April 25th, 2015 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “will”

  1. That was the nice thing about having no other choice; you were bound to get it done somehow. He didn’t know how he was going to get the couch up two flights of stairs by himself, but it had to happen. He wanted to be comfy after work, and by God, he would be. His resolve was unshakeable. His back? That remained to be seen.

    By Brandon Steward URL on 04.25.2015

  2. I will. I will see this girl again. She will be mine. Not in the possessive, stalkerish way, but in the lover way. Because she’s all I care about, all I can see. She is my love. Yet, she doesn’t even know it yet. How can she not know it? She knows everything else about me. She’s my best friend. Period. It all makes sense.

    By Brittany on 04.25.2015

  3. “Will ” is used to talk about future . It can be used for instant decisions too .

    By Paulo Caetano URL on 04.25.2015

  4. I didn’t want to accept the words that came out of your mouth that day. When I told you I loved you. When you told me it would never work. My love for you stepped aside out of my respect for your wishes. I will always love you.

    By Wilder Ocean URL on 04.25.2015

  5. A will is something that you must have each and every day of your life. Will is what keeps you going through your life. It is the thing that makes you keep going, day by day. Many people feel that will is necessary to live, and indeed it is. Will holds you, nurtures you, yet is can be a bad conpanion. If you hold too much of it, you will appear as stubborn and neutral. If you lack it, you see no pleasure in life.

    By Ching Zhang on 04.25.2015

  6. I’ve lost the will
    to write these words
    so much of this pain
    is building up and I can’t
    set it free without
    damaging myself. What the
    fuck am I even doing
    This poem sucks.
    Like really sucks.
    There is nothing to it and it
    won’t get me anywhere.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 04.25.2015

  7. The attorney paused and looked around the room before reading the last line. One could have heard a pin drop. In fact, Steve dropped a pin right then and everyone heard it. It really drove home the metaphor.

    By Brian on 04.25.2015

  8. William took his blue pocket watch out in order to check the time. Half past four, he saw, the wife should be back sooner. What’s taking so long? Turns out, she never existed. He saw himself in the mirror and he was four years old.

    By Jay on 04.25.2015

  9. I’ve always wondered about the phrase, “if you will…” because usually I will. Usually one isn’t left much choice in the matter. It sounds so optional, but no. It’s just assumed we will.

    By oneword URL on 04.25.2015

  10. Maybe if she wanted it bad enough, it would come to her. Maybe she could will and hope him back into existence..but she knew it was for naught. He was never coming back and would only exist in her mind and books..

    By Nicole M. on 04.25.2015

  11. I will find a mountain to properly claim without bruising my ankles or injuring my chin. I will eat nothing but air and drink nothing but molten gold. When my innards freeze up in the blizzard, I will sleep in a mattress made of the skeletons of my past. I will be king of the mountain. And I will have no subjects.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.25.2015

  12. Her will was strong. They tied her down, told her she was a slave to her gender. And that she was a slave to her husband’s. But none of that mattered to her. She would take the throne.

    – On Lady Macbeth

    By Anna on 04.25.2015

  13. She had will; the will to fight the hardships that life constantly threw at her. Everyday was a battle she needed to win, and in order to do such a thing, she needed will. She didn’t know who this asshole was to say she had no such strength, but she was about to prove him horribly wrong.

    By Ano on 04.25.2015

  14. We will one day fall. And when we fall the end isnt only near but the start of a new beggining and the beggining is only the ending of something beautiful and lively as this one. Those who will live and those who will die. We will be born and we will be die. And we will fall and get back up because the fact we will is beautiful. Will is will and forever it shall be a will is a way to live a plan to see the best in everything.

    By Jasmyne on 04.25.2015

  15. Fierce possession. A life’s possession, in the garden by a pond – a reflection, and so invoked was this lesson: “…live deep and suck out all the marrow of life…” And that I will or that I might.

    By Helen on 04.26.2015

  16. Will you smile for me, just this once? Nobody else ever has to know. There’s a sort of hopefulness in the crevices of your grin. It’s almost contagious, in a healing way and your style – your purely unadulterated optimism is the most lovely thing I’ve ever known.

    By Madison on 04.26.2015

  17. With a scrap of paper in hand and and contented smirk on his face, he stepped away from the crumbling old building. The rain was coming down in sheets and his face was soaked from the lashing cold droplets, yet his lips didn’t waver. From now on, it was his. All his.

