was being measured not even in the simplest of terms, numbers being too restrictive for the world.

    By sara on 11.14.2012

  29. I measured a spoonful of sugar for the cake batter. I didn’t think it would be nearly enough, as I am a sugar-holic, and, well, it’s not like I’ve ever experienced a sugar-high before… so, I added yet another spoonful, probably much to my own mother’s demise. Luckily for me, she didn’t see. So, one sugary battered cake, coming right up!

    By Sara Z on 11.14.2012

  30. I frantically measured the time, racing againgt a hope that one day, I could fill a page in merely a second, lor sixty of them. My life depended on this one experiecnce, as if by a

    By Amy on 11.14.2012

  31. time is measured
    just like fear
    but is fear endless?
    only time will tell.
    fear and loathing
    time and space
    endless, endless, endless

    By Rosie Alaska URL on 11.14.2012

  32. I measured his temperature. 106 degrees.

    By Margaret on 11.14.2012

  33. I measured the night by the slamming of doors and the smell of rain throwing itself all about, onto grass and trees, into and through windows.

    By Aera URL on 11.14.2012

  34. measured by the pain in my heart, i feel your breath against my neck, but my mind has wandered, i’ve lost myself in your eyes, and i can no longer see the light, i miss how things were, i miss what we had, and now i lose my self once more.

    By Rowan on 11.14.2012

  35. i measured my papers and then came the time when i had to draw in it…it was tough..i couldn’t decide what to draw.this was my last chance to make it up to him and yet i was all blank.why?what happend to me!

    By tAIARA on 11.15.2012

  36. Between two lungs
    Our air was poured into itself
    Silently turning into the blood in our veins
    Erupting in the flowers of our hands

    By Perri URL on 11.15.2012

  37. I stood there waiting, in such a panic. I thought I could feel a sweat drop, crawling down from my frow. But nothing. A built man in a grey pin stripped suit came out.

    He saw right through me, measured me …up….down. God was my fly undone?

    By Martha URL on 11.15.2012

  38. because you did this you know the hight or weight of something

    By rocks on 11.15.2012

  39. Have you ever measured a beam with a measuring tape? The long, yellow tape pulled out from the hard case. It never stays straight, always bending and flipping. I actually hit a measuring tape on my room fan just today after trying to measure out the height of a bookshelf i plan on making. 1900 mm tall i have decided. It is going to have a shelf for a little pot plant, or, maybe some bottles of alcohol. Measuring tapes….has 60 seconds been up already? This task reminds me of QCS writing task in year 12, talking about time. Where i wrote about a young girl on her death bed in hospital. Lovely i know…Maybe I should write more, its enjoyable really. Gosh dam, 60 seconds is up for sure, or was it 5 minutes? I can’t remember. I wonder what other people write on here. They say not to think while you write this, but who doesn’t. Our mind is continuously thinking. Strumming over ideas that flood our head. Lana Del Ray has just come on.
    I wonder what people do measure. I dare say people would measure how much they like someone, how long their thumbs are, how plain their dress sense is and what not. Measure how much money someone has, or how much money they have. Money is shit though, so there is no space here to write about that plastic stuff. Or paper, if your a yankee.

    By Rachel on 11.15.2012

  40. Time measured in deaths measured in green eyes dictating moments and movements and tick tick firings away. I love you so, and the challenge of death, issued me through time to be wary and fitful sends me sleepless to dreaming in multiplicatives. Give me all your heartbeats, and I will give you an edge.

    By AnA on 11.15.2012