April 24th, 2015 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “divinity”

  1. My grandmother had a spectacular recipe for divinity, and no, I’m not referring to anything godlike or holy. She would pass around plates of this sugary nougat treat whenever I came over with a friend or family member, and even after I started bringing my girlfriend along, she would prepare another batch for us. Occasionally, she would replace the sugar with brown sugar, and we would call the candies “sea foam.” It was certainly more delicious than actual sea foam, but I enjoyed the name.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.24.2015

  2. Pink and gold. The gentle swing of soft fabric, parting, round as an opal or a mouth. This is the birth of a breath or a world or a cloud. There are stars caught in the web of it, like eyes picked into the cloth with a needle and thread.

    By F on 04.24.2015

  3. There she is, the lion woman, sitting tall in her pride. The lakshmi, the durga, the goddess of wisdom. She is within us, she is around us, always there to support and grow. She helps us follow our intuition, discover our divinity, accept that the universe is us and we are the universe. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

    By emay URL on 04.24.2015

  4. He scours the world with his eyes
    Searching for the one
    The only one
    Who will tear his focus off himself
    She alone will be his deity
    His destiny

    By Kumquat on 04.24.2015

  5. I’ve been looking for you, you know. Lots of different places. Lots of different times. Lots of different ways. But I have been looking. There’s a certain madness in looking for a treasure chest you don’t even know exists without a map or knowledge of what’s even in the box that I can’t help but relish in between my frustrations. I’ll keep looking, though. Perhaps you’ll bring me peace. Or hope. Or salvation. Or at least a glass of sweet tea after my long trip.

    By Brandon Steward on 04.24.2015

  6. I slowly rose from my knees, secure in the knowledge that everything would be OK. But it wasn’t. God told me to keep fighting, and you told me you were leaving, no matter what. Force to choose between believing in you and believing in God, I believed in the thing in front of me. When you left, you took my faith with you. And I am a better man for it.

    By Braxus URL on 04.24.2015

  7. It’s divine to meet you. To error is human, forgive divine. Holy holy holy cow. Isn’t divinity a dessert too? Nothing is divinity.

    By Erin on 04.24.2015

  8. I call it the jesus disease:

    holy martyr cross(eyed),
    lifting feathers like the world,
    panting dog and shaking thighs.

    Now if we’d all bodybuild
    compa(ris)sion in such
    a way as you…

    By Pandatry on 04.24.2015

  9. divinity can be a disaster… but i master my thoughts when I pass the torch to the pastor. Giving up all the pressure of responsibility. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of emptiness to refocus. Is that the difference between being mad and being mindful? bleh

    By Charlie on 04.24.2015

  10. As I sat in the garden, made up completely of rose bushes, for I refuse to house any other flower, I saw a butterfly hop the petals. I watched as it changed from gold in the sunlight and then a light blue and white in the shadows. I watched as it floated to the stone fountain in the middle of the stone garden and take a long drink from the sweet water inside. I watched as it took off from the lip of the fountain, rising higher and higher as it goes. I couldn’t help but think that that golden butterfly that could turn blue in an instant was the closest thing to divinity that I will ever see.

    By Annabelle Stewart on 04.24.2015

  11. How to experience divinity. Do all human beings have some sort of divinity in them which needs to be awakened through self reflection and illumination. And if we have some kind of divinity, than do we need to go through lot of pain and suffering to be “awakened” to experience that divinity. Why some people like mother tresa seems to have divine like nature.

    By yas on 04.24.2015

  12. Divinity sounds like divine, but I don’t know if I’m right. Jesus is truly divine. He is truly good. I love Him.

    By DolphinDreams on 04.25.2015

  13. He looked like a Godness. His jet black hair was sleeked back and his cheek bones were breath taking. A divinity. Yes, he was one. Since I can remeber, he was a really quite kid, back in our kindergarten time, but nowadays he was a talker.

