September 24th, 2014

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107 Responses to “grateful”

  1. Dead head the mums in the garden. It’s autumn, but they’re grateful for any attentions you’re willing to lavish. A pair of shears, a pair of eyes, reflections tumble over with a snip-snip, drop. This guillotine of a thought, a smile and a nod. Merciful. Yeah, I guess it appears so.

    By Intuition on 09.24.2014

  2. I am grateful for everything, God has very done fr me and recently he has given me a job and a car and I thank him so much for that because that is truly amazing. He is an answerer of prayers and without I’m I couldn’t be where I am today.

    By Souls on 09.24.2014

  3. I’m so grateful for the things I’ve never had
    like a sane mom or a forgiving dad
    The relationships that didn’t end bad
    or all those days that I wasn’t sad

    By Joey A.M. on 09.24.2014

  4. Was she supposed to be grateful, after all this time? Was she meant to thank him for the efforts he had made? The efforts, namely, to abandon her for the sake of bringing food to the table? What was an extra ham or gallon of ice cream compared to his holding her at night when she cried herself to sleep? Or his smile from behind a newspaper? Or the roughness of his hands as he caressed her cheeks on their wedding night?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.24.2014

  5. So grateful for all the times you put me down
    did you realize that it hurt me
    did you think that it shamed me?
    I am so thankful that you thought enough to criticize me everyday
    and thought to make me go away
    So you could live another day

    But its okay because I’ll kill myself anyway
    and in the end you’ll win
    But are you happy at the cost

    this game is just too much and I can’t even begin to think
    and I can’t even think because now I’m gone
    and at the funeral you’ll say
    that I was your ‘best friend’ anyway
    and only you will know
    the reality of the situation.

    By Sofia on 09.24.2014

  6. What to be grateful for
    the broken glass
    the shutting door
    the screeching chalk that hits the floor
    or maybe what your looking for.
    To appreciate the lock and gate
    the single morsel on your plate
    Thats It!

    By Reality Speaks on 09.24.2014

  7. It is easy to be gratful for the easy things in life. it is difficult to be gratful for the things that we have to work harder for. We appreciate and learn from the hard stuff. If you find your f

    By Gina on 09.24.2014

  8. Chalk it up to ingratitude if you must. One of those moments that you’ve forgotten for decades until one day it returns to you – the obstinate childishness of your teenage self at odds with the clueless parent, once a childish teen, chipping away at the strength with which they desperately try to hold it all together.

    By asavas on 09.24.2014

  9. “You are the most ungrateful bitch I have ever had the misfortune of speaking to,” he said.

    That was incorrect, though. I was grateful, I was very grateful, and I was thanking him for it with every moment I continued to breathe. I had simply never thanked someone for anything before, and I did not know how.

    “I don’t mean to be.” I said.

    “You are.” He said.

    I already knew he thought that, though.

    By a terrible poet on 09.24.2014

  10. I’m grateful for the time we spent together. I’m grateful for how unconditional your love was, how easy you were to speak to about any and everything. I’m grateful for you.

    By gabishutup on 09.24.2014

  11. He could never be grateful enough to her simply for her presence beside him. But he became far more grateful when he considered how much help she’d provided otherwise. She’d been there when the entire room had turned itself away and there was nothing she could do.. She would always have some amount of words to make him feel somewhat better, in one way or another.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.24.2014

  12. I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful my father is still with us — I should call him right now. I am grateful I have managed to live so effectively for so long with probably undiagnosed ADD. ;-) I am grateful for that man sleeping in our bedroom and the cats lazying about in our Arizona Room.

    By Heather URL on 09.24.2014

  13. hold a cup of my spirit up to your lips. sweet, sweet nectar down your throat. grandness is not a feeling, it is a being, and today you are grand. i would have you feel no less. i would have you be no less. wake up, spread your eagle wings like the sun’s rays. i am so proud of you today. today you did not act an angel, and no one called you one. today the feathers fell from your tunic of magnanimousness, and the angels gazed upon you and embraced each other, hoping one day one of them would be great enough to be called you.

