October 1st, 2014

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94 Responses to “failing”

  1. “Time’s up!”
    He looked up from the desk, slowly bringing his pen down to the well-worn surface. Meeting his teacher’s gaze, he saw that she wore one of amusement. Looking around the room, he realized that he was the last student remaining, something which he had expected.

    By Henry on 10.01.2014

  2. My greatest fear in life is failing. . . Failing my son as a mother, failing my God as a follower, failing my sisters as a member of our remaining family, failing my students as a teacher/s

    By Carolyn on 10.01.2014

  3. “Time’s up!”
    She glared at the top of my head, which was pointed at her as I finished writing my last sentence. I slowly brought my pen to the well worn surface of my desk, and looked up to meet her gaze.
    “Here you are”
    I stood, handing her the paper, and left her alone in the classroom.

    By Henry on 10.01.2014

  4. “Time’s up!”
    She glared at the top of my head, which was pointed at her as I finished writing my last sentence. I slowly brought my pen to the well worn surface of my desk, and looked up to meet her gaze.
    “Here you are”
    I stood, handing her the paper, and left her alone in the classroom.

    By Henry on 10.01.2014

  5. I had been trying, and failing miserably, to keep my cool. Now, as the group stood in the kitchen with their heads lowered in exaggerated mourning for Unch, I could feel the veins begin to bulge from my forehead. Furiously, I yanked open a cupboard door, snatched a plate, and held it above my head for everyone to see.

    “What is wrong with all of you?!” I roared. “Unch is dead! Get angry! BREAK SOMETHING!”

    And I did, before anyone could react, slamming one plate down onto the floor and watching it splinter before grabbing another.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.01.2014

  6. Hair falling, nails broke, bent — crumbling beneath herself, she cries; a soft whispering sound. Her hands are shaking, her knees are giving out — there’s no time. Her health is failing, and the walls she’s built, well, they’re failing too. Everything is coming down. There’s no turning back now.

    By K. on 10.01.2014

  7. The systems were failing. We only had a few seconds before the plane crashed into the ocean below us and I hadn’t even told my dad I was sorry for yelling at him before I left. If I could call him now I’d tell him he was right. I should’ve never taken the job offer overseas. I was meant to stay in one place forever.

    By Emily on 10.01.2014

  8. Pull the banners from their rafters.
    Pour out the punch, let a vagrant run rampant at the banquet.

    By asavas on 10.01.2014

  9. the predetermined destiny outlining the current state of man kind from the moment of birth until proving day; the day he proves failing is not an option. For man to advance in the 21st century this simple fact must remain

    By Scot Cooper on 10.01.2014

  10. moon, a song by bjork, gave me some new thoughts about failing. i wasn’t ready to hear until after the biggest failure of my life. big failures mean you’re chasing big dreams, and you must keep trying and failing, and you will get there.

    failing is just fine when you’re able to accept it and still keep your primary focus on success!

    By Alex Light URL on 10.01.2014

  11. Hair falling, nails broke, bent — crumbling beneath herself, she cries; a soft whispering sound. Her hands are shaking, her knees are giving out. There’s no time. Her health is failing, and the walls she’s built are now dust between her toes. Everything is coming down. There’s no turning back now.

    By K. on 10.01.2014

  12. When stupid people
    don’t get what we smart folk do
    they “think” we’re FAILING!

    By !Haiku-Mann! on 10.01.2014

  13. Many of my students are failing. I wish they would stay focused and work during class so that they could get their grades up. I hate that my children are failing reading. What worries me the most, is the Georgia Milestones Test they will take this spring.I a

    By Katie on 10.01.2014

  14. if you can not do it right for the first time, then you are bound for greater things to try it until you succeed so do not fear failing. It will help you to become tough and better person.

    By Elizabeth Aguilar on 10.01.2014

  15. “What’s wrong with you, Jessica?” He said. I did not know how to answer. I hated this. I hated him sitting across from me, looming no matter how much he tried to get on my level, I hated being asked what was wrong with me. I hated knowing something was. “You’re failing all your classes, you’re hardly even /going/ to school – no, don’t think I didn’t know that, Jess.”

    “Maybe the only thing wrong here is you measuring my worth by my academic success.”

    “Maybe you need to up your game already.”

    By a terrible poet on 10.01.2014

  16. I read somewhere that failure is a moment not a person. That means a lot to someone whose identity was made of their failures for a time. It is easy now to look back and see that as a moment, but back then it was a persona, it was me. Ouch that hurt.

    By Zelle on 10.01.2014

  17. Real sucess
    Does not not start or end with an s
    It begins with a fall
    A mistake
    The point in which you break.
    Real sucess is feared by all,
    It’s what you call the man who got kicked down,
    Even though he is bound to stand tall
    Sucess never starts with an S.
    It begins with a single F.

    By John doe on 10.01.2014

  18. I amaze myself at my inability to fail. Perhaps that is my true failing in life. Failing to fail is my curse – perhaps my blessing – but certainly the one thing I have failed to master.

    By Chadd Nolen on 10.01.2014

  19. I was always pretty damn good at taking tests. Quick mind and a somewhat photographic memory – a 3 megapixel memory is how I think of it – have let me be cavalier with test prep. But this time I failed. Not just failed, but spectacularly failed. Spectacular as in people in 20 years would bow their heads in reverence when talking about my efforts. And, yes, I did put out effort. Turning in a blank test or filling it in with funny quips isn’t really failing, is it?

    Nope, I tried. And tried. And now here I am.

    By Chadd Nolen on 10.01.2014

  20. The attempts at communication were failing. The plane had passed right on by the survivors without a thought to the unnatural amount of smoke. Jonathon sunk to his knees, sobbing and hopeless in the pale white sand.

