November 14th, 2012 | 297 Entries

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297 Entries for “measured”

  1. Measure for Measure: the Shakespeare play I just saw my cousin in. So wonderful to see her doing what she loves. Nostalgia of not being involved in something like that anymore. And here I go again–late night sadness paired with acoustic music. Funny how this has become a pattern

    Except not funny, really. Not funny at all.

    Not sure how I became so dependent on one person so quickly. I guess I’m more open than I think I am; I allow myself to be quite vulnerable with others

    By Marie on 11.15.2012

  2. The cloth was laid out, and the length measured carefully. Patiently, slowly, I sewed it taking as much care as possible. It didn’t damn well matter, the hem of the pants was still three inches too high. “Happy Birthday!” I said, as I gave them to my mother with pride

    By Snellopy on 11.15.2012

  3. You measured me, up and down your eyes went. You measured me with your eyes, me, entirely. You don’t love this.

    By Maren URL on 11.15.2012

  4. When someone is better than you at something and everyone knows they are.

    By PetitePommes on 11.15.2012

  5. Measured? Well, measurements are a fallacy. You can’t measure anything, emotions, objects, time. It is all irrelevant when it comes to the fact no one is the same, and perception is key. Don’t try to measure.

    By Ethan LaSalle on 11.15.2012

  6. the past tense of the word “measure”
    to have measured
    “you have been measured, and have been found wanting”

    By Seth on 11.15.2012

  7. He measured the weight around my finger. the exact measurements of the width at each point. He felt the bones, the callouses and even the creases of skin folds around my fourth finger.

    I was so immersed, i didn’t notice him slip on the intricate diamond hoop.

    By Shona URL on 11.15.2012

  8. She measures her life in self-worth. When it boils down to the choice of being loved and respected, she chooses the latter. She dislikes the implications of loved: of being inferior, of being coddled, of being viewed as a trophy wife. Society has enforced these chauvinistic viewpoints on her and she does not choose it simply to defy them. Instead, she throws herself into her work, ironically still abiding by society’s measure of self-worth.

    By veryterry on 11.15.2012

  9. Measured.

    “Chelsea,” her grandfather said as he wheezed his last breaths. “When measuring your life, you first need to decide if the cup is half full or half empty.”

    By Chrissie on 11.15.2012

  10. To measure an amount of something, whether it be flour or how much someone loves you. Measuring is used in all aspects of a persons life. Measuring is used to determine if someone is crazy or if you used too much sugar. To be measured is from the perspective of that item or thing being measured.

    By AlexandraH on 11.15.2012

  11. Color grey
    The city is bringing me down
    Measured with money
    The city is bringing me down
    I will not pay this price
    and even walking you can see it
    and smell the lost ambition

    By pounding_sea on 11.15.2012

  12. to measure is always to limit, which is most of the time something negative.

    By corinnele on 11.15.2012

  13. In school you can measure things in inches and meters, but what does that count for? You can’t measure pain. You can’t measure love. What’s the point of trying to keep track at all?

    By Kerriphernelia URL on 11.15.2012

  14. Happiness and sadness should be in measured amounts. Too much of anything is a bad thing. But what is measured what is not how do we know? Perhaps measured means keeping the balance. If there is a lot of one thing one needs to offset it with another thing.

    By k on 11.15.2012

  15. I believe the idea that a measured approach was the best way to handle the situation that was facing us as we were force to evacuate the building. It appear that is might be damage,by the earth tremor that occour over the week end.

    By victor URL on 11.15.2012

  16. to be taken and placed against a scale. such an arbitrary thing, purely of human invention. what does the eagle know of the miles it flies over? what does the lion know of the weight of the zebra it brings down?

    By Will on 11.15.2012

  17. How do you measure love? Is it how much trust you have, how happy you are, how you get along, how you deal with distance, silence, money, honesty…. how, how, how? Maybe it’s those little things, like when he smiles as you laugh, or when he gives you those coy, little looks when you’re all hanging out together. Can someone tell me how?