    By sunnysuraj on 09.24.2014

  14. The scrape, scrape, scrape of the hard cheese (now sweating under Rosana’s hands, $28.95 a pound at the farmers market, sheep’s milk!) was barely audible over the football game blaring in the next room. The husbands cheered, a beer was overturned, and a fair amount of ribbing and hulabaloo ensued… But the grating filled Rosana’s head.

    By Yona on 09.24.2014

  15. I don’t think the word is enough. Nothing will ever be enough. You’ve given me life, happiness, strength, the will to push past my own limitations. When I fell, you reached out your hand and pulled me to my feet. When the pieces of me were scattered, shattered into microscopic, irreparable pieces, you somehow found a way to reassemble me. When I was drowning, you dove right in and took me to shore. How could I ever tell you how grateful I am for you?

    By Junco on 09.24.2014

  16. What are the things you are thankful for? Are you grateful you’re alive right at this moment? I hope you are, and that you are happy. You deserve happiness in your life.

    By Jess on 09.24.2014

  17. I guess I’m grateful for the life I have, even though it is filled with multitudinous flaws. I’m grateful for friends, even when they betray you or stab you in the back, because the true ones always stick around for the end. Friendship is one of those few things in this world that is infinite. Lastly, I’m grateful for imagination because without it, Earth would be a dull place devoid of light or beauty or creativity or any of those things that make life worth living.

    By Kumquat on 09.24.2014

  18. The gift, only the best of you, you gave to me. No words to express how grateful I am that this happened, the way that it did. I truly have no regrets. Thank you.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 09.24.2014

  19. There’s many things to be grateful but one is what I could say that I am grateful for. That is my best friend in the world. I don’t have any exact words to describe the feeling. But for now, I am truly glad. Grateful to be alive, grateful to be who I am today. If it weren’t for him, I don’t know anymore.

    By Brandy on 09.24.2014

  20. I couldn’t help but be grateful for what he did for me.
    I mean, he really saved my life, even if he nearly killed me while doing so. I owe him so much gratitude, if it weren’t for him I would have never met her, and while he saved my life, she made it worth living.

    By Alicia on 09.24.2014

  21. “Not that I’m not grateful for your hospitality, your majesty, bu-”
    “There’s no need for such formality,” she interrupted smoothly, “Please, call me Erinya,” And, as she spoke, Claire couldn’t help but find herself charmed by the young queen because her eyes were soft and her voice as kind as her expression could not openly afford to be.
    “Erinya,” she said, her lips ghosting over the name that had once been as familiar as her own.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.24.2014

  22. He never really thought of Minho as the type of person who would help him out in times of dire need, nor did he percieve the fact that he would allow him to stand on his own two feet again. But he did. And for that he was grateful.

    By Pally on 09.24.2014

  23. I’m grateful that I knew you and that I could carry on your legacy of who you are and who to desire to be. I’m grateful even for the flaws that I got from you. I love them and I crave them more than I would like to admit or than others should know. That gratitude scares me sometimes though…I’m already so much like you with the suicide, alcohol and quiet mind I wonder when I’ll call for my own end of time.

    By becca on 09.24.2014

  24. I should be grateful.

    I guess I’m one step closer to understanding who I truly love. But, it hurts. It hurts to have to constantly think about this pain. I only *know* I’m closer… I don’t *feel* like I’m closer. When you’re so close… it’s hard to feel grateful.

    But, if we’re ever going to survive this mortal coil, we have to learn to be grateful whenever possible.

    Thank you.

    By Iceman on 09.24.2014

  25. grateful to nature for her compassion

    By alex on 09.25.2014

  26. I’m terribly grateful for my tea and toast. It’s been a long three weeks of cold/flu/??? symptoms. That’s not very exciting to write about, but it’s true.

    By Valkyrie URL on 09.25.2014

  27. “Hey, Mitsunari-sama.” The dice he rolls in his palm clink together like river stones in low tide.
    “It’s kind of late now, but I wanted to thank you. I really wanted to! Heh, I guess it’s more than kind of late, right?”