    By amaryllis on 10.01.2014

  21. Of course he was failing the class – his entire method of getting assignments in was managing to forget and make excuses until the day before and then pushing himself to the very edge of performance in order to scrape together a product in a matter of hours. Often this ended up being overnight, making it so he couldn’t fall back asleep before it was time to jog out to the bus stop.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 10.01.2014

  22. With you it’s like my ladder’s made of
    sopping wet chewing gum,
    extended like slippery palms
    in handshakes made of tracing paper;
    and all of this is all with gravity against me.
    With you, it’s quicksand or nothing.
    With you, I’m constantly punching yet never stunning.

    By Marissa on 10.01.2014

  23. A fear of failing dragged him down, pulling on his heartstrings like a drowning whale, thrashing and waving in the tides, a part of him was being washed up on shore and he could feel the sunlight beaming down, slowly burning his skin away, slowly turning him to bones. Soon he would be nothing but a cage of ivory white bars, bleached pale in the sun.

    By LILYhibiku on 10.01.2014

  24. Amid the chaos, Noah could feel his panic raising. He turned, his cloak swirling around his calves, his eyes searching the faces swarming around him for a friendly set of eyes. Blood splattered faces grimaced at him in pain and fear and Noah knew his search for a friend was failing.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 10.01.2014

  25. I sit lightly against the car seat, not wanting to be here because I don’t belong. They all want me to be this creature that can smack tipsy mosquitoes, but I’m #failing at that. All I want to do is play hopscotch. #oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 10.01.2014

  26. Failing has been mankind’s terror from ages ago. All men and women are afraid of failing on their lives and on their goals. But truth is that we never fail because at the end we learn something maybe better than wat our goals used to be.

    By Ana Navas URL on 10.01.2014

  27. Failing.

    It’s a word that I all but eliminated from my vocabulary. I would not fail. I DID NOT FAIL. That is, until I got an F on my history test and probably spent an hour crying in my room once I got back home.

    An F? I’d never gotten an F in any of my classes. Sure, maybe a C minus here or there but F? That letter and my name didn’t belong in the same sentence when it came to grades. No way. Not even close.

    Now, the only thing is this—how am I going to tell my parents?

    By AJ Kenobi on 10.01.2014

  28. I’m failing scool. Why? I dont know. Life is so full of failures for me. Its sad. I see people around me. They don’t seem to be failing anything. Their lives seem perfect. And then there’s mine. It’s horrible. So many failures.

    By Rachel on 10.01.2014

  29. Help me. I’m failing. I’m dying. The goal of living your life is to die happy with the way you lived. I’m not done yet! I need to not die. I have to get up, I can’t fail this final task. Or what I hope won’t be my final task.

    By Darby-Benjamin on 10.01.2014

  30. He had known that she was becoming distant, but had no idea of how fast their marriage was failing. He thought he was doing all the right things, helping out around the house, being a good father, working harder and longer than anyone else in the office, but somewhere along the line she started growing disinterested. He had thought she was just tired, but came to suspect it was something more than that. Then one day she just told him not to come home anymore.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.01.2014

  31. “Ah, Aurelia! My favored daughter, home at last,”
    I winced from my place at his side and, though I hadn’t believed it possible, I felt my shoulders slump even further beneath the weight of the words he did not say. For, if Aurelia was his favored daughter than what did that make me? I wondered idly if everyone could feel how much he loathed me for my ‘failings’ few of which were within my ability to control, or if it was only me.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.01.2014

  32. failing
    is like falling
    and wailing
    is like walling
    and bailing
    is like balling.
    wait, no.
    only ballers ball. bailers aren’t even a thing.

    By Valkyrie URL on 10.01.2014

  33. He laughed as he watched her little figure slip from the edge. Down, down the edge she went, her eyes wide in shock and fear, staring straight at him. He smiled so sweetly at her until she disappeared into the dark abyss…

    By Akeyx on 10.01.2014

  34. I failed to be a monkey when I was 6 my brother called me a jungle bunny I remember climbing the rails in the elevator and pretending I was a ninja.

    I failed to be a doctor but thats ok I’m just not that good at bio maybe I can change the world anyways.

    By Maya Howard-Watts on 10.01.2014

  35. you die trying, it hurts, just get up and try again again again you see others fly with ease, you fall hurt its painful to watch why you ask because your aninsignificant piece of rubbish thats why

    By alessandra ena on 10.01.2014

  36. i fail to see the point. repeat. excrete. whyyy. falling it hurts. kill me now. id rather die than be living in shame of failure. i see the point now.

    By alessandra on 10.01.2014

  37. failing
    i feel like that’s what i’m doing right now.
    motherhood is alright, but i always set goals for myself to teach something to my daughter.
    if she doesn’t pick it up, i get disappointed in myself, bot in the fact that she’s a baby.
    designers who don’t design are failing.

    By Jennifer on 10.01.2014

  38. Reminds me of every test I took in high school. It has a lot to show of someone, but nothing at all. I think of my failings compared to others and I see myself as a greater one. Not following my dreams was my biggest failure.

    By Sierra on 10.01.2014

  39. Humans are failing, as a whole. We are ruining our environment and causing great harm to all of the inhabitants of this world. We should heed our warnings and make right what we can.

    By Kelsea Tremayne on 10.01.2014

  40. “I won’t tell if you don’t,” Casey whispered into my ear.

    That was a good deal. I nodded my ascent and grabbed her hand. We would fail together, and the comoraderie felt better than the knowledge that my mom would be disappointed.

    Sacrifices had to be made, though, and the fate of the world meant more to me than my mother’s smile. It was a lie I almost convinced myself of.

    By Joy on 10.01.2014