September 30th, 2014

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125 Responses to “stood”

  1. I stood on the corner. Next I saw a clown. By the clown was a white dog with black spots. The dog began barking at me. He saw I had a hot dog in one had and I think he was hungry. I liked the dog so much I thought I would share wi

    By Christine on 10.01.2014

  2. When the word stood alone it was proud and resilient – withstanding difficulties, standing the test of time and standing up for itself. When interacting with others, it soothed and understood – stood for peace and reconciliation and stood beside its comrades in solidarity. There is nothing to be misunderstood – it is a complex word that stands tall in all situations.

    By Ayesha_A on 10.01.2014

  3. He stood there in front of me without moving a muscle. I knew there was something extremely odd about him. And that something sparked my interest. However, I knew that trying to figure him out would bring nothing good.
    I couldn’t make up my mind, so I just stood there as well, looking into his cold eyes; eyes that somehow completed his stern look in an unexpectedly delicate way. For a moment I was inclined to think there might be a broken, beautiful and delicate spirit hiding behind that icy look. Yet, I remembered that only happened in stories. In the end, there was nothing beautiful about that arrogant know-it-all who thought he had the right to come stomping into the affairs of other people.
    He could even be “god” himself, i still wouldn’t give a fuck and waste no second in showing him to the door.
    And yet.. WHY THE HECK was I just standing there doing nothing instead of kicking his ass out of my goddamn office, and maybe also out of the building. I’m sure I’d be doing everyone quite a favor.
    And yet, my mind is on full blast and my stupid body ain’t moving a muscle. WHY, body? WHY?

    By Anaid Skylight on 10.01.2014

  4. I stood still at the sight of the thing. The thing was a thing I have never seen before. It was a great thing that stood as high as the sky.

    By Mike on 10.01.2014

  5. There was a crude outline of a man on the sidewalk. A dry shadow against the wet pavement, marking where he stood in his lowest moment. Sometimes heartbreak has an otherworldly quality to it, doesn’t it?

    By asavas on 10.01.2014