September 24th, 2014

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107 Responses to “grateful”

  1. I am always grateful. gratitude is the basis of life!!! Everyone who is more grateful will so much more out of life. It is a proven fact. So if you want to get more out of life, be extra grateful for what you have already. things will get much more abundant then!!!

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.25.2014

  2. I am grateful for your gift, I am grateful that u are here
    I would be more than grateful for u to come
    I am very grateful that Jesus Christ died for us

    By Emily Morris URL on 09.25.2014

  3. It’s hard to realize how much we all have—possibly because we’re surrounded by too much. Is there a way to be grateful for everything all the time? Or would that diminish the beauty of the things we treasure?

    By Anonymous on 09.25.2014

  4. That everyone has something to keep them going in life. Knowing that you love and appreciate something.

    By Griffin on 09.25.2014

  5. there is something to be said about having a beating heart
    and ink
    and other things that most others don’t

    did you know that over 15 billion people have walked this path before
    that their whispers echo through time that you
    are another link in a chain that stretches far beyond you

    there is something to be said about existing
    to watch the moon roll by
    and the stars swing in high arcs above your head
    there is something to be said

    breathe in
    breathe out

    you are

    By Alice on 09.25.2014

  6. peaceful word that makes me feel happy like in running threw the meadow on a sunny day!!!!!!!!!

    By emily on 09.25.2014

  7. Knowing that we as people that have us to keep us going in life, also showing people the real you and not someone you want to be. Knowing that you have someone that you care about and knowing that they love and appreciate you.

    By Griffin on 09.25.2014

  8. The stars shone bright in his dark eyes as he gazed into the night sky, reflecting unshed tears of happiness. “Thank you for saving her life.”

    By Ariana on 09.25.2014

  9. A word whispered on a cold stormy day. A feeling experienced on a lonely night alone. What happens when we all stop in our crazy lives and just thinks for a moment? I wonder but, I don’t because I know that in this world thee are something’s that we shouldn’t wonder about. We should leave these things alone and just follow our noses through the cloud of life. We should be grateful that the were people who existed before us that believed in grate fullness. We should be grateful that we don’t need to come up with an idea that is almost too complicated for the human brain to comprehend because that is just how it works. In the world. An idea. A notion. Something to look up to. Nothing to experience. Gratitude. Living a world that we know not to be true.

    By Suraya on 09.25.2014

  10. What it means to be grateful is a key to unlocking happiness. The kind of happiness that seems to show in everything you do. Being grateful, in my opinion, means being aware and grateful of the external factors in your life that help you to thrive both physically, mentally, and spiritually. It can be giving thanks to people in your life, nature and it’s processes that help you to live, or the love from those in your life that you can’t seem to go without. It is being grateful that helps us to look up and see the gifts we’ve been given, the ones we often take for granted and take advantage of. When being grateful, it seems we are fully secure in our world and in ourselves. Because we are able to acknowledge the factors that got us to where we are now, like the hardships of our ancestors, of the laws that govern us, and countless others. Though it can be challenging to be grateful, as us humans are often in search for happiness outside ourselves and short-term wants to satisfy us, accepting gratefulness and holding it dear truly helps us face life.

    By Elijah Brown on 09.25.2014

  11. The thing my mom thinks I am not… The thing I try so hard to be…

    By K on 09.25.2014

  12. What is gratitude and what can it mean? Screenshots of our life that live so quietly. Can there really ever be a secret bean?

    By Anonymous on 09.25.2014

  13. “I hope you know what this means to me,” she whispered.
    He smiled softly, sadly, and replied with the faintest strains of hope tingeing his voice, “I hope it means your life.”
    And then he let go.
    And fell.
    Leaving her to be rescued.
    Leaving her.
    He left her clinging to the rocks, no longer burdened by his weight.
    He left her clinging to the rocks, so she could live.
    And then she cried.
    And cried.
    Left to live her life, and his.

    By Aaron on 09.25.2014

  14. Grateful. Grateful for the sun, shining its rays, illuminating emerald leaves in all their glory. Grateful. Grateful for the air, its aroma smelling faintly of dew-drops and moss, the squeal of tires against water permeating the silence. Grateful. Grateful for the buildings and the people, oh how many people. The people of the rainbow, from white to black to yellow to green to purple to even the faintest shades of pink of newborn babes, still too young to know the difference between white and black and green and purple and pink. And these people, it’s miraculous what they do! They walk and they talk and they dance and they sing and they make stuff up in their brains! It comes from nowhere, like magic, and yet, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is art and music and science and math and all of that is rolled up into history which is rolled up into the universe which is scattered across the cosmos in tiny pieces of dust. I am dust, you are dust. I am Cleopatra’s ambition and Joan of Arc’s courage and you are Eleanor of Aquitaine’s beauty and Mahatma Ghandi’s kindness. We are the sum of all of our parts, and we are beautiful and special, and we rule the world like kings and queens, except our crowns are not made of gold but thoughts and ideas. So grateful! What would the world be like without you? Without me? Without the man walking down the street across from the bakery? Would the earth stop spinning? Would we die? Would we even exist? Would our stardust be scattered across the cosmos until it lands on some distant planet in some distant alien that can’t tell the difference between white and black and yellow and green and purple and the faintest shades of pink? Grateful. Grateful for the cells within us, grateful for our hearts, grateful for our lungs, grateful for our noses, grateful for our pores, grateful for the sweat that sticks to foreheads after a long day of work and legs are sore and feel like jelly. Don’t you see how wonderful this is? Humans! Animals! In the face of hardship and fear, we look it straight in the eye and face it. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that miraculous?

