September 24th, 2014

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107 Responses to “grateful”

  1. well it took a well to type im not a faster typer at all but can write long though

    By judah on 09.25.2014

  2. wash clean soft cool different good comfotable facility happyness

    By levi on 09.25.2014

  3. It wasn’t that he wasn’t grateful, because he was. it was just a perplexing gratuity. How does one be grateful when one has no one to be grateful too?

    By WitlessWhitney on 09.25.2014

  4. Be grateful I’m not trying to actually kill anyone. With a day like the one I’ve had, it’s the least you can do. Though I’m not too keen on keeping it that way if you keep this up.

    By Hank on 09.25.2014

  5. How do you say you’re grateful for something like that? How do you manage to choke out the words thank you when all you really want to do is crumble to the ground and fall apart next to the lifeless body of your child. Yes, he needed to kill her, I know that to be true. But how do you stay grateful when your undead daughter dies again?

    By paige on 09.25.2014

  6. Hazel was greatful to read the letter from peter van

    By Brea on 09.25.2014

  7. she is grateful augustas is helping her grant her real wish and va houtan is grateful she is so invested in his book and the charactors

    By aaron on 09.25.2014

  8. Augustus feels grateful about the fact that hasel is alive. Her parents are greateful that she gets to live another day and now want her to go she the author now that they know that she was close to death.

    By Cassondra on 09.25.2014

  9. The doctors are fretful that hazel is alive

    By Alissa on 09.25.2014

  10. Isaac is grateful to be NEC after his eye surgery.

    By caitlyn on 09.25.2014

  11. ubiguy76ntyuy

    By aaron on 09.25.2014

  12. Hazel is grateful to Agustus for thinking of the idea to write to Van Houten’s assistant. And for her parent’s acceptance that this is what she wants, but not what they can do.

    By Dana Cameron on 09.25.2014

  13. It relates by hazel being gratefully having Augustus as her second best friend

    By Mitch on 09.25.2014

  14. Hazel Grace is grateful that Van Hutten sent her another message in regard to An Imperial Afflition.

    By Ty on 09.25.2014

  15. Hazel is grateful that Peter wrote back to her and Augustus.

    By Michael on 09.25.2014

  16. Augustus is greatful that hazel is alive and that he is getting the chance to go to Amsterdam with here when she is feeling better

    By Garrett on 09.25.2014

  17. Augustus is grateful that Hazel got the letter from Van Hoten.

    By Mark on 09.25.2014

  18. woah

    By caitlyn on 09.25.2014

  19. hazel was grateful for ____ offering to pay for their trip to amsterdamn. and going with her mom and augusts

    By Miranda on 09.25.2014

  20. Augustus’s is glad for his knowing of Hazel

    By Jesstyn crites on 09.25.2014

  21. Isaac is grateful to be NEC after his eye surgery!!!!

    By caitlyn on 09.25.2014

  22. I am grateful for the friends i have be my side.
    i am grateful for my careing parents.
    i am grateful for the doctors who had helped me.
    i am grateful for, everything.

    By Joshua on 09.25.2014

  23. Hazel is grateful to have Agustus in her life even though she is indecisive about him acknowledging her existence.

    By Christmas on 09.25.2014

  24. She cloaked herself in martyrdom and dedicated her life to service. Their gratitude was like a drug and she was addicted to their praise.

    By Soft URL on 09.25.2014

  25. Those fools! Have they no appreciation for genius? Socrates, Gallileo, Einstein, all pale in comparison to what I have given to humanity! They should be grateful; mark my words, sliced bread will change everything.

    By Brandon on 09.25.2014

  26. She was grateful that she had her family, and her friends, but she knew there was more out there in the world. There was so much to see, and yet these people she was supposedly grateful for were like tethers holding her in place. But she loved them with all her heart. How can you be grateful and resentful at the same time? How can you love and resent?

    By Caroline Victoria on 09.25.2014

  27. she was grateful to have found something to call her own—if only for a moment. she had grown accustomed to sharing—she wasnt very good at it—but she knew the basics. dont take too much—dont give too much—give it back when you’re done using it. now, though—–now its hers to keep—until she doesnt want it anymore.

    By Safon on 09.25.2014