March 6th, 2014 | 90 Entries

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90 Entries for “grandfather”

  1. he had a hump on his back. i wonder how that happens, do you slowly become deformed over years like a tree bending toward light or bunched in under an outcropping. must have been painful at some point, making it difficult to sleep or walk or maneuver around in his basement workshop.

    By Lee on 03.07.2014

  2. Her grandfather had been a kind man. Always fair. Always giving. He had more than the average person, and he made sure to give it away whenever the opportunity presented itself. He had been well-loved by everyone. And yet, someone had still killed him.

    By Katelyn Shear on 03.07.2014

  3. Grandfather clock, tick tock
    On the wall it wobbles and tobbles
    It’s my heart beat, like a little kid crying
    Telling me to go outside because the day keeps on calling
    and wandering by my window
    Tick tock patter pock
    The grandfather clock mocks my every move
    As I lay inside
    But in doors it seems to hide
    Every emotion that I encounter
    Because every time I go by it
    The clock is still in the hour

    By Anthony Ross - on 03.07.2014

  4. Lost you to dementia. I smile at those memories. It is all I have left of you. May you not suffer as the test of you goes away. Pop-pop. Oh man you had such brains!

    By melodyroop URL on 03.07.2014

  5. Her grandfather stared at her hopelessly, holding onto the last shreds of his life. She was in tears, she couldn’t let him go, she’d just lost her grandmother, she couldn’t lose him too. “I love you, Charlie.” He whispered finally.

    By rendermespeechless URL on 03.07.2014

  6. A grandfather is sometimes the only blood-friend in your life.He has all the time in the world for your nonsense, he has the ear for your gibberish and the eye for your trivial pursuits. He is a better father than your own father, a better confidante than your sibling.

    By reshma on 03.07.2014

  7. My grandfather’s were people I never knew, who died years before I was born. I really don’t knwo what it’s like to have a grandfather, much less a relationship with one.

    By Tom URL on 03.07.2014

  8. he opened his suitcase, rested his glasses on the table. his weak eyes were searching for something.Suddenly, he heard the pitter patter from the adjacent room. ltlle feet noices. little meak voices. his heart smiled

    By inkyveins on 03.07.2014

  9. our grandfather clock
    ancient as time
    no longer remembers
    and chimes
    random times
    without regard
    rules for fools
    we follow
    follow to the end

    By katiekieran URL on 03.07.2014

  10. grandfather is a person who loves you unconditionally. His love is old, his love is grand. It’s everlasting. His love is special.
    A grandfather is the one who will smile at you and push on forward when you have to give your valedictorian speech. He’ll hold your hand and help you across life.

    By Tanya URL on 03.07.2014