April 11th, 2013 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “anchor”

  1. heavy thong

    By kate on 04.12.2013

  2. She let it slip into the deep blue abyss below her. The rope continued to unwind from it’s holding place. She watched it unravel around and around wondering when it would stop. How deep were the? She didn’t know, the idea of it scared her somewhat, the idea of the unknown depths.

    By Beyone on 04.12.2013

  3. An anchor is stable holds you still, makes you feel safe and secure

    By Ian Goss on 04.12.2013

  4. she is my anchor to this world.
    she keeps me grounded.
    she is my only tie to humanity.
    without her, i would float up to heaven, or sink down to hell.
    she’s the only thing keeping me here.
    and i love her.

    By Blue. Like the sky. on 04.12.2013

  5. Big Butt

    By Unknown on 04.12.2013

  6. I felt like leaving the small town would be like leaving a piece of myself. I had lived there my whole life. It was where I had grown up, where all my most precious memories were. It was like my anchor. I felt that, if I were to let go, to leave, I would be pulling up the anchor, the one thing keeping me attached to the rest of the world. If we really are going to leave, I will be left floating, never being able to hold on, never being able to attach. I can’t leave.

    By Izzy Lestrange on 04.12.2013

  7. a boats weight. people have weights. sometimes a person hates its weight and it isnt caused by food, but caused by someone or something. a boat is a heavy thing, needing to be kept in place when still. just like a person. a person needs to be kept still. anchors keep boats/people in place….. :~)))

    By Nadya on 04.12.2013

  8. you are the anchor of my soul and the paperweight of my sanity
    I pull and toil and riot
    and you hold me still
    fighting and reciting and igniting
    the togetherness of our lives
    I am forever tethered

    By Addi on 04.12.2013

  9. He is my anchor, pinning me in place as the crowd moves and sways like seaweed. I can’t move, I can’t think, all I can see is him. Why did it have to be here? Here of all places! He knew that this was my favorite band. He knew I would be here. Why does he have to ruin everything.

    By Annie Mouse on 04.12.2013

  10. You pull me down
    Farther and farther
    Drawing me closer to a fate
    Sinking and sinking
    Until the tips of my toes touch the sandy bottom
    Still you pull me
    Under the earth
    Into a cocoon of darkness
    Until I am completely surrounded
    And do not exist

    By Kate on 04.12.2013

  11. I dropped the anchor again. I knew that leaving my ship unattended and with no anchor dropped was the last thing I really wanted to do, considering the weather today. Chilly and vehemently cold! (Is that how you spell vehemently?)

    By Tarah S. URL on 04.12.2013

  12. My love for him is like an anchor. It weighs me down in everyway possible, keeping me from my dreams and goals. I will never move on. I am kept in place by the one that got away; my romeo; my love. I wish I was free to float across the water exploring the vast unkown, but I cannot. I am stuck. The anchor knows not that I feel this way. It does not even know that it weighs me down; he is just an anchor’ and nothing more; and I must be freed.

    By claudia on 04.12.2013

  13. I took my anchor and threw it overboard. Everything was pointless at this point. As I watched it sink it took my emotions with it. I told them I wouldn’t sink. I don’t them I’d be strong but in the end who keeps their promises. Who doesn’t go overboard every once and awhile?

    By DreamingTheWorldAway on 04.12.2013

  14. A love one is an anchor in life. Without it, you will just pointlessly sail around the sea and end up lost and drowning.

    By Alexandre on 04.12.2013

  15. sure.
    use me.
    drop me in the sea.

    forget everything we
    ever were.
    lap up champagne from your
    kiss your pretty sirens,
    look at the sunset and pretend
    you own
    the horizon.

    when you get sick of the view,
    when you find out your little
    women have sharp teeth,
    when there’s nothing
    left to drink,

    you’ll want to leave
    and i won’t let you.
    i’ll weight you down
    (because i love you,
    like a certain iceberg
    loved a certain

    By isa on 04.12.2013

  16. where is my anchor?

    who will ground me again when i’m caught in a storm?

    i am lost at sea. i am floating away.
    my ship will shatter, i will drown.

    By sarah marie URL on 04.12.2013

  17. the rusty lump of metal was throw overboard. it sank deep into the phosphorescent ocean: past the various creatures of the deep. until, finally, it reach the sandy bed. the ship, with its exuberant velocity, dragged the anchor like a toy along the murky depths until it crashed and fused with a jagged rock.

    By Ollie on 04.12.2013

  18. ship

    By Sonia on 04.12.2013