April 25th, 2015 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “will”

  1. A will is a document produced to allocate someones estate and possessions after they have passed. It is also a word used to describe what you are planning to do in the future

    By Sara S on 04.26.2015

  2. the will of the swordfish pokes at the plankton
    so he emerges to the surface where the gleaming sun is at its peak,
    how obscure is the fishermans pole?
    how absurd is the life in someone else´s net?

    By milad URL on 04.26.2015

  3. I will be better. I will pass all my exams. I will sleep more. I will study. I will not dwell in the past. I will be more sociable. I will be a successful doctor someday. I will meet him.

    By Arabel Arevalo on 04.26.2015

  4. Will i ever tell him? Tell him what I actually want. Do I even know what I actually want? Will I ever figure it out? All i know is ive never felt like this. Ever. And I dont know whether its real, or whether it will disappear. Am i making it all up? Is it in my head? Cause right now Im so comfortable. But i dont know what he wants. We’re supposed to be having fun, and i am. But is that going to change next year. Will he find someone new to have fun with? Will I be left out in the cold?

    By bo on 04.26.2015

  5. will smith is irrleivant willing is not so easy as in i will get this done when i get home from school its easy to say but hard to do its not hard to say i will eat this junk food but its hard to say i will stay fit the word will literally sets you up for failure will is just a verb is it a verb? who knows…

    By sierra villrosa on 04.26.2015

  6. where there’s a will there’s a way
    and there’s a way to force one’s will upon another

    it was dark at the party
    and his breath was hot and fast and dirty
    like the kebab carts on the street
    and the sticky air that slinks out of the old subway
    car doors in the city summer

    his breath smelt dark and dank
    like my grandfather’s cellar
    smelt of rats
    of rat poison

    of nothingness

    i hated him in that moment
    i hate him still

    By sevenwords on 04.26.2015

  7. He had the most delicate collarbone she had ever seen on a boy. That was what she remembered, months after his mother’s funeral, after the last time she ever saw him. She remembered the way he didn’t cry, silently twirling a cigarette around and over and around his fingers again, yet still looked like he was made of matchsticks.

    By Yona on 04.26.2015

  8. We use “WILL” for lot of personal or professional goals like I will Lose Weight, I will be more patient, I will not involve in emotional eating etc. However more often than not, we failed to shape this “Will” into reality and reach our goal. Why we fail so many times to convert “Will” statement into reality. Is it lack of ability or external factors or it is due to fact that deep down we do not want to achieve that goal so strongly. We use “Will” to fool our self that we want to achieve that goal but in reality that is not the case.

    By yas on 04.26.2015

  9. Where there is a will, there is a way. I have heard it one thousand times over. His name was Will, and I knew there was never a way. Adages are not always as true as someone’s grandmother thinks they are. We kissed for one night and disappeared for several more. I pass him sometimes, and I feel as if I am in his way. His name was Will, and there was no way.

    By CC on 04.26.2015

  10. the power to keep going. Drudging through the muck but knowing that the goal is worth it. there is a drive; a power in will. we must push on. We can not stop. the stake are too high. there is a reason for will.

    By Jessica on 04.26.2015

  11. The ugly and boring brown greys of the cubicle encircle me and everything seems dull, faded, and without life. But the phone call of the man next to me, talking to his son and lecturing him to study and do his homework, make me realize that there are bigger things at play. There is not beauty, passion, or ambition that drives this floor. Only an ironclad sense of responsibility to provide.

    By Dan Tran on 04.26.2015

  12. a persons name
    document after someone dies
    i will go to the gym

    By Morticia on 04.26.2015

  13. I have the will to make it through a lot of stuff. I really do. And I have. I have been through times where I did not think I could but I did.

    By lotsofbeans on 04.26.2015

  14. Will, what it your will to live? what will you become.. what were your dreams as a child? is that where you are now? Im not. Theres so much I haven’t done with my life that I want to accomplish soon.. Will I ever accomplish it?

    By Leah on 04.27.2015

  15. Will you love me again? Will things be better tomorrow? Will I ever be able to trust you again? Will I ever move on? Will I ever be happy again?

    By foxy123 on 04.27.2015