April 27th, 2015 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “beliefs”

  1. Many people have them. I think that you need to be flexible with your beliefs as if you aren’t you get the mess that is religion now. don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the idea of religion but I think that people are too rigid and the consequences of that have screwed up the world.
    Moral beliefs are a bit different. obviously you should have good positive ones blah blah normal inspirational blurb goes here. It’s all true but I don’t need to specifically say it.
    What are my beliefs?
    Well they change daily. Is that a sign of a flighty and scattered mind? Or of one that receives and processes information from the outside world and actually considers them. I don’t know. Clearly the second makes me look better.

    By KMA on 04.27.2015

  2. I believe nothing that I haven’t seen. I’ve always been fascinated in the things that others could manage to believe, like religion and whatnot, but I can’t bring myself to.

    By KhaosKitten on 04.27.2015

  3. Beliefs are what make us who we are. thhey shape our character and tell the world about ourselves. our beliefs are often our motivators, why we do wqhat we do.

    By sherri on 04.27.2015

  4. I believe in God Almighty. I believe in the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

    By Brandon Avery on 04.27.2015

  5. So maybe his beliefs were different? Who cares? People are different. He was unique. Why couldn’t they accept him for who he was? The people that talked about tolerance demanded conformity instead and they refused to tolerate him.

    By Callida on 04.27.2015

  6. “You’re closed-minded for not accepting this religion!”
    “No, you’re closed-minded for not accepting my principles. I’m not actively preventing you from exercising your religion, I just don’t see the point.”

    By betaveros on 04.27.2015

  7. Beliefs are what definesour goal, and at the same time directs our way toward it. we do not only manage our goals through our beliefs but also we choose the path by adhering to them.
    For example, you can believe in religion – your belief will not only set your goal, be it salvation or becoming a better person, it will also show you the path to achievie it

    By Marta on 04.27.2015

  8. There is a certain hatred behind ones beliefs. They’re supposed to drive conviction, and they often do, but it’s the kind of conviction that others should fall in line with _their_ convictions. It should be about respecting others, though, and that’s what I believe.

    By JPHuber on 04.27.2015

  9. my beliefs have led me to believe that i believe more than i actually do. i think maybe im mostly starting to believe you. and thats not at all in line with my beliefs.

    By Safon on 04.27.2015

  10. of the many things
    i’ve believed
    i’ve also lost
    and re-imagined
    or re-designed
    to only find
    myself lost
    in a sea of
    which have no
    beliefs begin
    where we allow
    and end where
    we decide

    By katiekieran URL on 04.27.2015

  11. Be life, be relief, bee relief, bee belief, be leaf. Bee leaves. Bee Briefs. Beelabour. Bee point.

    By Intuition on 04.27.2015

  12. “It’s true that I have certain beliefs,” murmured Father Harris, “that might conflict with your lifestyle.”

    “And there it is again,” I scoffed. “Lifestyle. Like I’m going around saying, ‘Have you tried being gay? I tried it for three weeks, and look how clean my skin is! It’s better than kale!’ This isn’t a f***ing dietary routine or new approach to dental care, Father…this is my actual life. Not lifeSTYLE. LIFE.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.27.2015

  13. Our culture and history is deep rooted in an inglorious and patriarchal civilization. People hold strong beliefs attached to everything wrong with this system. Impenetrable ideologies scattered as bits can be found in every nook and corner of the land. What can one do in times like these, kill the mould of traditions or revel as misfits till eternity?

    By kyungsoo on 04.27.2015

  14. “What are your beliefs?” The question terrified him. A mixture of embarrassment and uncertainty rushed over as he struggled to explain himself.

    By George H on 04.27.2015

  15. i believe that life should be lived the way we wanted it to live, no rules, seizing every minute every second, not worrying whether we will remember them or not.

    By mercadomia on 04.27.2015

  16. I believe that life should be lived the way each of us wanted it to live, no rules, just seizing every moment that we have. Not caring if we will remember all the memories we’ve created or not.

