November 29th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “copper”

  1. I love copper plumbing. I don’t know why plumbing has been so cheapened over the years to this piddly plastic stuff. There is a certian prestige with copper, a sort of “I didn’t cut corners on this house” kind of feeling. I wish they would make more cookware in copper, as it is so much better at dissipating heat, as is used in computer CPU coolers. ALL HALE

    By VV on 11.30.2010

  2. Hi-De-ho he hummed and he walked along swing his baton , staring at the ladies passing cigars in the alley. “What a night to be a whore” he thought “the street as damp as the backs of their knees….”

    By aimee.takaya URL on 11.30.2010

  3. copper pipes in the snow look like crowns on the savior savior of the slum drum drum drum–copper in the hand in the hand in the hand copper drum drum up the sum of the sum of the world.

    By ted on 11.30.2010

  4. pots that mom used to polish with brasso.. we had lots of it around the house.. in tehran.. now people are stealing it out of houses from wiring because its so valuable. copper skin color is desired in some countries. tanning copppertone.. the kid with the dog biting the bathing suit off. iconic.

    By sean URL on 11.30.2010

  5. It’s interesting how the environment we grow up in can effect our lives. I grew up next to a copper refinery. I remember so many kids grew up to have serious issues due to the effects of this poorly constructed refinery. Major bummer. Lots of extra toes.

    By Elisha on 11.30.2010

  6. Copper is a metal. It is the primary metal in the penny. I have zero emotional attachment to this metal. I understand it has some value, which meth users steal.

    By Scott URL on 11.30.2010


    By LB on 11.30.2010

  8. Jimmy K and me hopped outta the car and knew moves had to be made quick or else we were gonna get pinched quick, see? We ran towards the back of the bank, through the alley, stamping in and out of puddles and hoppin’ over boxes. He busted through the door, pulled out his gun and let a shot ring out. Whatever he screamed at the people at the counters, I didn’t hear it; MY job was to take care of the coppers, take em down or take em out.

    By Travis URL on 11.30.2010

  9. The smile came over his face like a thin copper wire strung across two poles. It was entirely the most frightening leering grin a person can contort his face to make. And I shuddered in his presence just as a spark of electric current conducted down my spine.

    By LB URL on 11.30.2010

  10. I remember when I was young being told that pennies were made from copper. I thought copper was some valuable material because why would money not be made from something valuable? Money has value therefore the substance its built from should hold value as well. I also remember counting my hoarded pennies and the gross smell of copper getting itself all over my hands.

    By vaenilla URL on 11.30.2010

  11. I love skiing at Copper Mountain. My family always used to go there. It was perfect because it’s small and not usually too crowded when we make it all the way over to Timberline. My mom and I always wanted to stop after lunch, so we’d just hang out and wait for my Dad to be done. Some of my favorite winter memories are soaking up the sun on the upper deck below the Super Bee lift, just sitting with my mom in our ski boots.

    By Em Wade on 11.30.2010

  12. I loved skiing at Copper Mountain when I was younger. My family and I would drive up in the morning and hit the slopes immediately. It’s funny because my mom and I never lasted longer than lunch, but Copper is perfect because it’s not too crowded. My mom and I would find a spot to sit in the sun on the porch under the Super Bee lift and watch all the skiers zoom down. It was so peaceful and happy, sitting in our ski boots.

    By Em URL on 11.30.2010

  13. I had a dark golden retriever named Copper Penny Lane. I didn’t spay her right away, thinking I might let her have a litter of puppies. I would have named all the puppies after Beatles’ songs: Copper My Dear, Maxwell’s Copper Hammer, Copper Strawberry Fields…but I decided I would never find 7-10 people I deemed worthy of taking a paper, so I had her spayed before she was two.

    By Andie on 11.30.2010

  14. This is a penny, that is why there are so many important p’s in the word. I also like to think of copper kettles and pans and pots hanging in a rustic kitchen. Or maybe it is a nasty police officer roughing up a thug in downtown Chicago.

    By Judge Mental URL on 11.30.2010

  15. copper is an ore which can be found in the earths surface. it is used ti make all kind of things like coins and pipes and wire. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity so it is good for using in wires and pipes. It comes from copper ore!

    By God on 11.30.2010

  16. We went into the abandoned building and began to strip the copper wires from the walls. The copper was the most valuable material to salvage and recycle for money. We were surprised to find that the walls were in very good condition. The reclaimed material was going to save a lot of trash from the landfill. The plywood and studs would save trees from being cleared in the rain forest. This was very satisfying work.

    By Shana on 11.30.2010

  17. chemistry ms. riefler I don’t know perhaps science? Copper, cupper, periodic table, cupper, scupper the dog, wires, conduction…. transexual?
    I don’t know, first thing I grabbed………………. topper, popper, little man……..
    Don’t kill the little man!

    By Alison on 11.30.2010

  18. such a pretty colour
    reminds me of the hair of a man wish too lay with again.
    tattoos and a smile
    where did you run too?

    By jbeth on 11.30.2010