September 25th, 2014

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79 Responses to “retreat”

  1. time to pray for every person. I had it in my college once in a year. i’ve to go on doing it every year. at first i thought its boring but later you totally get into it. trust me. Retreat is quintessential in every one’s life. :)

    By Gowthami on 09.26.2014

  2. Retreat is a break from life to get a feel of life.

    By Gowthami on 09.26.2014

  3. I offered her retreat. There was no going forward in this. We had absolutely no chances whatsoever.
    “What if we do,” she said.
    “We don’t,” I replied. “Now eat your cereal and let’s get going.”

    By Alex Gandra on 09.26.2014

  4. Far into the forest, deep beneath the layers of spruce and pine; a darkness cast by a canopy of green so thick one could barely see the blue of the sky through the foliage-laden branches, was my retreat.

    By Patch on 09.26.2014

  5. I am ready to retreat. To run away from all of you who are not writing! Just keep going and don’t stop and see what happens. I should probably go on a couple’s retreat. Something. I have never done that it seems really nerdy. I don’t really like to sleep in bunk beds.

    By Hillary on 09.26.2014

  6. why is the word retreat? am i supposed to run away and never return? did we lose the battle? is the war over? can i start to relax and start all over or retreat to my mind so i dont have to suffer. am i a coward for running away.or am i smart for not staying?

    By danielle on 09.26.2014

  7. My army wasnt strong. We saw that we were losing, but we didnt wanna show it. I ran out into the battle field and screamed “Men! Retreat! We can’t win this battle, but we will win the war!” My men looked to me like I was crazy, but they saw the look in my eyes, and they knew…It was time. They threw down their weapons and ran into the forest.

    By Tristan Fether on 09.26.2014

  8. I want to get out of here. I need a break from everything and I want to get away from my worries. Sometimes a retreat is the cure to all your worries. That’s exactly what I need, a cure to my worries.

    By Chase McMillan URL on 09.26.2014

  9. Retreat? Hmmmm what would you even talk about if you got this word. A treat to me is food. I don’t know but I really just love food. If I’m having a bad day I can retreat myself with some food and have like a good day automatically. So this 60 secinds sucks because I really suck a writing so yeah that’s that.

    By Taylor Karvonen URL on 09.26.2014

  10. Retreat! I yelled. My buddy was out in the open fire and wouldn’t come back. The projectiles whistling past him and straight behind me too. Luckily, I was in cover. John saw his own friend shot in the side, and apparently he passed out

    By jesse on 09.26.2014

  11. I feel like a retreat, a real hide away into paradise where I can get away from it all for just a short time to collect my thoughts, and get some sunshine before the snows.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.26.2014

  12. Retreat along the watch tower where there are buttons and scratches and people in locked houses and the bodies and the trains roll up and tied them to their waist coats and nobody wants to go on and retreat, because that’s what we run for. We are not trying to be the best but we don’t know what the worst is and that’s scary. I like to stink in my shoes and let the muse guide me a long the path of tomorrow, retreating after day after noon sir, would you like a party pancake?

    By Anthony Ross - on 09.26.2014

  13. “Retreat! Retreat!” He yelled to his army, ” Retreat! We cannot beat them! Retreat!” They all ran away for cover. They went home and trained even hard so that next time they would not have to retreat.

    By Amelia on 09.26.2014

  14. I would not even think of such a thing!!! Retreat? Not even in my dictionary of usable words for my vocabulary!!! I rise above all else and anybody else who uses such a negative word!!!

    By trkstr67 on 09.26.2014

  15. retreat is to redo something I think.

    By sam on 09.26.2014

  16. done

    By sam on 09.26.2014

  17. It is time to retreat for there are bears taken over horse camp get on your horse and retreat I tell u retreat if they don’t see u they won’t come after u so retreat go way from here to the next village

    By Emily Morris URL on 09.26.2014

  18. I am stuck staring at the army in front of me, wishing I could do something, but I cannot. I am frozen, there is not where for me to run, I want to disappear, all these people are counting on me, but they have the wrong girl. I am not the one they want, or need. I’m just a simple girl from a small town.

    By Madison Belt on 09.26.2014

  19. I believe it will never be time to retreat from Jesus Christ

    By Emily Morris URL on 09.26.2014

  20. Running fast. Bullets flying. Quick reflexes. Dodging the enemy. Just keep running. Abort mission. Stay quiet.

    By Crystal on 09.26.2014

  21. Turn back. Run away. That is something I used to do. It was my pastime. My favorite activity. I ran to Texas. I ran back. Retreated home. My second favorite activity. I also like to burn bridges. Block other people from retreating. Sometimes it is the best way. No the easiest. Circling back. Recursive.