    By Miaw on 04.27.2015

  17. i have a dream to be a docter help other poeple all around the world and be the most helpful man.
    and have a better planet full of healthy people and thats my dream.

    thank you

    By omar on 04.27.2015

  18. the cliff hanging from my sun
    did not believe me, so it quacked,
    it fell short above my head.
    There, crushed, a fly underneath a shoe,
    I rolled under, and roared out of the building-burden weight.

    Sheeps will stomp, tigers will pounce!

    By Milad URL on 04.27.2015

  19. People have different beliefs. This is a good and and bad thing. It is wonderful that people can be individual about their beliefs, but it is sad when people try to force their beliefs on others. Everyone should be allowed to follow their heart unless it interferes with someone else doing the same.

    By Karen URL on 04.27.2015

  20. my beliefs are in the future the that humans become a successful species.

    By isaiah on 04.27.2015

  21. What someone thinks or knows is true, mostly in religion.

    By Dannon Taylor URL on 04.27.2015

  22. beliefs is when you think something about a diety or something. for example judism or chritiannity. or a belief could be a theory or belief in science
    or you could not have any beliefs.

    By annie on 04.27.2015

  23. You don’t have to conform to other’s beliefs.
    I get mad at those who ask me to tolerate them (and I do) because they actually expect me to conform.
    In return, they won’t tolerate my views.
    Tolerance is a two-way street.
    It’s not like I’m sacrificing babies.

    By Callida on 04.27.2015

  24. It’s always yay
    or nay
    no why now how
    they answer they already know
    but somehow
    they cannot show
    her how
    to get to where she yearns to be
    she cannot find they key
    she needs it desperately

    the answer lies in wait
    but oh how to reach those golden gates

    By Callida on 04.27.2015

  25. There are those who believe in something, and those who do not. I am one of those who wishes I can, but I can’t. There may have been a time I was hopeful, but no longer.

    By Shelby URL on 04.27.2015

  26. It does not matter what he beliefs or says. He will be put in the room with all the others.

    By Stef on 04.27.2015

  27. Jesus Christ. He said that they were just his beliefs. He said that I couldn’t condemn him for believing in God, but Jesus, he literally thought that I should be stoned to death. He literally thought that I was going to burn in hell for that one time I kissed a girl. He thought that I didn’t deserve to live, that I was some mistake.

    It’s great to be queer until you meet someone who hates your existence.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 04.27.2015

  28. i thought i knew what i knew but have learned this is not true is it a belief for me to know this?h

    By rachael on 04.27.2015

  29. I believe that life is a challenge. A way to discover and learn about yourself. Some people revolve their lives around what they believe in, and push themselves out of bed each day, just to commit to their beliefs.

    By Nandini Menon URL on 04.27.2015

  30. Different. Understanding. Judgements. Hypocrite. Peaceful. Meaningful. Common. Absent.

    By mary on 04.27.2015

  31. Hello. I am a believer. Some days I push myself to the limit for what I believe in. No one can make me change what I believe in. That is one sentence that will never change. Even as we tromp through forests to find the Ancients, we do it for our beliefs.

    By Nandini Menon URL on 04.27.2015

  32. disbeliefs.

    By Steve O URL on 04.27.2015

  33. I will not withhold any of my religion because of you. You will not control me, will not defeat me. you can burn everything I have, but you can’t burn my soul. You cannot burn my belief, because others will follow.

    By Ching Zhang on 04.27.2015

  34. Beliefs are an important part of a human being, because if a human has beliefs, he thinks he can achieve anything. Beliefs are something of a goal one sets for themselves, because they believe in the truthfulness of the idea. Most of the time that idea is ssomething comforting. I think that beliefs are also an important part of surviving. So belief whatever you want, as long as you’re happy nobody cares.

    By Samora on 04.27.2015

  35. There are different beliefs in the word, all parts of the word have their own beliefs, like churches all around the world. At Vatican we have a belief and at India another.

    By Pietro URL on 04.27.2015

  36. I believe. That word carries a lot of strength, of power. You can always rely on me to be there. I am an anonymous source, yet you can tell who I am. Everyone sees me as someone different. Who am I? I am a belief

    By MidnightAngel2003 on 04.27.2015