    He watches Mitsunari’s retreating back, which is too far away now for him to have heard anything. He molds the shape of his dice into his hand, so deep he can feel the indent of four on his skin. Cho.

    Sakon breathes in and speeds off. “Hey, Mitsunari-sama!”

    By kristen on 09.25.2014

  28. You don’t say grace before meals.

    As a ghoul, you don’t really believe in any god, or gods. Some ghouls do, but most, like you, do not. There’s something distasteful in thanking a deity before you begin to messily consume a human corpse (Not that you, the Gourmet, are a messy eater).

    However, the meal that lies in front of you will likely be the most delectable repast you will ever consume in the entirety of your lifespan.

    (You will not cook him as you have others; the flavours in his flesh are subtle and best consumed raw. You wonder if such a

    By laze on 09.25.2014

  29. You don’t say grace before meals.

    As a ghoul, you don’t really believe in any god, or gods. Some ghouls do, but most, like you, do not. There’s something distasteful in thanking a deity before you begin to messily consume a human corpse (Not that you, the Gourmet, are a messy eater).

    However, the meal that lies in front of you will likely be the most delectable repast you will ever consume in the entirety of your lifespan.

    (You will not cook him as you have others; the flavours in his flesh are subtle and best consumed raw. You wonder if such a sweet taste is typical of half-ghouls, or would Kaneki taste just as wonderful had he been left human?)

    And for this, you cannot help but feel truly grateful.

    By laze on 09.25.2014

  30. I wish I could be more grateful for things around me. I have so many things I should be grateful for but I never seem to actually the grateful. I don’t know why it is. But I should be grateful for the life I have. I have a great mother and father who do what they can to take care of me and the best precious little siblings ever yet all I do is sit inside my room and hide from them. I lock myself up away from everyone. I don’t show anyone how I truly feel. Only few will people will catch a small glimpse of who I truly am. But that is at rare occasions.

    By Michael on 09.25.2014

  31. He looked down at the stone, a small, white, cross, inscribed with his father’s name and the words “From a Grateful Nation”. He cried as he spoke, partially from grief, but moreso from anger. He told his father that his death in Iraq had been a waste, because nothing had changed. His other son would soon be coming back from that same battlefield, to join his father in the soil of his homeland.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.25.2014

  32. There’s an ugly irony to gratitude.
    See, it’s always seemed to me that those of us who are most privileged – the ones who have the most to be grateful for – we tend to be the least grateful ones. And I’ve even been to those slums where there’s a boy just grateful to have a pair of shoes to wear, even if they don’t fit; grateful for a seat in a school a two-hour-walk from home; grateful for breakfast the few days he can have it. And it puts me to shame to admit that I’m less grateful for having so much than he is for having so little.

    By Barber on 09.25.2014

  33. When I glimpsed the sun’s light against her pearl white skin, I was reminded to be thankful.

    The way the light gleamed off her long eyelashes burned in my heart, and sang a song in my blood. She was of my blood and flesh, worth more than rubies or gold or any of my ambitions.

    My daughter, my angel, may your years be lengthy and filled with joy.

    By joycronje on 09.25.2014

  34. I am truly grateful for life. For all that My God has allowed me to achieve. Most importantly the road that I have traveled was never smooth, but I made it nonetheless.

    By victor URL on 09.25.2014

  35. Every morning was a gift. Every fresh breath of air, the dew glistening on the grass, the birds twittering in the tree limbs above. To no longer be wracked by the disease–foul, ravaging and wasting as it was–was the sweetest gift ever received. Words could not express how grateful I was to finally be healthy.

    By Patch on 09.25.2014

  36. im grateful I have a good family. they are so nice and caring.

    By sam on 09.25.2014

  37. done

    By sam on 09.25.2014

  38. I was grateful for the time i had. I only wished i had a little more so that i could say all the things i never said, and do the things i never did. but wished i had. and to tell the woman i loved that i was sorry

    By jack on 09.25.2014

  39. You wandered in
    Boots at the door
    And the heaviness left
    When your easiness arrived

    By Ben on 09.25.2014

  40. Hazel

    By Allyson on 09.25.2014