    By bailey URL on 04.26.2015

  18. will you marry me? No? i would not think so too. I still will try to make it happen as if i would not want to. My will is so powerful that i will also do things i would not be willing to do without my willingness. So what makes me a willfully person.

    By cucumber on 04.26.2015

  19. I will do this, I will do that. Why do we feel the need to accommodate others all the time? We should be willing to do more for ourselves first and foremost. Although, this change starts with us.

    By Kristina URL on 04.26.2015

  20. it will rain tomorrow and as you wake from your dream, gently, you will hear the sound of the rain pattering on the window which, in your sleepy state you will mistake for the generous applause of a thousand pairs of hands supporting your latest fabulous and ever evolving ideas.

    By Steve O URL on 04.26.2015

  21. Morris was picked to head the search party. He decided to allow Clara to come along, in case there were any injuries. As they prepared for their departure, Morris was surprised to discover that the committee had brought weapons. “Will we need those?” he asked, suddenly devoid of any faith in the organisation to which they had entrusted their lives.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.26.2015

  22. Little Fat girl
    Eyes ablazing
    Sat forth
    Looked in her mirror
    and said
    ‘I will.’
    ‘No one will stop me.’
    and pausing briefly,
    her breath falling from her
    She added for her own protection.
    ‘But me.’
    and she began her
    march through life
    a March aimed forward
    not knowing that there was no such thing.

    Over years she began
    to see the traces
    of circles trod multiple times,
    paper thin flesh tears
    wrought by tangled thickets,
    snags in her synapsis
    caught on thorns

    She felt the heavy drag of doubt
    wading through the swamps of No
    and thought herself lost to Asphyxia
    as she hauled herself over the mountains of Not You
    where the thin air stole her breath.
    She marched so hard and long
    her body hurt
    She held it tight so no one would know
    the pain she entertained.
    Each part of her:
    Her adipose armour,
    grown to protect her from harsh emotional climes;
    her legs like tree stumps
    born for marching;
    Her chest swollen
    from holding onto breath she feared to lose.
    All stung from
    telling lies.
    It asked to be forgotten
    To be discarded
    It shouted I’m tough!
    I am just like you!
    I can take care of myself!

    As her body began to break
    Inside a little beast named Truth
    lay waiting;
    A beast she feared more greatly than
    what she feared the world might see.
    Slowly stealing bits of air
    Truth crawled up out of its pit within
    the heart inside her throat,
    and gained access to her ear.

    Spying sunlight
    Truth turned the girl to it and asked her firmly
    but gently to see through it’s eyes

    Little Fat girl
    now got a glimmer
    of the mirror she had once made
    She stood before it
    Eyes fixed on what horribly astounding limits it held within it
    and smashed the mirror with a whisper
    The words
    ‘I will’
    resounded through the shattered air.

    By Erica on 04.26.2015

  23. “She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me…”

    Will plucked the petals from the flower slowly and deliberately. This was it. He knew what happened next would decide the fate of his life for eternity, or what felt like it.

    When he plucked the last petal, a genie appeared from the tip.

    By betaveros URL on 04.26.2015

  24. Care

    By vinay on 04.26.2015

  25. “Next!” the director shouted in the middle of drummer’s audition, effectively ending his performance. The boy shuffled off stage, and the auditorium became deadly silent. D’Angelo kept his eyes ahead as he climbed the stage stairs. Gripping his drumsticks tightly, he began to beat out a rhythm. The director shouted something, but D’Angelo tuned the world out, and kept the beat until the song ended.

    By Soft URL on 04.26.2015

  26. She waited, and everyday, she said the three little words.
    And everyday she said “I’ll see tomorrow.” Still waiting for him to say it back.
    But everyday, he’d only kiss her forehead and walk away. To return in the morning.

    It was only in his Last Will and Testament that only then she might find out.

    And to Her, I leave my Heart. I loved you since day one. I just never could say it back.

    By Meg URL on 04.26.2015

  27. I don’t know what I will do without you. I don’t know how to define my life in terms other than roles associated with your entire being. I don’t know how to be a main character in a book where I was only the supporting one in yours. I don’t know. I don’t know.

    But I will have to try.

    By Keito URL on 04.26.2015

  28. When you want something it’s your will;something you’re going to do in the future;

    By Mariana on 04.26.2015

  29. One day, I will love someone like you once loved me. I will find someone. I will love him. I will hold him. I will keep him safe. I will create a universe around the meaning of us and create a lifetime built on promise and dreams. I will whisper to him that I love him and let my voice echo through the new world we made and the one that we will travel together. I will love him. I will love him. I will love him.

