November 28th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “diagram”

  1. I don’t like the color of this measurement of weight. I’d better diagram.

    By mcsteve on 11.28.2010

  2. I picked up the confusing diagram from the ground and looked at the kid next to me. He looked just as scared and lost as I did. The dim mansion creaked in the night, and written on the paper was one sentence.
    “Escape…if you can.”

    By KawasakiGirl URL on 11.28.2010

  3. She glanced down and scanned the diagram before her. The data didn’t make any sense. Nothing was lining up. Her mind was so busy. She couldn’t process the numbers and information presented on the diagram before her. How could she be so scatter brained right before exams?

    By Brea URL on 11.28.2010

  4. A diagram is a picture to show what something looks like or does. It is used in manuals and textbooks i.e biology textbooks (the human body)

    By Sinead on 11.28.2010

  5. “Does this make sense to you?” she asked, bitingly. “Or should I diagram it out for you?”
    He decided to stay quite. It was his best bet of the night not ending early.

    By ellarose on 11.28.2010

  6. It was the human body. It was college. “Why do I have to do this?” I thought. I don’t understand where I’m ever going to use this. But still, I did. And it didn’t matter. They failed me, hauled me away, locked me up and tossed the key. They never said anything about not using “real” people for the diagram.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 11.28.2010

  7. Daniel quickly sketched out a diagram on the piece of paper that he had in his bag. “Okay, so it looks something like this,” he said, turning it to Emery. “Have you ever seen anything like that?”

    Emery let out a low whistle. Yeah, he’d seen something like that, although he’d wished he could say he hadn’t.

    By Alex URL on 11.28.2010

  8. I remember making Vin diagrams in elementary school. I thought they were pretty useless, especially when we used them later on in geometry. And whom are they named after? I always found that though curious.

    By Stephanie on 11.28.2010

  9. My Biology textbook is full of diagrams that look informative but are impossible to understand. They have terms we haven’t learned about, processes explained in language so complicated that I highly doubt someone many years older than myself could understand them, and are drawn confusingly. It sometimes makes me think that the authors were paid by the diagram.

    By Sam D. URL on 11.28.2010

  10. Is there a way for me to just diagram out my life? if I could have a blueprint of every single nook and corner that I’ll turn wouldn’t that just be amazing? We have diagrams for so many things and they help us put our thoughts in order. Do you think maybe we could have one huge diagram to just put our lives in order? I think that’d be a good idea…

    By Jessica URL on 11.28.2010

  11. I was expected to create a diagram of the network in twenty-four hours. Of course, this wasn’t strictly in my job description, but that never stopped my boss before from assigning tasks to me. I saddled myself in my chair, armed with my trusty cup of coffee and got ready.

    By b0t on 11.28.2010

  12. i wish i had a diagram of my life, a map showing which piece goes where, what the next step is, a picture of the final result. So maybe i’d at least have a clue whether the end result was worth fighting for.

    By Rachael URL on 11.28.2010

  13. reading an x ray of your heart would be like splashing cold water into empty eye sockets. hollow windows and faded monologues would fill the air. we would not learn a thing.

    By invinculis URL on 11.28.2010

  14. I saw a scrap of paper tacked to the diner door. Though the diner looked long abandoned, the paper looked relatively new. I examined it. It was a diagram; I couldn’t call it a proper map. It looked more like a flow chart.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.28.2010

  15. a chart. he looks and makes a chart. she says his life is too straight and lined like ruler paper. he wishes. it weren’t. he wants the links. the links to be curved. they all converge. nowhere.

    By isabel on 11.28.2010

  16. He’s got a diagram of everything going on in his head. See, he likes to know how things work, has to pick it all apart. Pick me apart. I want to be the psychologist, but he picks my head apart. When I started with him, he asked me so many probing questions. Had to know how, had to know why. By this time I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows exactly how my mind and body ticks.

    By Andelia URL on 11.28.2010

  17. Express the unexpressed,
    Exhibit yourself to the world.
    Show the truth
    While hiding in lies.

    Be both something you cannot
    and something you know you can be, like a Chameleon.

    By Jonathan B. Toro URL on 11.28.2010

  18. no. don’t look at me like that. you on the page, you look the way he does. at the world. so carefully. don’t you see that you could never pour the world into grids and circles and expect it to make any sense?

    By isabel on 11.28.2010

  19. I looked at the paper laying on my desk. Lines and little words seemed o ramble everywhere with no clear direction or destination. Closing my eyes first, I shifted my gaze to the clock on the far wall. Seven minutes left before the bell. Looking at my paper once again, I double checked that each sentence had been diagramed and then turned in my test.

    By Heather URL on 11.28.2010

  20. i like the way you drew the diagram.
    there are so many ways to present any data.
    data- day.ta. da.duh
    i like the way you drew the diagram with the same data I was given, but I think I like my diagram just a little bit more.

