November 28th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “diagram”

  1. he diagramed a diaphragm to show the ma’am her problam because you see, she couldn’t breathe and the mystery was solved with ease

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.29.2010

  2. a graph
    on a page
    piece of paper

    By kayla on 11.29.2010

  3. A diagram is a neat way to see what you are going to be doing. It’s a plan to I don’t know this is harder than I thought it would be …In school we had to diagram sentences and it wasn’t fun.

    By Connie Immink on 11.29.2010

  4. Sr. Jovita taught me how to diagram a sentence when I was in the 8th grade. For nearly two months, we did homework consisting of parsing all the nouns or verbs on a selection of pages in our reader. Then we’d spend time breaking down the sentences on the blackboard, drawing angled lines to place the clauses.

    By Andie on 11.29.2010

  5. Diagram. A chart or graph.
    Used to demonstrate something.
    Boring. School work. Used to much in class.
    Great for statistics. Not for art.
    Strict, rigid, uniform.
    Lines, bars, bubbles.
    Different ways to show the same.
    Can be fun to make, not really.
    Been used for many years.
    Organized, but lame.

    By Kayla Wolsiefer on 11.29.2010

  6. Ja’k tapped his stick into the dirt and grinned at his tiny little diagram. Thade, leaning over his shoulder, lofted a brow. “It looks like a monkey arguing with a walrus.” He said offhandedly. Ja’k growled. “First of all I don’t know what a walrus is, and second it’s a diagram of Grace.”

    By heather URL on 11.29.2010

  7. The diagram was grim. Well, if a diagram could look grim, it would have looked grim as well.

    The doctors poured over it, analyzing every detail agonzingly slowly. I waited behind them, the thin fabric of the hospital gown I was wearing inadequately protecting me against the air conditioner blowing at me.

    Bored, I stared at the air conditioner, watching the ribbons attach to it fly as the air soared out. What was taking the doctors so long? It’s just an x-ray diagram. Nothing

    By Stephen Stewart on 11.29.2010

  8. I wonder what a diagram of my life would look like? When was I highest in the poles? What was the lowest point. Oh wait, I know the answer to that. What was my very best day? High energy, good hair day ,being of service to others. This would be interesting to see.

    By peaceable URL on 11.29.2010

  9. If you tried to diagram my life, it would go in so many different directions that no one would be able to follow its flow. There would be arrows and loops and criss-crossing lines, scrolls and circles and spirals and you would end up right here.

    By yankeechick URL on 11.29.2010

  10. These things show you things. What things you may ask? Well “they” say they’re important. Figure 1.1, Figure 3.7, etc. I say it’s all the same. You gotta learn though, according to “them”.

    By Laura on 11.29.2010

  11. jelly in a fish = jellyfish

    By Austen on 11.29.2010

  12. When she saw the diagram of the electronic board she was to work on, she knew it would take her more than a few hours to put the parts on and solder them.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.29.2010

  13. its a picture that explains what things are. it can comein mNY FORMS AND COLORS ABOUT PRETTY MUCH EVErything. it comes in 2 dimensions and has wordsto explain what its showing. its very useful. and good for learning about new things and how different and diverse thety can be. it doesn have a solid image it can look like anything.

    By Afaf on 11.29.2010

  14. I only see a diagram when I am wearing my glasses. Otherwise, I am blind. Visual Learning has no effect upon the visually impaired.

    By Sarah on 11.29.2010

  15. Diagram reminds me of Diaphragm, which in turns reminds me of “ham” and ham is yummy so that is a good thing, I’ll probably have ham on Christmas, since Thanksgiving = Turkey.

    By Sircool2008 URL on 11.29.2010

  16. I used to hate it when they made you draw diagrams of things in science class. Mine never looked like what they were supposed to look like and I had to label parts just so other people could tell what it was. Words have always been easier than pictures for me.

    By Elizabeth on 11.29.2010

  17. I always hated it when they made you draw diagrams in science class or wherever. Mine never looked like the real thing and I had to label parts just so you could tell what it was supposed to be. Words have always been kinder to me than anything else.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.29.2010

  18. “I can’t do this.”