    I will love someone like you once loved me. I will find him and lead him down a path where he will become even more lost because now all the maps are landmarked with our memories and all the signs are just scribbles of my name written and, most importantly, all the roads only lead to me. I will love him and let that love fade into disappointment, into annoyance, into frustration, into hate, into resignation, into indifference. I will hold him too tightly then let him crumble as I let him go and scatter his ashes into the wind. I will keep him safe until his burden becomes too heavy, then let him drown in his misery and listen to him gurgle as his lungs fill with sorrow, bubbles of air leaking out until they slowly, slowly stop. I will build a universe around the meaning of us and create a lifetime built on each beautiful moment like sands on a beach then let the tide wash it away into the endless ocean left behind. I will whisper to him that I love him and let those words echo through his heart when it all becomes empty and I will tell him that that voice is still mine and those words are still new. I will love him and convince him that there is no one else like him and no one else like me and no one else like us and now there is no one else, not even him. I will love him and let him fall. And when he reaches out to me before dropping into the darkness. I will smile and turn away. As I hear his screams and cries for help spiral into the shadows, as I listen to his soft whispers of self-assurance like playbacks of the words I spoke to him in the day fade into the night, I will let a tear fall for the time lost and emotions spent. As his voice dissipates and blends with the sounds and faces and memories of all the boys who came before and the ones who will come after, I, too, will disappear into the long dark nothing. As he falls into the abyss, I will be the one that crashes at the bottom. And the cycle will begin anew.

    One day, I will love someone like you once loved me.

    By Keito URL on 04.26.2015

  30. Your will is a very powerful thing. You can will yourself to do things, or sometimes control events just with the power of your will. I will eventually travel the world and write about it, I will.

    By Gingerbread06 URL on 04.26.2015

  31. So what if I loved him? So what if our hair was cropped short, and my eyes were three shades darker? There were songs in our throats and we spoke in tongues in the half-dark of midnight. It was cold, I remember, and I was singing. To will is to want is to hope; to laugh is to see him. So what if my hands were rough and bleeding, and if we only had so much time. We were boys then – we knew no future tenses.

    By Sol on 04.26.2015

  32. I don’t know what I will do for the lesson I have to teach this week. Will it go well? Will the student remember me? Will the student understand? What will my evaluator think? It should be interesting.

    By Jan on 04.26.2015

  33. I will never forget you . You are the one thing I live for. You encourage me, persuade me, and lead me. you will always be on my mind, and I love you.

    By Ching Zhang on 04.26.2015

  34. I will become a winner. I will do something big one day. I will be famus. I will be be the best at what I do in life

    By isaiah on 04.26.2015

  35. Will you come to read my will?
    I will, said Will.
    Will you bring Bill?
    The answer is nil.
    No, Bill makes me ill.
    I’ll kill bill on a hill,
    one day.

    By Human on 04.26.2015

  36. she felt the triangle quiver on the curtain
    there’s something wrapped inside that wad
    it has no sharpness but weight
    like a river stone swallowed in soup
    i think it looks something like will

    By Kairn URL on 04.26.2015

  37. I will tell you a story about a girl whose name and fate was entwined with a boy’s. She had a quill in her hand everywhere she goes, and her confidence was enough to boost her memory and herself. She was one of the odd kids sitting by herself at gatherings, but she didn’t mind sticking out like a sore thumb.

    By Randompeepur URL on 04.26.2015

  38. Everyone will always ask you, will you or won’t you. They ask me everyday because they need to know and they need to hear. Will i or wont i? I don’t know, I am screaming because I am stuck people say you can get out but they are wrong because it is absolutely possible to get stuck, because i don’t know the answer to their question. will i? or won’t i?

    By Kathleen on 04.26.2015

  39. I ran out. I didn’t know I would do that because I dint know that she would come or that i would be able to move my feet from standing in front of him in the church today, but I know that i will always run with you. anywhere. especially away from here, right now.

    By Kathleen URL on 04.26.2015

  40. will can be described in a number of ways. as someones own self, they will do something or past present future tenses whatever you need it to be will I be going to the store will I be doing my homework tonight will you need any assistance will there be any water next

    By Megan Matthews on 04.26.2015