November 28th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “diagram”

  1. The men stood in a circle around Luca. He was drawing a diagram in the sand, pointing at X’s to indicate his crew. “OK, Guido? You go around the back side, casing the joint for the cops.” He pointed at a single X.
    “Patsy and Stinky, you stand lookout in the front, but act casual.” Two more X’s, at the top.
    He pointed at the final X and said, “Nico? You wait in the getaway car, with the motor running, and get ready to floor it when I run out with the cookie jar.”

    By richpee on 11.28.2010

  2. This diagram shows the amount of hamburgers consumed in relation to the amount of salads. I collected this information back in November, when I was given this assignment by the head of Human Resources, Bill Thompson. I had no idea this information would be used for something so sinister, Dr. Klein. You have my word.

    By Estevan URL on 11.28.2010

  3. It sat above the professor’s head like a looming bit of dissatisfied discoveries. Right, the discoveries themselves were dissatisfied with having been discovered. Who, for instance, would want anyone to know that they sat directly adjacent to the left ventricle and had just about everything to do with human life?

    By Justin Shoemaker on 11.28.2010

  4. What was it trying to tell us? The diagram proved itself to be difficult, frustrating to picture out the hidden message. There had to be something here… or else, he wouldn’t have left it for me. I knew that he had to be somewhere, and I knew that he was out there waiting for me. I refused to believe what others talked about, how they laughed at my adamant belief in his return and their mockery at my “blind love” for him.

    By Feather&Tears URL on 11.28.2010

  5. the diagram of my heart was scribbled on by a little thing called depression
    it made the flowers die
    the paint fade
    and everything got darker
    trying to shine the light on a midnight fall

    By roya on 11.28.2010

  6. diagram is a pictorial representation of a thing.

    By Chetan on 11.28.2010

  7. It sat above the professor’s head like a looming bit of dissatisfied discoveries. Yes, the discoveries themselves were dissatisfied for having been discovered. Who, for instance, would want anyone to know that they sat directly adjacent to the left ventricle and had just about everything to do with the continuity of human life?

    By Justin URL on 11.28.2010

  8. He looked at the blueprint that was provided him by the king. He knew it could not be done. Fearing upsetting the king, he scraped up a piece of paper, drew a new diagram, and built it. the king like it.

    By Brennan Ruegg on 11.28.2010

  9. A diagram is a strange word. For me it does not really describe exactly what it is, a little misleading I would say. I sounds like some dieting program or something to me.

    By Jacoline on 11.28.2010

  10. we have a diagram of a moon and a sun. the moon is eating the sun. but before the moon finishes he kills the sun. the end.

    By thomas on 11.28.2010

  11. remember ven diagrams? i hated those things in elementary school – most of the time they were confusing, convoluted, and just plain NOT helpful. ah well, those days are behind me now.

    i also remember diagramming sentences. i happen to think i’m a pretty strong writer and understand grammatical rules pretty well, but the idea of diagramming a sentence never made sense to me. the ONE time i actually got 100% on a diagramming assignment in 7th grade, my teacher accused me of cheating and wouldn’t let me go out for recess.

    By chad b on 11.28.2010

  12. i wish there was a master diagram somewhere that illustrated how to succeed, how to be happy, how to find someone to love, how to live without regret, how to spend every day in the present and not the past. diagrams that exist are mainly useless. the most imperative diagram is absent because life doesn’t come with directions.

    By Maxwell on 11.28.2010

  13. your diagram, perfectly illustrates the proper use of a diaphram. no more babies. death to babies. the woman’s condom. intraverted. inside. latex.

    By Evan Lankford on 11.28.2010

  14. never have i ever been so mad about your diagram of my penis. how could you?! that was our secret. now Mr. Oleary’s third period class knows whats up about my junk. sweeeeeet

    By HYJIL URL on 11.28.2010

  15. So, class, let’s take a look. Over here we have diagram A: which is this sad boy’s desperation. And over here we have B: The girl’s silly little realism.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 11.28.2010

  16. A diagram of my body
    to map out everything
    that’s wrong with it.
    Starting with the pancreas,
    down to the intestines,
    neither of which do their
    assignments properly
    Then back up to the heart,
    which you’ve managed to
    keep from beating normally,
    instead forcing it to pound,
    out of sync with the rational brain.

    By Ali G. URL on 11.29.2010

  17. i check out your diagram to understand your make. i check out your diaphragm to understand what it’s gonna take. i checked your heartbeat to see if it would flake. i checked out of town when i figured it was fake.

    By miss.miles URL on 11.29.2010

  18. it’s a method used to explain some kind of science. it’s used in classroom , universities corporations and governments.
    i have no idea what else should i write about it considering that it’s a lame word and i havent though it befo

    By Nada Naser on 11.29.2010

  19. Diagram makes me think of maths, I don’t like maths. Maths is difficult. It also rhymes with pram and babies are gross.

