March 4th, 2014 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “hapless”

  1. The hapless bird floundered on the wateer.

    By emily on 03.05.2014

  2. suddenly i froze
    in the middle of the night i saw
    one thing i thought could never possibly happen
    something has gone out of its shell
    and is now finding its way to the world
    a piece of pizza lost in the snow
    away from its pizza box all cozy and low

    By emma on 03.05.2014

  3. Ah, perfect. Hapless. Hopeless. How I am in the face of what I just did. Like for real though, literally can’t get over the fact that I just broke someone’s heart. Not that I thought I had the capacity to do so, but I guess that’s being too optimistic. There’s something to be said, however, for the absolute soul-crushingness of knowing you just destroyed someone.

    By John on 03.05.2014

  4. Why was he always in these situations? Perhaps it was his own fault really. Failure after failure but for some reason you couldn’t say he caused his own destiny. Things just didn’t ever seem to work out for Jared but he would dust himself off and start again.

    By F on 03.05.2014

  5. Born of iron, fire and bone
    She falls upon her hapless foe.
    Razor gaze,
    And bloodied blade,
    A tyrant king dethroned.

    By kyren on 03.05.2014

  6. I walked home alone one day. The clouds opened up and let down a thundering barrage of liquid bullets, and there I was. Stranded, in the middle of the street, without a coat.

    By Nathan Strauss on 03.05.2014

  7. Her whole life, she had been hapless and hurt. There wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t run into some unfortune or another. For one night, all she wanted was to be completely free.

    By Katelyn Shear on 03.05.2014

  8. Trevor didn’t have two dimes to rub together. He’d searched for at least one. Coat pockets, jean pockets, underneath the bed, and behind the desk. His empty belly grumbled as he stared at the eviction notice on his door.

    By Soft URL on 03.05.2014

  9. simple going, decent, fair, lovable, fun loving

    By Durganath on 03.05.2014

  10. hapless. hopeless. same thing. what’s the difference except 1, 2 letters? maybe that doesn’t make a difference. maybe it only makes a difference for you. what is the word difference? viva la difference

    By csawyer on 03.05.2014

  11. I sat before you boneless. One week before you left, my thoughts were never said. The night before your going away party, I spent with a boy. A boy who laughed, hugged, and kissed. A boy who looked at me with almost as much as heart as you do. We ate pizza and drank Crown Royal whiskey and in our drunken state I almost saw you. Yes I see you in every man I meet, a ghost of you. You have been what every love song is about since fall.
    He looked at me with an almost smile, the same smile you get when you know a man loves you enough to leave. In that moment I saw you, how your eyes didn’t match your smile, and I knew he wouldn’t last long. He left because he said my eyes never followed him well enough. Somehow he knew, that my mind was preoccupied with the thought of you. It scares me how you still sneak your spirit into my writings and poems. I tried drugs, I tried alcohol and teas, but nothing drowned you out of my heart.
    On the night of the going away party I still smelled of the boy who was too old in mind and body. You grimaced when someone asked me who I spent my time with yesterday for valentines day. The truth is that although I laughed with him, I was laughing with you. I see you and only you.
    And so my selective eyes have chose nothing else to let my hands scribble to.

    By Katelin Woods on 03.05.2014

  12. I don’t know what the world means

    By Ian Schorh on 03.05.2014

  13. I don’t know what the word hapless means so I don’t know.

    By Gage Quirk on 03.05.2014

  14. i am hapless that I pass the test and i am hapless about me going to the movie tonight.

    By dalen on 03.05.2014

  15. what is hapless what does hap even mean im confused can someone help me

    By Ariyon martin on 03.05.2014

  16. i have know clue what this word means so i going to make some guesses happy sad angry

    By Billy on 03.05.2014

  17. you are not happy and your unfortionit

    By collyn on 03.05.2014

  18. I don’t know what this word means but maybe it is a word that is maybe unfortunate.or something that is maybe like unfortunate like a synonym for unfortunate

    By veronica davila URL on 03.05.2014

  19. the boy was hapless.very hapless. one day he found a million dollar bill and he was happy.

    By liam on 03.05.2014

  20. hapless

    By kylie on 03.05.2014

  21. I’m not so sure what it means but i have a guess and its maybe her/she is not happy… that’s what i think. but again i’m totally not really sure what it means.

    By Brooke on 03.05.2014

  22. i dont now what it is but it sounds like it hellps

    By kody on 03.05.2014

  23. we didn’t get married or have children or travel the world. we traveled a small part of the world and in that time I remember wanting to run off on my own. I always want the opposite.

    By jessica on 03.05.2014

  24. I don’t even know what to do anymore. There was this one time a guy came in and was talking on his phone. He was a nice fella but I always forgot his name. A Jeff or John maybe. Not James. Not another James. And he was yapping away on the telephone there on his shoulder and he talked about this woman and he was probably joking and all–real friendly guy–but the things he said, aloud in the store. That’s not the kind of thing I’d ever do.

    By DMM URL on 03.05.2014