    By Margarita on 09.25.2014

  15. Every day is the same old thing
    Seeing you with her makes my heart sting
    The way your eyes look at her with desire
    I feel as though my whole world is on fire
    I think it hurts so much to see
    because that’s how you used to look at me
    You told me you wished I could see how beautiful I am
    On those bad days where nothing makes me smile, you can
    You’re funny and caring and sweet to me
    But lately it seems like it’s only when you want to be
    Whenever she’s around acknowledging me comes to an end
    Even though you told me I’m your best friend
    I try to move on
    I want these feelings gone
    But when I’m with you I remember why
    I love you because you’re what I want in a guy
    I’ve never met anyone else like you
    Who sees the world the way I do
    Do you think your life would be better…
    if you thought maybe we were meant to be together?
    But I don’t think you will ever know
    So the time has come to let you go
    Some people just aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever
    So I decided to write you this final letter
    I know that you will never reply
    Because this is where I finally say goodbye

    By Griffin on 09.25.2014

  16. Grateful:

    Defection: Grateful means that you are thankful for what you have. Grateful is when you are truly happy about you, and your gifts and talents. Anyone can be grateful.

    Used in a sentence: I am so grateful for the things I have been given. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with two working arms and two working legs and lungs and eyes and everything. These things make me who I am and I am grateful for that.

    By Anon on 09.25.2014

  17. I am grateful when I am thirsty and someone offers me a drink. To me it’s a feeling of being thankful for something, and feeling lucky, privileged, to have got that something.

    By lucy on 09.25.2014

  18. I am, and sometimes need reminding to be.

    By lucy URL on 09.25.2014

  19. The wind blew solemnly over the crowded city. A woman dashed across the road, hoping the light was still red. A man strolled down the street to meet his husband at their new apartment. Children ran around the park, playing with their friends. And as I look around, I think of how I feel to be here. Grateful.

    By Sebachy URL on 09.25.2014

  20. i think augustus is gra=eatful that hazel didnt die and she is doing okay and she is home from the hospital and she still has cancer but she’s going to be okay i think hazel is greatful that augustus is there for her and has been since she enetered te hosspital, they are greatful for ewchother,

    By Cheryl on 09.25.2014

  21. Hazel is grateful for all the people she has that are supporting her through her having cancer, shes grateful that augustus is using his wish on her and that her dad is willing to stay home

    By Brittany on 09.25.2014

  22. thankful for her life, living life to the fullest, simple pleasures, loved ones

    By Liz on 09.25.2014

  23. That the author wrote a handwritten letter to hazel. Plus she did not die.

    By David Meals on 09.25.2014

  24. the main character was very greatful that she survived.her and he close friebd.the whole

    By maverick on 09.25.2014

  25. I bet hazel is so grateful to be alive right after she almost died. like she should feel like god is watching her. I bet god is grateful for her great effotrs to stay alive for so long. Everyone is grateful for haz

    By David on 09.25.2014

  26. Hazel should be grateful that she is still alive after a liter & a half of fluid is drained from her lungs.

    By Brea on 09.25.2014

  27. i feel like this word helps discribe hazel because she always is grateful for what she has and greatful for the people in her life. she doesnt want to manny people in her live so she doesnt hurt to many people

    By kyle ferry on 09.25.2014

  28. hazel is greateful that she survived for so long and so are there parebts theyh are all happy she has been keeping on going in life. she is greateful that she has the chance to go see amsterdam

    By zachary on 09.25.2014

  29. hazel is greatful for gus being there forn her and her parents but she doesnt want to get to close to gus becaues she a granade. she want to be with him but she feels like she will hold him down.

    By Dana on 09.25.2014

  30. if i were in hazels situation i would feel very greatful at this point for everything ive ever had and for everything that would have been given to me in the future. she was close to death and if i were close to death i would want to be able to have the feeling of greatfulness and accomplishment

    By erica on 09.25.2014

  31. August was grateful today haze. Survived. Her parents were grateful that she survive, Hazel was grateful to be alive and that Augustus would give her his wish . She really wants to meet van Houtten . Grateful in this chapter is to be appreciative that hazel survive, in its entirety

    By Selena Bolanos on 09.25.2014

  32. comment

    By kyle ferry on 09.25.2014

  33. i think that grateful is someone who appreciates some one else maybe in a relationship or even just like having a nice time with some people at a game like football or something else if u know what im saying

    By judah on 09.25.2014

  34. She is grateful that she is aloud to go on a vacation with agustous.

    By Davis on 09.25.2014

  35. i thik that hazel is grateful for everything that happened in her life ansd thats why they always havwe to tel her that she has to worry about her living a full life bevause she has been blesed with enough

    By kari on 09.25.2014

  36. Hazel is told that she almost died, but she didn’t do she is greatful to be alive and also that her mentor has finally after all theses years has contacted her telling her that she is welcome to visit him in Amsterdam and he will answer any of her questions she has on the book

    By Tessa Henderson on 09.25.2014

  37. I think that this activity was very interesting to say the least.

    By Brea on 09.25.2014

  38. Grateful, means that you are thankful for something and happy in a way.

    By Shane Novak URL on 09.25.2014

  39. this is the best thing you have ever laid your eyes upon and always will be

    By zachary on 09.25.2014

  40. grateful

    By kari on 09.25.2014