March 5th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “witnessed”

  1. She was gripping the railing as if she would fall and crash to her death if she let go. Her knuckles turning white, blood rushing from her face leaving a pale and empty mask behind. He was staring at her, the guilt written on his face like scarlet letters, his shame obvious to the world. For a moment it seemed as if she might say something. Instead she lifted a hand and smacked him hard across the face. The sound of her rage echoed down the hallway so loud, I felt it on my own face. He stumbled backwards, lost his footing and reached out to her for support. She did not reach for him. Instead she watched him tumble down the staircase. Instead she listened to him scream, and heard the crack of his skull making contact with the floor. She watched him slip out of this world and into the next in silence, and I, huddled behind the doorway, saw it all.

    By LifeisaVerb87 on 03.05.2014

  2. i saw it, the sight that launched a thousand ships and sent them to the depths, the way out and the way in. The path that was past and future and all the way inbetween. I saw it and I laughed at the moment. at the small glispe of time.

    By Anna on 03.05.2014

  3. Wit. nessed. the nest of all wit, the viper pit into which i dive each time we open our mouths to one another. They say all criticism is written in humour, but these twigs stick and I can’t feel safe in the nest of words

    By Anna on 03.05.2014

  4. I was the only witness. That girl stood in the middle of the street, the man across from her. She shot words like bullets until the man was nothing but a paper shield standing on feet he seemed to have forgotten were his own. That woman shot him dead, broke a heart. After the massacre, she left with only a blooming red smile and gun smoke trailing from her mouth.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 03.05.2014

  5. To view. To be at a place to see something occur. To see with your eyes and understand what has happened. To decided if a situation is correct or wrong. To decided what is happening and be present in the situation.

    By 1trishdish on 03.05.2014

  6. To view. To be at a place to see something occur. To see with your eyes and understand what has happened. To decided what is happening and be present in the situation.

    By 1trishdish on 03.05.2014

  7. It wasn’t her usual smile that he had witness curving the corners of her lips. No, it was some sort of strange, bitter mockery of it—a vile, sardonic twist to the mouth that had once captivated him.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.05.2014

  8. He was there, standing on the edge of the road. I dont know how I had missed him, but he saw it all. It was like time froze as we made eye contact, as it slowly began ticking again I put the tarp back in the bed of my truck. But he witnessed it all.

    By Justin Eggleston on 03.05.2014

  9. He held her hand, holding tight as she stood with her back to the audience. Audience was relative. The smile that crossed her face, the smile that he couldn’t contain said every word that they needed to say. The witnesses before them could attest to this, everyone in that room knew that the two could not be torn apart, too much together, and too strong of a bond.

    By Kvaughan URL on 03.05.2014

  10. I witnessed the most incredible thing today as i waked out of my house. It was the beautiful sun rising above the trees and buildings across from my apartment. it filled me with warmth and incredible feelings of joy and happiness. it made me love every second of life i have had the incredible privilege of living on this planet! Love yourself and the life path you are walking down.

    By Chris on 03.05.2014

  11. He had witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, standing in the same spot his grandfather had stood when he witnessed it being built. In the years that had passed in between, his father had crossed over several times, only once with the approval of the border guards. Now that it was gone, he made a living from the tunnel his father had dug, letting tourists experience the cramped dash under the streets of Berlin that had once been a desperate life or death scramble for so many.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.05.2014

  12. I witnessed the most horrific thing
    A mother walked through the hospital wing
    She carried with her a teddy bear
    Held it with the utmost care
    She cried her tears
    And screamed her fears
    “God don’t let her go!
    I need my daughter more than you know!
    I want to hold her in my arms once more
    And see her play with this toy on the floor.
    Have mercy on me, make her well
    Life without her would be living hell.”

    By untamedimagination on 03.05.2014

  13. I was a witness. Of a crime. They called me to court just so I could point out the face of a man in a line up. It scared me so much. I could be sending one man to his death, when I had already seen another fall to his own.

    By LoveArt on 03.05.2014

  14. What a hapless man I have witnessed thought woman on the couch. She ripped the page of arabic homework out of her notebook and looked at the man next to her. She was not happy and he knew it. She couldn’t concentrate anymore and turned to other work.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 03.05.2014

  15. I witnessed a light
    at the edge of the pier
    Poised at the edge of
    a murky black night
    threatening to spill into dawn

    By Natalie on 03.05.2014

  16. she told me she witnessed something horrific. she told me that it brought tears to her eyes when she thought of it. she told me she wondered why good things happen to bad people. she told me how it changed her forever. yet, she never told me what it was that had brought her such shame.

    By Ruu on 03.05.2014

  17. I witnessed the murder just right beforme my eyes and all I could do was.. See. I did not move, I did not scream, I wasn’t even scaref.. I just.. looked how that innocent man was dying.. and it was pleasnat.

    By No on 03.05.2014

  18. I witnessed something terrible on that cold dark night. While walking home through the damp, dark streets of New York I came across someone in an alley.

    By Krabs on 03.05.2014

  19. I witnessed the old man down the street murdered. The man who did it did not know I was watching. I heard a shuffling form my bedroom window and looked out into the dark night.

    By Lynleys on 03.05.2014

  20. You have witnessed the seasons of my love. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. There is a deadly chill that surrounds you now, and you know not how to escape. You should know that I will not be there when you do.

    By Rachel M on 03.05.2014

  21. Crawling up from me like bile,
    the tongue too twisted in filth
    to speak of things like purity.

    He did this.
    He did this.