    By abra URL on 11.28.2010

  21. His face was a complicated diagram. I read his every expression in curiosity and fascination but could not help but feel ill equipped in figuring out what he was thinking.

    By christina lane URL on 11.28.2010

  22. of course her pg phone had every map and diagram she would need to find her way out of this god forsaken place.but right now,her burnt finger tips hurt and her scraped knee were sore as hell.it was dark,raining,and her freakin boots were too big(causing blisters).’ f ‘ it;so was going right

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.28.2010

  23. of course her pg phone had every map and diagram she would need to find her way out of this god forsaken place.but right now,her burnt finger tips hurt and her scraped knees were sore as hell.it was dark,raining,and her freakin boots were too big(causing some blistering).’ f ‘ it;she was going right

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.28.2010

  24. It’s foolish to make a diagram of nothing. How does one draw conclusions from a simple diagram.

    This life is too vast to start drawing a picture of nothing.

    Experience it.

    Even if you make a silly diagram. Enjoy making the diagram. Don’t make the diagram to explain. Enjoy the experience.

    By Ln on 11.28.2010

  25. A diagram can be anything. A map, a gesture, a mobile hanging above a baby’s crib. Even a few words, gleaned from the conversation of a passerby, can be enough to lay out the world in front of you.

    By jm on 11.28.2010

  26. It hasnt been long since I saw the diagram….but it has been long enough. I cannot stop thinking about it. That diagram.
    It has been 4 years since that fateful night in bermingham; it hardly seems like it has been that long.

    By Schmee2369 on 11.28.2010

  27. diagrams rule my school life. make a diagram. look at a diagram. learn from a diagram. i think diagrams are useless.
    teachers need a new way to teach things. diagrams suck. end of story.
    diagrams could disappear from the face of the planet and no one would care.

    By nina URL on 11.28.2010

  28. When I was in 10th grade I remember learning about the Krebs cycle and we had to make a diagram about it. I got so into it that I mapped out the entire process of respiration. That was the year I learned to love biology.

    By Cross on 11.28.2010

  29. I feel vulnerable. I don’t need a diagram depicting the reasons why. I’m already well-versed. I eat alone. I go out alone. I live alone. I’m setting myself up to be alone. But I’m set in my ways of doing things. I don’t know any other way.

    By KC on 11.28.2010

  30. Venn diagrams. Alright.

    By alex URL on 11.28.2010

  31. The diagram clearly showed what had to be done. Together they would execute the necessary commands to get the task finished. On the diagram was the hopes of another future. A new world drawn out to someones specifications.

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.28.2010

  32. The man at the front of the room pointed at a diagram of a human heart. He pointed to it with a wooden stick and said,

    “There it is kids. Revel in it. Learn it. Hate it.”

    The class burst into laughter.

    By Kyle Crawford on 11.28.2010

  33. The one thing I loved about my history classes were drawing the venn diagrams. In each diagram we had to compare and contrast about a certain subject relating to history.

    By Misael on 11.28.2010

  34. she traced the diagram with her little finger, umming and ahh-ing as she nagivated. she turned and looked at her watch realising there was not much time left to waste.

    By fafine brown URL on 11.28.2010

  35. yuck. diagrams.diaphragm?

    By kelsey URL on 11.28.2010

  36. The structure in this was all wrong.
    The thing she most relied on was weak, broken, and the worst thing to use as a base. But yet her friend stays as her crutch, her base, not out of pity, but out of love. For the girl who is leaning needs some life line, or some dear friend to keep her afloat. The leaning girl wants nothing more to drown in shallow sea of sorrows and fears. But the weak girl, the one who is broken and still being leaned upon, she with some power is standing. such an odd sight to watch, to see the broken become strong only in the need of another.
    this friendship was beautiful. the outline for philia. (brotherly love)

    By renata URL on 11.28.2010

  37. science, school, history, work.
    anything that involves using the brain.
    measurement, proof, comparing, contrasting.
    whose is better? let’s take a look at the company.

    let’s hope we are high up there.

    By AliSmurphy URL on 11.28.2010

  38. I drew a diagram of my fractured heart. broken into pieces, doesn’t know what it wants. it wants everything. it wants to give nothing up. my selfish split heart.

    By Jacqueline URL on 11.28.2010

  39. Diagrams covered the walls of his stone study, depicting dragon insides and dirigibles and digital watches. There was a whole array of them on the back wall featuring huge dinosaur skeletons, from triceratops to oviosaurs.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.28.2010

  40. David rubbed his bleary eyes with the corner of his sleeve and bent down to examine the diagram once again. Something didn’t make sense to him, but he couldn’t put his finger on what and it frustrated him to no end.

    By crunchberries URL on 11.28.2010