November 15th, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “employees”

  1. workers someone that works for someone

    By dylan kizzar on 11.16.2012

  2. The employees took all the time they needed. Decorating the Christmas tree in the break room, that was a sacred task. Lights first. Then hanging bulbs, garland, and finally tinsel.

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.16.2012

  3. There are employees at stores.

    By jose on 11.16.2012

  4. A enpoly is a par sin that wark for money.

    By Nicholas on 11.16.2012

  5. Employees are people who work for their boss at their jobs.

    By Kyla on 11.16.2012

  6. employees are another name for people that work for money and are in charge of making costumers happy.

    By Brianna on 11.16.2012

  7. I have none. I am not. I am one. One person. One Mind. One Spirit that no man can bind.

    By aubrey URL on 11.16.2012

  8. Employees are people that work. There are employees at restaurants, stores, etc.

    By gabrielach on 11.16.2012

  9. Employees is such a strange word, don’t you think? You are employing a person, you are making use of someone. Were they somehow un-useful when not working under you? What would be more adequate- helpers, workers, potential employers?

    By Mrs. Forrester on 11.16.2012

  10. Don’t think, just write, they keep repeating, but frankly, what am I? Just a drone? A grunt chained to a desk all day long, with no room for my soul, my mind, myself? Yet, if they knew what I know…

    By Taddy on 11.16.2012

  11. I am a student right now.. so I have only BEEN an employee.. I can only imagine what it would be like to have to keep a bunch of people together and stay sane at the same time.. I seriously have nothing else to write about….

    By Meaghan Knows Nothing on 11.16.2012

  12. The employee looked over at the two women chuckling quietly at the end of the aisle, pulling boxes of crackers off the shelf and pointing at ingredients.

    “… Can’t even /believe/ anyone would deign to /eat/ these foul things! With these chemicals? My God, Myka, food has been completely ruined in this century!”

    By kloperslegend on 11.16.2012

  13. “it’s not murder,” he says, casual as cardiac arrest. “just good business.”

    By isa on 11.16.2012

  14. they are the thing that makes every place work. if you have good employees then you have a good work place but if you don’t then it will suffer. i am an employee and sometimes its hard to have people telling you what to do all the time even if you know what or how to do something but they tell you anyways.

    By tess on 11.16.2012

  15. you and your fello employees need to come to my office right away !

    By ashlee on 11.16.2012

  16. my boss loves. me.

    really she does.

    in the midst of clay dust and rainbows of glaze,

    sometimes she lets slip

    these words

    you should take to the grave.

    she tells me not to tell a soul

    and believe me,

    the things she says, i wouldn’t



    By Isabel on 11.16.2012

  17. Employees of the state. We’re nothing more than robots, and we’re oblivious to their control over us. Paranoia. Conspiracies. It’s running loose, all over the world – people unsatisfied with their lives, blaming their unhappiness on authority, the government, and those sitting higher up on the ladder… when I, the rich, have done nothing. I have my wealth, my riches – and it hasn’t given me happiness… and I try not to rob your happiness either… but it’s life… it’s a game of who wins the most. Don’t blame me for cheating. I did what I did to win, but truth is – nobody wins… nobody wins.. we’re all losers. We lose it all when we die.

    By Aisha Momand on 11.16.2012

  18. I’m sitting in personal finance class, the teacher babbling on about employees and employers and taxes and budgets. Right now I feel like I’m in a first-grade class. Tumblr is much more fascinating.

    By Emily on 11.16.2012

  19. All we work for is to make the business better. As an artist i have employees yeah but i would never call them that, they are friends. We share a common goal and we achieve it. Work when called “work” is dreadful and we at most times procrastinate and delay that which needs to be done. im not sure if employees would have your back like a friend based relationship. although you should never mix business with friendship. when mastered and thought through it can be very valuable and successful.


    By Kris on 11.16.2012

  20. Most of the employees were mostly happy, carrying on with their workday. Shuffling papers through cubicles or counting cash that came in and out of the cash registers.

    By Christie on 11.16.2012

  21. Show Low Junior High has a lot of employees.

    By tylerw URL on 11.16.2012

  22. I want to be a employe at the WNFR

    By hun236 on 11.16.2012

  23. the employees worked all day

    By jeff102081 on 11.16.2012

  24. the employees work very hard to make money.

    By xavier URL on 11.16.2012

  25. the employees that worked for the resturant all quit because they did not like the new rules.

    By Alesha on 11.16.2012

  26. They grumble and complain. Make my life so much harder.
    No, you don’t do it that way. Quit.
    You don’t like this place? Great. Please leave.
    Your negativity throws off my groove.

    By Elianne on 11.16.2012

  27. People. Usually hate their jobs or their bosses. Keep the economy ticking over. Some work harder than others. Those that are sick all the time, have a family issue or hangover quite frequently are the ones you have to look out for. Most get on with their work and do not get as much credit as they perhaps should. Naughty!

    By hg on 11.16.2012