    By May Bellé on 04.25.2015

  14. divinity

    By glaidson pereira on 04.25.2015

  15. He waited. It was fun to watch them squirm under his gaze as they racked their brain for something clever, witty, or sexy to say. Two feet away, on the perimeter of offending his personal space, the latest flavor of the day bit her lip seductively and lowered her eyes in reverence as she offered a shy ‘hello’.

    By Soft URL on 04.25.2015

  16. In a few short days, things had gotten very much worse. People were demanding that a hunt be started. The committee had calmly pointed out that the people had no democratic franchise, and had an obligation to obey the instructions of the committee. A few dissenters continued to protest, but they were soon deprived of all social rights. This had an immediate backlash, leading to a threatened rebellion, which Morris knew could not be allowed to win. A breakdown in order now would mean the end of the colony. Their future was resting in the hands of a small number of the finest minds the earth could produce, who were trying to stifle the very curiosity and desire for knowledge that they had sought when selecting people to join this mission. Now their ability to perform that mission was being jeopardised. Morris petitioned the committee for a chance to resolve the issue. A small search party was commissioned to seek out the life form. The committee finally relented because some among the colonists had started referring to the supposed life form as a divinity, and they did not want the spectre of religion rearing its ugly head in their colony. They wanted people to follow only science. They wanted people to obey only the committee.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.25.2015

  17. I looked at her exasperatedly. “what is the concept God, anyway?” I didn’t know whether or not she would take offense, it seemed to me people always did. The problem with a divinity, I thought, was that they could never be questioned and thus their followers could never grow. It made me sad, because I had known a lot of great people who had stopped growing due to faith.

    By Wingza on 04.25.2015

  18. There’s a sense of divinity in her smile and hope in her laugh. The tears running down her face look like shards from the frames she threw at the wall and the blood on her hands is too dark to be her own. She’s always been one of those girls everyone wants but no one’s brave enough to touch.

    She’s one of those divine sort of enigmas with a mystery so secret all the world’s her stage.

    By Madison on 04.25.2015


    By Zach on 04.25.2015

  20. I saw the girl from across the room. Long, golden strands of hair covered her face and her upper body, giving the illusion that she was a goddess. Upon closer investigation, I could see her bright blue eyes light up with each glance.

    By Gingerbread06 on 04.25.2015

  21. divinity is truly an amazing thought, whether it is the idea of one being better than all the rest, or a sense of godliness, even. It is the idea created within the minds of people everywhere, even as all might seem the same, it is shown clearly for man to decide that one is better than all the rest, taking on itself as being divine in comparison.

    By savanna on 04.25.2015

  22. Mocha stared at the mural, deep in thought.

    She had always been sort of modest about her abilities, but she didn’t really want the divinity that Asterisk had. It wasn’t right to her, and honestly, she wasn’t ready for THOSE kinds of responsibilities.

    By Mocha on 04.25.2015

  23. She didn’t mean to look like the divine goddess she was made to be, it was simply part of her now. A part that she wished she could turn off and not have to rely on it. She hated it, but deep down..her old self was squealing like a schoolgirl and gushing over how cool it was.

    By Nicole M. on 04.25.2015

  24. Know this word is a means to an end. It’s a directive based on entitlement, invoked when someone or something is claimed by a hand of power by “virtue” of a “divine right.”

    By Helen on 04.25.2015

  25. its very dark inside
    the dust sits in straight lines
    the pews
    i hear a rustling and wonder
    what’s behind these doors
    a flash of light and thundering
    they leave me

    By Kairn on 04.25.2015

  26. I think of heaven with divinity. If something is divine, it is truly special exuding peace, happiness, etc. The idea of perfection of heaven fits in with the divine. Clouds and music add to the environment, and angels all around.

    By Jennifer on 04.25.2015

  27. Divnity is something related to God and angels .

    By Paulo Caetano URL on 04.25.2015