September 23rd, 2014

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94 Responses to “imagined”

  1. once i imagined a dragon was flying through the night sky, until i noticed that it was actually happening. i looked up and saw a magnificent dragon made from stars circling high overhead.

    By jack on 09.24.2014

  2. I imagined that I saw a sign that directed me in the way I should go everyday. the sign was clear and it was accurate. I believe is was an intervention from God. I was in my mind.

    By Rose on 09.24.2014

  3. It was a scene from a flower power anthem from the sixties. A disorienting walk in the rain, exhausted but too strung out to sleep. The bench at the edge of the soggy grass looked like a comfortable place to rest and let my spinning head return to stability. But I seem to remember a tender hand brushing the hair from my eyes. What else explains the flower behind my ear?

    By asavas on 09.24.2014

  4. Her soft kisses and whispers of love and fidelity were better than a warm blanket. He closed his eyes and drifted off. She was there in his dreams too, at least until he awoke abruptly to the painful poke of a baton. “Where’s Rosanne?” he demanded. The prison guard laughed. “You mean your dead wife? You should know better than anybody.”

    By Soft URL on 09.24.2014

  5. I never imagined it would be like this. That I would be alone. It is sort of liberating when your worst nightmare comes true and you are still standing.

    By Hillary Ring URL on 09.24.2014

  6. He never imagined that it would be like this.

    Adrenaline constantly coursing through his veins, sirens blaring off in the distance.

    A pretty smile next to him as stacks of cash spilled over the edges of burlap bags.

    “Give me a kiss, baby.”

    By Reese on 09.24.2014

  7. imagined,means that you can imagined!!!!!!!!!

    By Shane Novak URL on 09.24.2014

  8. I can’t imagined seeing u like that, I imagined my grulla horse much
    Bigger , I imagined my horse colors would be green but they are blue

    By Emily Morris URL on 09.24.2014

  9. I never imagined I would have three kids by twenty four. I never imagined that could be OKAY. I would have judged the hell out of anyone in my shoes. I would have said “Don’t they know how that happens?” or “Don’t they know what a condom is?!” I guess this is karma. I shouldn’t have been such a judgmental queen and I wouldn’t be dealing with two babies and a blastocyst now.

    By Kit on 09.24.2014

  10. possibilities are endless, no barriers, nothing kept secret, everything is do able and within easy reach. As it’s imagined it’s already here which is exactly where I want it to be. Perfect :)

    By gail on 09.24.2014

  11. Prussian blue hair. Plum-painted lips, open. Cream blouse, tucked in a button-up waist skirt, a rystal hanging on a thin chain over her breasts. And her bare legs, glowing on the sun, moving one after another and shaping spirals with the motion of her hips.

    By Elena on 09.24.2014

  12. he imagined a lovely horse on the side of the road chewing an apple in mid-day

    By star on 09.24.2014

  13. Funny, I never imagined this word would be up here. But there are a lot of things I never imagined. A world where diplomats going to the UN are surrounded by guns, armored cars, policemen, firearms. Isn’t the UN supposed to be something better than that? Aren’t we supposed to be able to talk? Just talk? Shouldn’t we be able to walk past the UN on a beautiful Fall day and wave to the people from other countries who are here to visit us and admire us as a free nation; a democracy? Shouldn’t we be able to hold up signs, giving them our point of view when we agree or disagree? Isn’t that what ‘united’ means? As in ‘states’ and ‘nations’? Is it me or is anyone else asking: What the hell happened?

    By rubyluby on 09.24.2014

  14. There’s so many stories in her head, just waiting to burst out. Through a pen, paints, crayons, blood, notes; any medium will suffice, just… get the thoughts out.
    She’s told most people don’t have the machine plans poking around their brain, getting into their mind while they’re trying to sleep, or blueprints almost drawing themselves all over their notes.
    Not to worry. It’s not as if they’re any bother.

    By Sky on 09.24.2014