    By Simsu. on 11.29.2010

  20. She used the diagram to explain her love for him.

    By Amanda on 11.29.2010

  21. Something we used to do in school I guess. It shows data in picture form, used to help explain things. Sounds like diaphram which is kinda funny.

    By Martin on 11.29.2010

  22. sitting in a class and have no idea what is the teacher talking about. again. stupid mathematics. or is it math? i’m ot sure anymore. what in the bloody hell is diagram?

    By Dee URL on 11.29.2010

  23. Staring at the diagram placed before her by the Inventors, she sighed, not quiet grasping the idea they wanted to show her,. Her eyes flickered over to her friend, her sponsor. He seemed too enthusiastic about whatever the hell it was they were planning,. Sometimes she wondered why she chose the Inventor as her secondary.

    By Phee URL on 11.29.2010

  24. used to explain everything. poverty. crime. intelligence. reduced to a diagram to make it easier to digest. easier to accept. easier to ignore. it is, after all, only a diagram.

    By hitjevi URL on 11.29.2010

  25. a diagram is a visual aid used to help illustrate points and information in a presentation, usually used in board meetings or school settings

    By Kilen Specht on 11.29.2010

  26. Do a diagram of my feet, and you’ll miss out on the dancing. The movement and rhthym, the natural breath, the softness. Do a diagram of my hate for the color red, and you’ll be lost. I am undiagramable!

    By Richard Braithwaite on 11.29.2010

  27. She didn’t understand. A brain tumor. She hadn’t even had a headache. She felt fine. How could this be? He tried to explain further by drawing a diagram on the back of his prescription pad. It was small, pea sized, sitting at the base of her skull, near the back of her neck.

    By wemuma URL on 11.29.2010

  28. A diagram is a pictorial representation of various facts and figures. It is a usefull tool in presenting the data in user friendly form. Every person can understand the diagram more as compared to raw facts and information.

    By Jawad on 11.29.2010

  29. Picture. Imagine. Art. Mathmatician. Chart or graph. A bigger meaning.

    By kristen lemley on 11.29.2010

  30. To show what you know to another in the simplest possible form. Graphs, charts, a model, a map, all of these things are not a diagram….

    By Brandon URL on 11.29.2010

  31. It can cause even the brightest student to shut down. Where does the subject go in relation to the proposition? How can I determine where the independent clause goes. When the teacher stands at the board, smirking, I don’t know how I can diagram any sentence other than I want to go home.

    By Joanna Hunter on 11.29.2010

  32. Diagrams tell you a lot
    About whatever subject you’re working on
    However, diagrams can also be overwhelming
    Because they can be so confusing.
    Circle graphs, map bridges, bubble connectors,
    Where does the diagram list end?

    By Aurelia on 11.29.2010

  33. diagram is nothing more than a way to present ur feeling or other thing
    we can also say that with the help of diagram we cn

    By vikas pathak on 11.29.2010

  34. So very technical, always specifying what isn’t specific, and crunching numbers for what isn’t numerical. You’re charming in your logical decadence, did you know that? Have I ever told you how I chuckle about you with friends at parties you didn’t even know about? I know you stared at the wall on friday night, counting seconds that felt like hours and so they were hours but you will always remember them as seconds. This isn’t the first or the second time, I’ve tried to confront you. But this is the only time I think you’ve listened.

    By Sarah on 11.29.2010

  35. Its a map. It can help to show you how to get there but you are the one that must act. You have to take the first step, every step. No one can do that for you. The map may not be the best way for you. Its only a guide. So take what works for you and leave the rest. You don’t have to throw it away because it may help someone else along the way too.

    By Amber Rene URL on 11.29.2010

  36. A diagram connects things, it shows how one thing relates to another. It can show differences and similarities between things, it is very difficult to draw neatly during a science exam.

    By Joana on 11.29.2010

  37. She sat on the veranda, drinking a coke in the sunset. Tomorrow was the day she had been dreading. Her most important examination yet. This thought scared her, yet there was nothing she could do. So she sat back down and learned the next diagram off by heart.

    By Joana on 11.29.2010

  38. right now i am watching the most ridiculous music video of this semi attractive boy that 1. thinks he is a man. 2. thinks he is a black man. and 3 thinks he is a black man that can rap.
    weird sooo why am I so obsessed with his music video? haha

    oh ya the word is diagram. hmmm i really like his diagram!

    By abra URL on 11.29.2010

  39. shapes, sizes, structure, order, circles, math, plan, design, placement,

    By TheSourceSeeker on 11.29.2010

  40. I stood staring at the tree. The diagram didn’t make any sense, it was just a mishmash of symbols. This had just been one long wild goose chase and I was so annoyed with myself for being taken in. The sky above was black with rain clouds and somewhere far off in the distance thunder was rumbling.

    By Isobel East on 11.29.2010