October 1st, 2014

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94 Responses to “failing”

  1. Failing is not a very good thing. When you fail, you have not succeeded at something. I am failing at coming up with something to write, which is why I am on this website. I am typing this in the hope that I can somehow get over my writer’s block and write something awesome. Maybe I’ll write a new chapter for my book.

    By Updownbanana on 10.02.2014

  2. To fail is to give up trying completely. You will never fail if you do not stop attempting to succeed at whatever task you are trying for. It is hard sometimes and not always rewarding. But why would you let yourself fail when one day you can succeed. Where there is a will there is a way! Live it up don’t survive in place. Failing is the quitters way out. It is like suicide, you opt out of the challenge of moving on. If everyone stopping when failing we would not have many things.

    By Cara on 10.02.2014

  3. I am a failure. Every chance I get I wallow in my own self defeat. I try and try but unfortunately I end up back to the start.. or the end even. I wish I could last to get to the point of success but I never do. I never ever do.

    By Bill on 10.02.2014

  4. “Failing is the worst thing to do” she said. “I let you guys done. And I am dropping out of the team.” “You didn’t let us done,” one of her teammate said, “You made us proud. You tried, and didn’t quit.” “You only fail when you don’t try.”

    By Amelia on 10.02.2014

  5. there were five of them all standing in the hallway.
    I thought it was another bug. But i was failing to see in the dark.
    It was a bunch of spiders, crawling up the wall. they reached my hand.

    By E on 10.02.2014

  6. she sat on the edge of the seat, while stared at her face. She said i was failing to make her laugh.
    I smiled and couldn’t pull the right face to let her ease her mood.

    By E on 10.02.2014

  7. I would hate tfor this to happen to me. I fail, there should always be a follow up plan. I would have to work ten times harder so it wouldn’t have to happen.

    By Leslie Wilson on 10.02.2014

  8. I don’t actually believe in failing. I think that there things that happen – despite our best intentions – and have outcomes that we may not expect, like or accept. That’s all. Part of our journey, part of our struggles…part of life. No such thing as failure. Just another step.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.02.2014

  9. Failing is the most absolutely terrifying thing I can imagine.

    By Hank on 10.02.2014

  10. My greatest fear used to be heights,
    Of reaching higher stratospheres than mankind,
    Because I was afraid of excellence,
    And how it would set me apart from the rest of the world.
    And then I said fuck it,
    And starting daring to fail,
    And fell up into the clouds.

    By Siege URL on 10.02.2014

  11. This means that your not doing well in school or in something that your not doing well in.

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.02.2014

  12. i am failing to be who/what i thought i’d be right now. miserably failing. so much so that i have fallen into something entirely different. i’ve fallen into indifference. into that thing that makes you alter expectations altogether. that makes me want less so the fall to failure isnt so long and hard

    By Safon on 10.02.2014

  13. susan and john

    By mrs. fjeld on 10.02.2014

  14. They’d tried. They’d made the promise to the group, a promise to win, to get somewhere at least, but they didn’t. Who could win against those odds? Not them, at any rate.
    If only there were second chances.

    By Sky on 10.02.2014