April 10th, 2013 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “welfare”

  1. my welfare is not so good. so i’d like to change my job to have a higher salary. Also I’d like

    By Kate on 04.11.2013

  2. rich
    big haus
    The Pop

    By Maria on 04.11.2013

  3. Everybody want to get welfare, but not everybody understand what does it mean to have it.

    By Anna on 04.11.2013

  4. I don’t know what is it
    I think I should find out in the dictionary but I think I don’t have any time to it

    By leka on 04.11.2013

  5. Sometimes I believe welfare is actually a part of being happy. You need to achieve welfare in order to have things that make you happy. On the other side, welfare is not required for a man to be a noble one. Why? Looks like some traits appear to be inbuilt into you and not require you to do some things to unveil real, inner you.

    By Max on 04.11.2013

  6. One of all goverment functions is to support good welfare of all citizens. Sadly, ministers do it badly.

    By Marina on 04.11.2013

  7. the welfare of the people was/is a stake. i had/have what it takes to save them. i could save myself—but what good what that do? lonely would kill me after the saving. guess that leaves me with one choice.

    By Safon URL on 04.11.2013

  8. rich

    By Vasyl URL on 04.11.2013

  9. The welfare of a country’s most disadvantaged citizens should be looked after by the government. This is a fundamental difference between Canada and the US, and Canada is often negatively disparaged as a “socialist” country by those without compassion or an understanding that some people need a little help, sometime – and that at some point, it may be then. Then their tunes would change.

    By Ara URL on 04.11.2013

  10. people’s welfare is the most important issue in our society

    By Julia on 04.11.2013

  11. A status of wellbeing
    How youre living
    Other people standards of life
    Comparisons judged on money
    And lifelessness
    The fairness of your wellness
    Is it fair that you cannot feed your
    Your mother gowa older and you
    For her welveing to

    By Lauren on 04.11.2013

  12. I don’t know too much about welfare but I think it’s a good thing. that’s all.

    By Vova on 04.11.2013

  13. fire in the feats

    By Tanya on 04.11.2013

  14. richness
    amount of money
    ownership of something

    By Alona Kobozi on 04.11.2013

  15. profit people business country make money prosperity clear life all the best make wish keep dreaming what for i think I do it enouhg time for doing my best great Getsby

    By Natalia on 04.11.2013

  16. something very good and useful) which is not easy to achieve but if you try hard it’s possible

    By Olga on 04.11.2013

  17. Welfare is not something you get for the rest of your life. It’s the thing you aim for every day and in the same time the thing you sometimes sacrifice. That is the contradiction.

    By Nataliya URL on 04.11.2013

  18. It’s something that makes you feel comfortable and calm.

    By Kate on 04.11.2013

  19. health, wealth, prosperity, money, house, garden, kitchen, family, green grass

    By Victoria URL on 04.11.2013

  20. Welfare has one who has a well on the fare.

    By pelmeshka on 04.11.2013

  21. Welfare. As a teacher, I am prone to think of the students’ welfare at all times. Whether it is during teaching-learning sessions or past classroom hours. To me, the students are top priority and it is very uncommon to see teachers

    By Ho Jing Yi on 04.11.2013

  22. a person’s welfare is based not on money but on self-confidence. someone with good welfare knows who they are, and has accepted it…. and i actually don’t know what welfare means…so.. i don’t know what to say…

    By miha on 04.11.2013

  23. The welfare system in this country is ridiculous. So many people receive monthly welfare checks, but in reality, most of the money is wasted. The money from those checks is supposed to be used to purchase food and necessities. People use it to spend on lavish goods, like iphones and designer clothing. The welfare system needs to be adjusted and reconfigured.

    By Caitlin on 04.11.2013

  24. poor people own this or people in the struggle own this it is something the government helps you with. most people get like food stamps

    By Jenni on 04.11.2013

  25. well..ummmmm… i guess i have to write about this word soooo here goes… … … welfare means you have to be fair around wells. If you aren’t fair around wells then you won’t be able to go around them ever again and… you will lose 100,000 dollars but on the plus side you get to have a purple elephant!! YYEEAAHH!!

    By Tyrez on 04.11.2013

  26. i don’t know what welfare means

    By jamie on 04.11.2013

  27. welfare the well being of others.
    The welfare of our economy is in a crisis will we slip or shall we rise.

    By charleyy on 04.11.2013

  28. the well being of others

    By Vanessa on 04.11.2013

  29. Tendrils and spinning webs
    find their home in crooks
    and crevices
    In the hard rock
    And crushed sea shells.
    You reach out your hand –
    I find your fingers, navigating the
    Ground below.

    By sonneillon URL on 04.11.2013

  30. We never could really make it along. Nobody cared about our small family’s welfare. We just have to muddle along on our own, and find ways to make ends meet, even if it meant going with out food one day in order to keep the electricity. Choices like that are hard, but in a money-run economy, it’s just how things go. And it’s rough.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.11.2013

  31. Again I got welfare as a word. What is the page’s obsession with it? Do I look so needy as to apparently require welfare, or do they want solid insightful discussion about the welfare state? I’m not getting welfare, as much as I’d like to, so that I can write in peace, but it wouldn’t be worth much money anyway.

    By dmjewelle on 04.11.2013

  32. Welfare is a result of your hard work. Maybe you can be wealth because your parents are rich. YOu also can win a lotery. But I don’t

    By Yevgeniya on 04.11.2013

  33. “The welfare of this country is in need of strong support and a strong leader,” Jack read out to the crowd. “I want to help, I want to help you and all that you stand for. It’s time to make a change and I want to be part of that change. To this era, I will lead you. Thank you.” Jack waved lightly to the crowd, gave them a small smile and walked off the stage. As he stepped down the last step, the crowd erupted in a thunder of cheers. His grin widened. His eyes found mine and he winked in that silly manner of his. “It’s hard to believe they are cheering for me,” he commented to me.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.11.2013

  34. So I’m reminded about homeless people who don’t even have the language and literacy skills to apply for welfare. It’s got to be desperate for them at the moment, given the cost of food, heating and clothing–let along a roof over heads and a safe place to raise children.

    By Janb URL on 04.11.2013

  35. it’s when yo have a lot of money and you don’t need to work or you work with pleasure and you have everything you want and it’s a condition when everything is ok. nobody is hurt or something like that. end:)

    By Vlad on 04.11.2013

  36. i think it is something connected with technical or maybe healthy care. also it is a noun.

    By Mariya on 04.11.2013

  37. What does it mean? What should I do here? Should I write what I think about that word or provide a definition? Let’s

    By Nick on 04.11.2013

  38. It is a lie made up by those on top to fool those below to make them think that they give a crap about the poor being able to eat.

    By Elron Cho URL on 04.11.2013

  39. i already did this one yesterday…

    By Jonathan URL on 04.11.2013

  40. We work each day to make money to feed ourselves and buy things we need. There are people in America that can’t find work or are disabled. They apply for this and deserve it.

    By Christa on 04.11.2013