    What’s so hard about a diagram of a house? A blueprint, just a sketch. She didn’t have to draw the sofa she’d watched Disney movies on as a little girl. She didn’t have to color in the splotches on the wall, battle wounds from popsicles gone astray and doodles wrongly scribbled. She didn’t have to find room for the table that had been her stage, or the kitchen that had been their laboratory. She didn’t have to draw the backyard, not the swingset she remembered having an inaugural slide-contest on, not the lilac bushes she could smell a mile away. She didn’t have to draw the chalk on the driveway or the curtains in her room or the blue messages in the attack. She didn’t need to worry about drawing the posters on her brother’s wall or the dresser they’d painted in the basement. She didn’t have to draw the sink where she and the babysitter had bleached their jeans, or the playroom, home to slumber parties and basketball championships. She didn’t have to draw the living room carpet she’d played on with her newborn brother, or the porch she and her Dad had late night talks on. She didn’t have to include the closet she’d dressed up in or the space that had held crib and bed. She didn’t have to draw each yellow tile in her bathroom. She didn’t have to draw them, but she could. She knew each and every detail, every blemish. She didn’t have to draw them. And that was the hard part.

    By Emma on 11.29.2010

  19. Zahlen, Fakten – alles was sie hasste.
    Jeden Morgen, jeden verdammten Morgen das Gleiche.
    Zahlen, Fakten – alles was sie hasste.

    By jean on 11.29.2010

  20. Imagine if there was a diagram on how to make a diagram. Would people who didn’t know how to use diagrams be able to use it? It’d be worth trying, I suppose. I could imagine a little kid looking at it and thinking “What’s a diagram?” Then he looks at the diagram and says “Oh, that’s a diagram.”

    By the way, there is a book for diagramming:


    By Corey on 11.29.2010

  21. a diagram is a 3d object in a shoe or cardboard box. i’ve created a few before.

    By cmoney URL on 11.29.2010

  22. Today scientists seem to know everything about everyone with their little diagrams to prove their theories.

    By Jolt URL on 11.29.2010

  23. Rodney was in his own corner, writing and drawing diagrams of a new experiment. It clenched John’s heart seeing him here in his confinment when they could be at atlantis with expensive and useful materials that could be great for an experiment. With such a variety of resources.

    By Marthese Formosa URL on 11.29.2010

  24. The diagram on the board helped me with my work in class.

    By Kayla URL on 11.29.2010


    By chewbaca URL on 11.29.2010

  26. a diagram is like a graph or something like that businesses use diagrams to show sales

    By random kid URL on 11.29.2010

  27. diagram it something that you used to do something anwser a question

    By ardilla URL on 11.29.2010

  28. She looked at the diagram with sadness in her eyes. Her company was going bankrupt, she knew it. Sam grabbed the large sheet of poster board and began to walk out of the long-empty conference room, wondering what she was going to do when out of a job.

    By Erin URL on 11.29.2010

  29. A diagram is something that would show u what a project means, or maybe draft of what u are going to write about like a web.

    By bodoque URL on 11.29.2010

  30. one day a class had a speciel assignment to do the had to make a diagram on the weather the past week. they didnt have a fun time that day.so that is what the class did that day . the next day the class hade to do one on a sports game the past day .that one was fun.

    By yoda URL on 11.29.2010

  31. know it from maths. hated it there. always thought it sounded like diaphragm, too. have come to find it useful in the mean time, even beautiful, on rare occasions. guess this means I have finally let go of my hate for maths.

    By Theresa on 11.29.2010

  32. little diagrams fill the page, looking at my mind. judging my mind.
    Why do they do this? Are they worried about waht they look like, wwith thier straight lines and wobbly waves.
    I hope not. Little diagrams you are beautiful. You make me smile. yYou keep me in order. Your my organisers of time. Oh little diagrams of mine.

    By Jenny Adshead on 11.29.2010

  33. there is nothing mysterious about it. the space in the middle is ours. both of ours. for us and by us and all that patriotic bullshit. but mostly, of us, that space is made of us, shoving ourselves back together, we have found our other halves.

    By Person on 11.29.2010

  34. She looked at the blank diagram on the perfectly white picee of paper. There was always something about white paper that always caught her attention. Perhaps it was the possibility of a new creation. Then again, perhaps it was simply the reminder of sng unsoiled.
    It was as clean as freshly fallen snow. White always was her favorite color, a sign of innocence and purity. That might be because her innocence and purity had been take away from her, from someone she once loved and trusted.
    The fluourecent lightbulbs shown do the heads of the surrounding students, unaware of the crualty of the world. They lived in perfect families, lived in perfect lives.
    She felt the blacknes come, the sound of her screams echoing inside of her head. Gripping the sides her desk, she struggled to remain control. She bit down hard on her lip, struggling to keep herself from crying
    A warm hand gripped her shoulder. She could smell the lavender and thyme behind her. The student teacher asked a simply complex question. “Is everything alright Ashley?”
    She heard herself answer. “Everything’s fine.” How could he know that she was simply struggling to hold herself together, but constantly falling apart at the seams?

    By julian_carax URL on 11.29.2010

  35. we made a diagram yesterday for science Xp.

    By Mr.Smile URL on 11.29.2010