March 5th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “witnessed”

  1. She had witnessed more of them being put down than anyone should; the televisions played it constantly. They were everywhere; being so small, they could hide in sheds, behind rose bushes, inside of mailboxes. Exposed, they were caught on a billion camera phones, their last moments a blur of pink and red, of whistling screams, of the slightest punch that rendered them inert.

    Like popping bubble wrap, Sheila said.

    Joy shivered, and hoped she would never find one on her own.

    By RS Bohn URL on 03.06.2014

  2. she will not bare witness to the darkness in another lest they turn to witness her own

    By terri on 03.06.2014

  3. In a lone bar, a shot fired.

    She dropped her glass, hid and stared: she hoped he hadn’t seen her, and her heart raced as the glass shattered through the room. Cash in hand, he cried over the dead body.

    Too distracted, he hadn’t noticed her, but she was probably the only one who noticed him.

    By Iceman on 03.06.2014

  4. She say on the stand as she pointed across the room. He did it, she whispered. Her voice shook wih fear as the men in the back of the room stared her down. She’s never fee safe again. It’s too late to go back now, she thought. She witnessed the crime and she told the truth.

    By Jennifer on 03.06.2014

  5. And it was that one moment in time that it all came together. The realization of what it really was…. what it meant. I had witnessed it long ago, a feeling i had felt before. But now the memories swoop through me and leave me bent. I never knew i could love again.

    By Anya URL on 03.06.2014

  6. Why nest in this digression there is no wit in it. I must take my leave and look for over shores. seeing the lap my sight away

    By Anna Rieser on 03.06.2014

  7. v

    By sacia on 03.06.2014

  8. I am a hairspray in your mouth, a witness of your bad breath. Some tomatoes claim the right to be myself but I don’t understand words from tomatoes neither words from myself.

    By Tala on 03.06.2014

  9. you saw what? did you call the police? well, you have to. you just have to. why aren’t you? i’m afraid. why? because i think they saw me see them and if i go to the police they’ll come for me.

    By Lee on 03.06.2014

  10. She could not eradicate the vision. The whole thing kept playing in a constant loop, over and over again. How long would it take for this harm to cease?

    By smr on 03.06.2014

  11. It was strange, she thought. one minute, living a life where she barely thought of this type of thing at all…and then, bam! On the way to the corner coffee shop to get her daily half venti mocha, everything changed.

    By Jesshc on 03.06.2014

  12. I witnessed my life with you flow through my eyes in an instant of a second which turned into an hour and then a day. My life is revolving around you and my mind is spinning. I’m waiting for a meteor to stop this orbit.

    By Natalie Leung on 03.06.2014

  13. What I witnessed that day would be burned into my past, present and future. All I will ever do from now has been altered by the events that transpired on that fateful evening.

    By Your Gal Val on 03.06.2014

  14. Glistening witness, what’s going on in that pretty little brain of yours? I haven’t slept in 3 days and I’m waiting for a Strawberry favorite.

    By creepestbloom URL on 03.06.2014

  15. That thing we witnessed we won’t mention – we’ll go along with a hitch in our hearts, talk about our mundane jobs, our white noise days, and how awful they are, the damage they do to our psyches – we’ll tell each other what we’d like to do to the people who hurt us, and when we get to the killing, we’ll look away, but we’ll know what is meant and we’ll suffer for it in our dreams.

    By Miss Alister URL on 03.06.2014