    By Hillary on 09.26.2014

  22. DarOld people. The end may be near. You go there when you’re not weel enough to stay at home but not sick enough to tlive in the nursing home. What then?

    By Daryl Anne on 09.26.2014

  23. This was a place that my mom worked at when I was little. An old people
    s place. Ewh it smelled so bad. Like old wrinkle cream and old lady perfume. I remember one guy didn’t have a leg, he had prosthetics and he smelled funny. One guy would always hit on my mom; I wonder if he wouuld hit on me now that I am older.

    By Teal on 09.26.2014

  24. Take it back. I dont want to remember. Erase it all. You were never good for me anyways. If you want to be stubborn, then i’ll just leave. Go back to where I came from. Take back all my memories, ideas, thoughts, benefits. You are no good for me. Retreat

    By Jessica Griffith on 09.26.2014

  25. Everyone is running away. People are getting shot left and right. There is blood everywhere. No we cant retreat we must go back. Dont be cowardly. We must win the battle for truth, justice, and the American way.

    By Daniel McMillan on 09.26.2014

  26. an awesome island retreat. a solitary confinement beach where I am spending my next two weeks. beautiful flowers, and more beach than anything. That’s all I see which is wonderful. how awesome is this.

    By Maria on 09.26.2014

  27. “Retreat, retreat!”
    They’re coming, they found our hiding place. There is still 17 ours before the annual purge is over…what do we do now?

    By Shelby on 09.26.2014

  28. War is terrible. Its like a blood bath for everyone. I dont know what to write but when your in war with someone you might have to retreat

    By Clay Schools URL on 09.26.2014

  29. Boom! There’s an explosion! “Retreat, retreat!” The bomb explodes the whole campground, as the soldiers are running away.

    By Hayley URL on 09.26.2014

  30. I looked over my shoulder. Half of my men were dead behind me, their bodies scattered in the midst of bullet shells. The enemy was fast approaching, ceasing fire until they got closer. Gunless and hopeless I called out to the last of my squad, “Retreat”.

    By Sebachy on 09.26.2014

  31. My feet retreat over the soft green peet. The moss squishes in between my toes, mixed with mud and the dew of morning, and I wonder what would have happened if I’d come home when I was supposed to.

    By Kaylin URL on 09.26.2014

  32. My memory fades,
    but I still see her.
    She comes to me in portraits
    washed in on the roaring waves,
    dusty autumn hues coating faded ink.

    She was the lover
    who pressed words into my temple
    until they were raw,

    Who sucked in feelings
    as drags on a cheap cigarette
    until they blackened her lungs.

    Who tasted words on the tip of her tongue
    bitter, relaxed,

    My memory retreats,
    yet she comes to me
    in poems:
    brief as kisses,
    and lonesome as the night.

    By Ash on 09.26.2014

  33. In the gentle stretch, the seconds tick and finally the knot loosens. Exhale, hold the pose. Pause. Breathe and go back. Now the other side, feel the knots, the seconds the loosening. Treat, re-treat.

    By Taddy URL on 09.26.2014

  34. There’s an overpowering, resistant energy that carries on the October wind. She curiously lingers at the threshold to the front door – drinking in the sounds and frigid breeze, rethinking her decision to venture out into suburban no man’s land. “Tomorrow,” she thinks as she shuts the door and turns the latch. “Tomorrow.”

    By asavas on 09.26.2014

  35. Risk averse was the first verse.
    Gambler was the second.
    The third is but a curse,
    For the fourth sees a weapon.

    By Intuition on 09.26.2014

  36. I hate this word. I always have, I honestly have no clue why. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the army for some reason, and when I think of the army I think of Ryan. Ryan’s in the army and I’m always afraid i’m gonna loose him.

    By ana on 09.26.2014

  37. Malcolm’s Gretsch

    a butterfly
    in its case,

    a matador
    outside ring

    i am just going outside
    and may be some time…


    for want of a horse
    the rider was lost

    so we pack it away
    and mark you absent

    By david URL on 09.26.2014

  38. It’s been days since I’ve left this sequestered mess of an apartment.
    It’s been days since I was brave enough to venture back into the sun.
    And the smell is getting stronger,
    And the food is getting stale,
    But if I wasn’t brave enough to stay out the first time,
    What fallacy makes me believe I can do it again?

    By Siege URL on 09.26.2014

  39. Some countries after a hard war retreat and make a pace with other country who they have conflict.

    By moh on 09.26.2014