October 2nd, 2014

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122 Responses to “footsteps”

  1. “Tell me more about your family,” Sinnie prompts, holding open a bag as Jolene tosses in pieces of a cast she’s removing.

    “My family? Hah. There aren’t many of us left,” the doctor seems to be more amused by this fact than sorrowful, though it’s never exactly easy to tell what she’s thinking at the moment.

    “As I mentioned a while ago, the various generations have always carried this gift, in one way or another. One great-grandfather was a healer of minds, a well-practiced psychiatrist. My uncle was Graced more in the area of the plant kingdom, traveling from one forest to another to repair damage from fires or man-made destruction. My father was a veterinarian, working with both pets and livestock with one of the lowest euthanization rates in the world. I’m just following in their footsteps, one of the more boring stories in our lineage.”

    “You’re not boring! You’ve made a big difference in our tour, when so many more of us would have just been sent right home with a purple heart.” The patient they’re working on seems to have been listening in, and he nods in agreement with Sinnie’s assertion.

    Dr. Uzumane shrugs, not really acknowledging the compliments as she moves on to stripping the cots of their used sheets. “Anyway, these days it’s just me and my brother. He never really displayed any extra abilities, but he’s a very gifted chemist in Philadelphia. Needless to say, we’re not exactly close. Considering our… respective dispositions, it’s more than likely the lineage will end with us.”

    By floppybelly URL on 10.03.2014

  2. Empty footsteps echoed throughout the room, but everything about it – the sound, the rhythm – was different. It clearly belonged to someone else, but I didn’t have the heart to find out who.

    By Anon on 10.03.2014