    My trauma-breast won’t breathe,
    and he’s silenced trust for good:
    I become lonely cams on lonely, ocean floors.

    By Pandatry on 03.05.2014

  22. He seized her by the shoulders and gently shook her to get her attention. “Amber, you’ve got to get out of here! It’s not safe. Please, just trust me…”

    Amber’s eyes held fear and confusion as she looked up into the eyes of the man she loved. “J-Jon, why? I don’t understand—”

    “You’re not going to understand, okay?” He spoke urgently, trying not to be harsh but wanting her to get to safety as soon as possible. “What you witnessed, i-it puts both of our lives in danger. I need you to go. Now.”

    She wanted to say something, maybe that she loved him, or ask if she would ever see him again—but she didn’t. Instead she turned and sped off into the night, resisting the strong urge to look back.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.05.2014

  23. I witnessed the growth of a person, there was strength in his soul and it made it out to help his physical being. It lifted him to a level only previously in his dreams.

    By Quiet_Intensity on 03.05.2014

  24. She witnessed the boy passing a piece of cake to the small girl in pigtails and smiled. Her little child was growing up. Automatically her mind flew ten years into the future and she imagined her young boy with stubble on his face, and hair just a bit too long that it covered the eyes.

    By Stephanie Buosi URL on 03.05.2014

  25. I saw what the others wanted, and I tried to show them what they needed. I saw what the other’s needed, and I bled for that. How much more do they need to see, how much more is there to want. I know this circle of judges witnesses themselves, and in that they live. What more could I want.

    By Sean on 03.05.2014

  26. She was a dryad, flitting through the woods with bare feet, her toes curling into the soft mud. People didn’t notice her. She was plain-faced with long bark-coloured hair. They didn’t see her, but she saw them. She witnessed everything. Everything she saw, hiding behind her eyes, until one day she him, and she wanted to gouge them out. Beauty does that I guess.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 03.05.2014

  27. we all witnessed the dragging out of the soul.
    it was suddenly pulled out of a wilted body.
    with a violence that is quiet and shocking.
    i expected a rip,
    but instead the gasps
    as we all realized.
    they looked just like us.

    By Kairn on 03.05.2014

  28. I’ve never witnessed anything like how you hated me
    I couldn’t understand, all I’d ever done was try to please you
    But I smothered, I guess
    I was crazy and uncessary
    Or so you told me
    You couldn’t imagine staying in one place for so long
    One place with one person, the way I had decided to stay with you
    But the decision was never really mine, was it?
    It wasn’t.

    By Tarryn on 03.05.2014

  29. we are all witnesses to it. all the tricks before our eyes. all the truths settled neatly between the unknown and perceptively impossible. The lies we tell our selves so we dont have to rise until dawn. We live our days wearing our deceptions like a badge, combed over, starched and pressed, plucked, shaven and as clean as the lines the stars draw across the night sky. The very same night we cannot face without the lie.

    By eyeballkid on 03.05.2014

  30. I witnessed doubt clutch it’s curly fingers around the needle and thread attempting to sew itself onto the heels of the success I desired. I turned around quickly enough to grab it by the neck and seize it’s opportunity. I stole it’s way of living and sewed into onto the pages of my life story.

    By becca on 03.05.2014

  31. My mind played witness to the desire unfurling before me, with each step down the hall, I questioned my intent. Was I ready for this? Was I ready for him? My hand hovers my hand in front of the blue touch screen to register my presence.

    No I should knock. That’s more traditional, isn’t it? But if I were traditional, this scene would be playing out the other way around, wouldn’t it?

    But all this time we’ve been playing at the same thing – circling, drawing in, fading out, reappearing, reconnecting, circling. I place my hand on the touch screen, and whisper “I’m here” into the receiver.

    I’m done circling.

    By Ash Wednesday on 03.05.2014

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    By Lavneet Sharma URL on 03.05.2014

  33. Your eyes were wide, wide, wide, wide. I know you screamed.
    How could I? How could your boy do a thing so vile? But I couldn’t hear you over the sound the blood made, squelching between my fingers.

    By Bronwyn on 03.06.2014

  34. i see a lot and say nothing. i see a little and say a lot. i wish it were the other way around.

    By justine danielle on 03.06.2014

  35. my father witnessed to the fact that there had been vicious attack on the man’s person. No doubt he would be denied any kind of hearing by those concerned due to his age and frailty but he had to speak for he felt it was his duty as a fellow man.

    By Beginner on 03.06.2014

  36. He was driving behind the little red mini when a black BMW sped passed him and tried to turn left. It was only be luck that they missed each other but he was still upset at having witnessed it.

    By Alexandra on 03.06.2014

  37. She ran as fast as her legs could take her. She couldn’t believe that she had just witnessed a man being murdered, it was so horrible! She could still hear his screams and the horrible squelching being made.

    By Charlotte on 03.06.2014

  38. I have witnessed many things in my young life, good and bad, but no matter what happens in my life, the good always outweighs the bad.

    By Carine on 03.06.2014

  39. When i was a child i witnessed something horrible. It was sometime early morning or very late night when i heard a loud screech. i quickly sat up and looked out of my bedroom window only to find nothing but the simple back yard that was always there.

    By Maya on 03.06.2014

  40. one time i saw a man crying at the bus stop
    i witnessed his sorrowful eyes trace a boy that walked by
    and i wondered if he missed his sons
    i witnessed a fat tear sneak down his leathery cheek
    i witnessed him cease to exist in the present.

    By abigail on 03.06.2014