November 27th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “closed”

  1. the doors of happiness are lose on me… hope the windows aren’t closed to. closed is my mind write now..have to open it.have to close myself to sorrow n move on

    By NISHITH URL on 11.28.2010

  2. Closed…the word that has turned so many hopes into fantasies. I hate the word closed. A closed heart can love no one…A closed brain can learn nothing…A closed eye can see nothing.

    By Emma on 11.28.2010

  3. Fechada. The store is closed, lets open this closed mind. The opposite of open, the opposite of hope, but it’s a vital part of life. Some things should remain this way. Don’t let opportunties close themselves.

    By Korinn on 11.28.2010

  4. Closed can be the soul. closed through the eyes. people can not see, and they can not know. closed means loneliness and darkness. it means solitude

    By Frosty URL on 11.28.2010

  5. The sore is closed. I wanted to go this morning and pick it up for her, but the store is closed She would have loved it. She would have loved me. I would be better. I would be me. This morning I would have, but the store is closed.

    By Clay Davis on 11.28.2010

  6. I closed the door and didn’t look back, ya I know that’s cheesy but what can I say it’s the truth. He didn’t care so I slammed all those feelings in his face. And I could never take that back.

    By Tahni on 11.28.2010

  7. The door slammed closed behind me. It was over, I knew that for sure. Once the words had come out of my mouth, I realized that saying them had sacrificed my home, my peaceful life, and my relationship with my mom. Hopefully this baby could give me some of those things back.

    By Jodi URL on 11.28.2010

  8. There was no way around it. The building stood, just barely, in the middle of the expanse field. The wind rolled across the grass and chilled John to his core. His eyes were set on the door – a huge, metal wall with no handle, keeping him from getting inside.

    By Robert Capone on 11.28.2010

  9. There he stood. The wind rolled across the field and chilled him to his bones. There was no way to open it – it just stood tall, a huge metal slab with no handle, and no way to open it. All he could do was wait, hoping that they would answer his calls.

    By Robert URL on 11.28.2010

  10. My mind feels closed. I don’t know how else to describe the feeling of despair. I won’t make it after all. After trying for so long I’m doomed to fail. Doomed because nobody could ever tell me how good I was. No, I was always supposed to pick myself up and go on.

    By pia savage URL on 11.28.2010

  11. The store was closed, and it was the middle of the week! We had driven all this way to find it shut. I looked around the tiny tourist mecca and wondered how anyone could expect to stay afloat when they were closed in the middle of the week.

    By Jade URL on 11.28.2010

  12. the door closed but another opened
    i closed the window to the wind
    closed seems to be negative in expression
    i keep my door closed

    By Katelyn Barnes on 11.28.2010

  13. the door closed but another opened
    i closed the window to the wind
    closed seems to be negative in expression

    By Katelyn Barnes on 11.28.2010

  14. The door closed behind me with a loud, echoing clang. I ran to catch it, but I was too late. With nowhere to go but down, I followed where the steps led, only to find a dungeon waiting for me at the bottom. Hollywood mansions aren’t supposed to come equipped with dungeons!

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.28.2010

  15. If everyone was closed-minded… Oh wait. We live in a world where everyone is. And it effing sucks because I can’t even tell my family and friends who I really am because they’d judge me so harshly.

    By Mackenzie on 11.28.2010

  16. Sometimes it happens to a friendship. You aren’t the one who did it and you do not know what haapened But the door is shut and you must walk on, without hoping it will open again because it may never happen. There are other friends an
    d other doors.

    By rubyluby on 11.28.2010

  17. If I were to tell you I had no interest in knowing who you were, or knowing anything about you, you would think I was a closed minded person.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.28.2010

  18. the door was closed. Then it opened.

    And he was there.

    But, who was he?

    The answer: James Franco.

    Everyone swooned.

    By lauren on 11.28.2010

  19. I’ve never been to this website before [it was recommended to me by a friend], so when I first read the word “closed,” I thought it was the website telling me that my time was up already. That I had to stop before I could even start.

    By samantha on 11.28.2010

  20. my mind is closed . i dont know what i am writing . i am closed to the real world. isnt that’s what being reclusive means?

    By akshay on 11.28.2010

  21. The door closed and i woke up with a start. Mother was no where to be found, and father was working late. I was alone. I go downstairs and make pancakes. I love pancakes…

    By Madison URL on 11.28.2010

  22. Closed. It’s all about being boxed in, anything but being out in the open. You don’t do new things, you just stayed closed in a tight box. It hurts. It’s suffocating, but you won’t leave. Because sometimes the security of being closed in is worth the pain. Right?

    By Melanie URL on 11.28.2010

  23. I was once so close to you, we did everything together. You were indeed my other half, we had so much to accomplish. However, you decided you were going to close the door on our friendship. I hope that door doesnt remain closed forever.

    By Mayra URL on 11.28.2010

  24. Closed.. I’m talking to friend on facebook right now who is currently living on a farm in rural bulgaria. He says that he can walk for 4 miles in any direction and not see a living person. To me, this is the essence of being physically closed. Closed off from other people… closed off from judgments or perceptions.

    By Shawn on 11.28.2010

  25. I like to be in enclosed spaces. Closing things is also fun. Closing your mind is dangerous because you may be surprised later. That is why I keep my mind open as much as I can. Closing something for too long may have similar consequences. If something is closed I try to open it. I try to enlighten the world and myself and I try to open all of those closed box out there waiting for someone to open them.

    By Warlick URL on 11.28.2010

  26. She grabbed her bag and walked down the stairs. She knew he wouldn’t come chasing after her and she wasn’t even sure if that’s what she wanted him to do. She knew he wouldn’t call after she left or make any effort to make her stay. And she knew that it would takes months for her to recover.

    By Hayley Skiles URL on 11.28.2010

  27. Closed, like a door. There’s the saying, about a closed door opening a window or something? Like how the end is just the beginning of something different, hopefully better.

    But then again, closed can mean forever. Dead, gone, never to be opened again. Maybe that makes it all the more important to find that newly opened window.

    By Isabel URL on 11.28.2010

  28. There was a subway car that he found rolling in and it let out the people like steam. The doors snapped shut, gobbling up the last of the passengers before he even got a chance to get his feet on the platform… the headache dulled his senses and he barely picked up anything aside from crowd ambience and moving blurs of color… and he banged against the doors but they were closed to him.

    By Special Kae URL on 11.28.2010

  29. this was once a closed door, but i think we’ve opened it well. it might just be a crack or we might have thrown it open, it’s hard to tell at this point. but it’s okay. even if there is a brick wall, we know that brick walls are only there to show you how badly you want something (thank you Randy Pausch). closed doors and closed minds will be brick walls, but we’ve opened this first one and we’ll open all the others together.

    By Q URL on 11.28.2010