October 1st, 2014

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94 Responses to “failing”

  1. “I won’t tell if you don’t,” Casey whispered into my ear.

    That was a good deal. I nodded my ascent and grabbed her hand. We would fail together, and the comoraderie felt better than the knowledge that my mom would be disappointed.

    Sacrifices had to be made, though, and Casey’s joy meant more to me than mother’s smile. It was a lie I almost convinced myself of, but when the school bell rang, nervous butterflies churned in my stomach.

    Could I really fail on purpose?

    By joycronje on 10.01.2014

  2. When I am doing nothing at all… that is when I am failing the most.

    There is always something you can do.

    Don’t kid yourself into believing there isn’t.

    By Iceman on 10.02.2014

  3. Failing is when you make a mistake by doing something wrong.

    By michael URL on 10.02.2014

  4. easy because am a geordie!

    By michael URL on 10.02.2014

  5. Failing:

    17 years of living, yet my heart is still unable to grasp the meaning of this dangerous and life consuming word.

    17 years of living; and yet my heart is still too small to envelop and embrace the cold tragedy of this word.

    So here’s to 17 years of failing to understand the magnitude and violence of this word.

    By Jia Yi.L on 10.02.2014

  6. School. Stress. Work. Stress. Grades. Failing.
    Failing has such an negative connotation to it. Failing is often seen as a bad thing–failing will get a person no where in life–when failing should be seen as something positive. Learn from the mistakes and learn to correct them. You will get farther in life if you fail and learn than if you pass and cheat.

    By kelci on 10.02.2014

  7. failing

    By retete on 10.02.2014

  8. I see you’re failing at findinf the lighht well we all know that the dark brings it out you can find it by following your ear to the flutter of moth wings at midnight I’m sorry you can’t see there’s no other way than to merely leap and we have only as much strength in our legs as the inspiration we eat

    By kl on 10.02.2014

  9. failing is humans another way of learning and becoming stronger.

    By oxl on 10.02.2014

  10. everyone experiences this.

    By oxl on 10.02.2014

  11. she sits, waiting for the bell to ring. it’s her signal, reminding her of all her failings. what happens once the bell no longer rings.

    By theleoness on 10.02.2014

  12. I hate failing. I hate disappointing myself. I hate when all my efforts go to waste. I hate failing. Failing to follow my plans. Failing to be who i want to be. I hate failing. I hate this word. If I must fail, please let me know from the start.

    By Clara Ole on 10.02.2014

  13. Failing to see that his behavior was the problem, Bob continued behaving like a total fool. Nobody stopped him, perhaps this led him to think they were all laughing with him, not at him, and he continued his out of order antics.

    By Stretch on 10.02.2014

  14. The worst fear I have is my memory failing. I can’t imagine how horrific it would be to no longer remember experiences I’ve had or details about my life.

    By toquenbrew on 10.02.2014

  15. He sat in utter dismay in the hospital waiting room. She had done it again. He was failing. He grasped his head in his hands, shaking in agony. Why couldn’t he keep her from this horrible fate? Why couldn’t he stop her from wanting desperately to die?

    By Emma on 10.02.2014

  16. Lost. Desperate. Unknowning. What was worst is that she’d let her down. The one person that she couldn’t dare to be without and it turns out that she was now gone. Lost, desperate and unknowing, she would continue to bathe in her failure.

    By Toby Bartlett on 10.02.2014

  17. Відчуваєш себе щораз по-різному, коли не виходить. Тоді, коли забув поставити правильний знак у реченні чи рівнянні. Тоді, коли дає збій звичний алгоритм. Тоді ж, коли мучить передчуття катастрофи — найгірше.

    By mykolan on 10.02.2014

  18. you are not doing something right. I think I am failing school. failing is not a very good thing.

    By sam on 10.02.2014

  19. doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    By sam on 10.02.2014

  20. failing a class really sucks, just like failing a test. I cant stand to fail.

