April 10th, 2013 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “welfare”

  1. We work each day to make money to feed ourselves and buy things we need. There are people in America that can’t find work or are disabled. They apply for this and deserve it.

    By Christa on 04.11.2013

  2. sth good for you mental ha

    By Dasha on 04.11.2013

  3. Unemployed, lazy. Waste of my taxes. Funding irresponsibility with the wages of the responsible.

    By Heidi URL on 04.11.2013

  4. “Ones welfare should be on the top of their list, should it not? What are these people that concern more for others problems – the ones they can do nothing about. Until they’re sick themselves in mind, body and soul. Their own welfare becomes an empty shell.” – Mouve

    By Danaé on 04.11.2013

  5. welfare well he said. i waved goodbye, my ship was leaving. i never saw him again. this is a story about my grandpa and the last time i saw him. he didn’t know who i was. dementia had taken him. he saw balloons in corners where there were no balloons and other things as well. i hope i see him again some day.

    By dear poetry on 04.11.2013

  6. Welfare cheques. that seems like a cool thing to say because i hear it all the time in american hip hop and on american shows.. welfare… sounds cool. but it doesn’t sound like their welfare is much cared for.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu on 04.11.2013

  7. i;ve no idea what dose it mean

    By chico on 04.11.2013

  8. huh?

    By Grace Peace A on 04.11.2013

  9. rich

    By Olga on 04.11.2013

  10. i worry that my own welfare is terrible. that i don’t take the time for myslef and do the things for me that i know i should do. like sleep well, eat well, work out, let myself rest, cut myself some slack. everything.

    By Jen on 04.11.2013

  11. Welfare is never not a good thing, but can sometimes be construed as a bad thing. Some people abuse it but more often that not it is invaluable. Welfare is often associated with laziness and ignorance but if you think about it, it’s just helpfulness. Welfare in relation to one person is not so pejoratively portayed.

    By ruby on 04.11.2013

  12. Jean was young, she didn’t know what it felt like to have something handed to her for a price and not worry about it. She didn’t know what new clothes felt like

    By Tess on 04.11.2013

  13. You are keeping me on welfare. You give me just enough to survive, poorly, but no more. Every morning when I get up, I know it is on you that I depend. I reach for my milk and know that it was you who bought it for me. I know that it is to you that I should be grateful. Yet somehow, I am never quite satisfied with your infuriating tidbits.

    By KT on 04.11.2013

  14. I was concerned for her personal welfare, and I was just worried. I can’t believe a normal human being could ever withstand that much pain and suffering.

    By Morgan Hendrickson on 04.11.2013

  15. poetry shmoetry.
    what the fuck am i gonna do with this?

    if i take all the words in the world
    and stack them,
    there still won’t be enough
    to put a roof over my head.

    poetry doesn’t pay the mortgage.
    poetry doesn’t buy a car
    so i won’t have to walk the streets
    at 10 pm
    and spend the rest of the way
    fantasizing about being a dead body.

    fuck that,
    poetry doesn’t even teach me how to drive.

    you ever tried eating paper?
    poetry tastes worst because there’s the added
    feeling, and it all turns to acid
    given enough time.

    give me poetry that fills the belly.
    poetry like thick hot soup on a rainy day,
    poetry like melting popsicles when the sun
    is particularly nasty

    and the fan’s broken.

    can poetry clothe me?
    can i slide words over my body, strap them
    over my shoulders
    can i fasten them with a zipper?
    can they tell the world leave me alone
    like an oversized sweatshirt
    or look at me
    like a low-cut sequined number?
    so why do i bother?

    poetry cannot keep me warm.
    poetry enriches only the heart
    and i’ve pawned mine

    for secondhand jeans
    and something good to eat.

    By isa on 04.11.2013

  16. you have a two syllable interaction
    Ahh CHOO (or AHH choo)
    Bless YOU (BLESS you)
    Thank YOU (THANK you)
    And there, it’s done.
    Automatic, mindless interaction
    simple and free.

    By Octowhat on 04.11.2013


    By Taellie on 04.11.2013

  18. Never been on it. Been very close. Living in a rooming house, six people one income no place else to go. Sticking together in some way, some how. Thinking about all the minorities and poor who weren’t as lucky as we were. Feeling that no one cared about them at all. I was five then. I’m a grown older woman now. Little has changed. What’s wrong with us?

    By s on 04.11.2013

  19. it’s something good and pleasant.I’t depends on us to have it or not

    By oksana on 04.11.2013

  20. Means wealthy or gets money

    By Marvin G on 04.11.2013

  21. welfare fund required in every institute for development of students and persons relating to it

    By Sunderjit on 04.11.2013

  22. health, money, life, carreer, positive emotions, enjoy, joyful!!! heney, sweet, chocolate, me, myself, I

    By Slava on 04.11.2013

  23. Money, family, house, green grass,

    By Marvin G on 04.11.2013

  24. Getting money and wealth

    By Fredy on 04.11.2013

  25. i guess i see it now. i see how i wanted to change you with love. but i forgot about my own welfare. i forgot to care for me.

    By roberta URL on 04.11.2013

  26. Girls, everything I do, is for your welfare. I swear to you. See you all on Saturday.
    With that, I was dismissed.
    We all groaned and trudged out of the gym with complaints on our lips. Georgina and Taylor stayed to bring down the nets. And I sighed, peeling off my kneepads before I’d even got to the changing room.

    By greekyoghurt on 04.11.2013

  27. Minimum level of well-being and social support for people.

    By Noelle URL on 04.11.2013