    By sam on 11.15.2012

  18. he measured from the top of the head to the tips of his toes, six foot eight inches, he’d wear his blue suit with the red bow tie, it matched the lining of the coffin

    By Wilma on 11.15.2012

  19. Time might be measured in hours and minutes and seconds but I can’t measure my love for you in whatever unit I know.

    By soph on 11.15.2012

  20. Life should not be measure with how many days you lived or how many years you spent. Life should rather be measured with how many moments you lived. How many smiles did you manage to bring to others faces. Life is short just go and live it – each day, each minute, each second of it :)

    By Ketaky on 11.15.2012

  21. The road was long. It had dusty sand and fallen trees on the sides, and it went went on into the horizon. I couldn’t measure how long it take to cross it. I tilted my head and looked behind me, but there was no turning back, I had to go one. I could see the heat on the gravel path, and took a deep breath and walked. My time was short, and was measured by the second.

    By Natasha on 11.15.2012

  22. measured in time, measured temper, measured impulse. measured

    By eyeinthesky on 11.15.2012

  23. Everything can be measured. Everything IS measured, whether we like it or not. Weight, distance, heartbreak. Everything, whether we like it or not, is put against a scale, given a value.

    By Liz on 11.15.2012

  24. I measured her booty. It was something. people measure things in life that are worth measuring. However, things that aren’t worth measuring are measured more often. Life is measured but by your good deeds.

    By Akshay on 11.15.2012

  25. everything is measured.
    your time is measured.
    your life.
    your attractiveness is measured in likes on facebook.
    and your mind is measured on the SAT’s.
    its like a constant competition.
    always weighing variables.

    By Isabel on 11.15.2012

  26. It quite strange the way life is measured by people. Is it the days you’ve spent. Or the memories you’ve collected.
    Hard times come and go but leave behind strength.

    By Akshay Khetrapal on 11.15.2012

  27. I measured my life against yours but came up short.

    By LuckyNo.13 on 11.15.2012

  28. He had barely measure the distance between them when she got up and walked backwards out the door.

    By Gwen on 11.15.2012

  29. Emma measured the thread and then clipped it with Mother’s silver scissors. Sewing was beautiful… of course it was. Mother had been the one to teach her how. That makes everything beautiful.

    By Emma on 11.15.2012

  30. Last night in the kitchen:

    Half-cup SUGAR
    Tablespoon CAYENNE
    Tablespoon PEPPER
    Tablespoon SALT

    Heat one bag PRE-COOKED CHICKEN.

    Boil four packages NOODLES.

    Cover chicken in spice mixture and four carefully measured splops of PEANUT BUTTER. Drizzle with BUFFALO SAUCE. Continue heating until peanut butter melts. Serve chicken over noodles. Share with roommates who like spicy food.

    By ISOreality URL on 11.15.2012

  31. She took long, measured breaths as she struggled up the incline. She could almost feel the beast’s rotten exhales on the back of her neck.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.15.2012

  32. Not measured. At all. Drinking all the time, spending time, procrastinating. And then… Relief. And then guilt. And then improvement. Basically.

    By Camille M URL on 11.15.2012

  33. I measured the height of a building.

    By tylerw URL on 11.15.2012

  34. I measured how tall my friend was.

    By Dianna0531 URL on 11.15.2012

  35. i measured the snow fall from a few days ago……. it wasn’t much at all./

    By Tanner Bowman on 11.15.2012

  36. Measured is when you find how long something is.

    By imoto URL on 11.15.2012

  37. we measured each others height.

    By jake Tate on 11.15.2012

  38. the teachers in our school are measured in our preformance

    By leot on 11.15.2012

  39. There are musical measures, cooking measures, length measures, weight measures, and a lot of other measures. i measured the length of my mustache yesterday…. it was 5 inches long!! Take THAT mom!!! I knew i would beat you someday!!

    By S-man URL on 11.15.2012

  40. last week we measured some rope for our rope ladder that we would put on our treehouse.

    By alejandrace on 11.15.2012