    By Cara on 10.02.2014

  21. Failing. Im almost failing college alegbra. How great.

    By Maria on 10.02.2014

  22. Failing is a part of life. I do it everyday. We learn from our failures.

    By T-HOG on 10.02.2014

  23. Failing is a word I have had to deal with a lot in the past. I started failing my first class my junior year, and it was the worst feeling ever. I’ve never done that before.

    By Kenzie on 10.02.2014

  24. I can’t stand to fail anything. Just to know that I am failing math by two points makes me so mad.

    By Brooke on 10.02.2014

  25. This website is called one word. It gives you one word to write about So, I’m going to put one acronym in response. APUSH.

    By Crystal W. on 10.02.2014

  26. My biggest fear. I’m more afraid of failure than death. Unlike failure, i dont have to live with death.

    By Jessica Griffith on 10.02.2014

  27. Like Daryl Anne is failing calculus. I am supposed to help her, I don’t mind. She rocks. I’ve never failed a class, so yeah. What is failing? I mean, who should be the one to define it? Is it a failure that I’ve never failed a class? I mean I’ve never accomplished failing a class, so does that count as failure?

    By Teal on 10.02.2014

  28. Failing. I fail at thinking about something creative to write in 60 seconds. I suck at writing unless I just happen to be in the mood to write. I’m failing at writing this right now, because my timer isn’t even on. It said “Times up!” as soon as I started writing. Oh well, I guess I’ll stop now.

    By Hayley Jones on 10.02.2014

  29. Failing is something that happens to everyone. It happens to some people more than others. If you fail you suck.

    By That Schools Boy on 10.02.2014

  30. Getting yelled at for not dancing bigger, not kicking high enough, not smiling big enough, not holding your chin high enough… they make you feel like you’re failing. Screw it. We’re not failing.

    By Shelbz on 10.02.2014

  31. Failing is a very scary reality of life. Failure is the most dreaded outcome of all possible outcomes in life. Failing is life. Life is failing just at different rates failure for every person.

    By LUKESKYWALKER on 10.02.2014

  32. Failing is clicking send on a text message right before you catch your mistake. That dread you get as you see them start to type and hope they didn’t take it how you feel it sounds. Failing is tone of voice, which is under played in texts.

    By Carter Pope on 10.02.2014

  33. I feel like I am failing as a person. Doesn’t that suck?

    By Kid on 10.02.2014

  34. we all fail. but we must fail to be successful.

    By Papa Doc on 10.02.2014

  35. My little sister and I text each other church marquee quotes. One of my favorites is “If at first you fail, then try something harder.” I think they added a word . . . Although my favorite church marquee quote of all time is actually from the Simpsons: “Jesus knows what you did last summer.”

    By Hillary on 10.02.2014

  36. Failing is how I feel in Calculus. Though I’m not actually failing, I have a 103 in the class, i feel like I’m failing. Or falling. Anything but succeeding.

    By C-Bell on 10.02.2014

  37. Teal fails at life. I hate her. She is worthless. I am the smart one and the only reason she has a 100 is because she steals my work. I ‘m failing because she replaces it with her unfinished work. She is such a cheater.

    By DAB on 10.02.2014

  38. The only thing that we cannot be is good at failing. The Universe is not going to let us do that to ourselves unless you want to. It is up to you. You can fail if you want. But if you try not to, the Unuiverse will help you not.

    By trkstr67 on 10.02.2014

  39. Failing is something that I have always tried to avoid. Sometimes I feel like I am going to fail calculus, or at least the next test. We just did a problem on the board that took up the entire board. The things we do in that class are crazy. Right now I am failing at doing this thing because my computer keeps freezing and lagging.

    By Daniel McMillan on 10.02.2014

  40. As she sat at her Mothers bedside she could see that she was failing. How could all the years spent loving someone be taken away so quickly…

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.02.2014