April 9th, 2013 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “dashboard”

  1. I have never owned a car, nor have I driven one, so I haven’t put much thought into dashboard decorations. The first thing that comes to my mind are those stupid Hawaiian girl bobble head dolls. I will NOT have one of those. I like the various collections of things that people hang from their rearview mirrors. A friend of mine has a lei that I think looks very nice.

    By Amanda G. URL on 04.10.2013

  2. When driving down the road , I look down at the dashboard only to think about my past events of my life, this makes it difficult to focus on the present needs.

    By rachael URL on 04.10.2013

  3. A dashboard is an amazing thing. I can’t quite remember what it is but I think it quite cool. Erm, dashboards are…I forgot…erm dashboard? I Well…Dash…Board…Erm…hmmmmmm…

    By Joel The Idiot on 04.10.2013

  4. Bellicose whirligigs hummed darkly over the forest canopy, waking swarms of temple snakes who slithered forth from the mouths of gargoyles, heralding the rebirth of the legendary jungle god, whose name was Dashiabaroda, which sounds roughly like dashboard.

    By kuwu on 04.10.2013

  5. I cannot drive. I hate driving. The thought that I am in effect sitting behind the dashboard of a weapon paralyses me. But then the people you see on the road makes you wonder why they even bother to administer a driving test in the first place.

    By kezi on 04.10.2013

  6. it is a platform or a space which shows the speed and controls to the driver of the automobile.earlier it was used in carriages to avoid mud which was blown by the horses.now it is used in several automobiles like bikes ,cars,etc to regulate the speed.it is also known as dash or instrumental panel.

    By Dhaarna Bisht on 04.10.2013

  7. Always that blinking light. Why doesn’t it understand that I dont have time to check my god damn engine, I have a deadline in 2 days and uncooperative sources. I flick my cigarette butt out the window and continue down the long highway. I roll down the windows to erase the smell of the smoke, hoping it will also blow away my sins and sorrows.

    By Becca URL on 04.10.2013

  8. i do not know what a dashboard is but i have heard that word before. i think it is the pannel in a car that tells you how fast you are going and how much gas you have.

    By Grace Peace A on 04.10.2013

  9. He looked at the dashboard and waited for the speedometer to read 65. If only he could make it to 65, he would feel much better about what he had done. He couldn’t leave her if he hestitated and he wouldn’t hestiate if could just get to 65. He kept the accelerator pushed down and watched as the needle climbed, slowly and steadily, towards the magic number that would free his heart and clear his conscience.

    By Melissa W. URL on 04.10.2013

  10. Once, when we were about 14, you were really into Dashboard Confessional which I thought was the dumbest name for a band and teased you all the time. I miss teasing you, I miss talking to you, and I miss being your best friend.

    No one ever tells you how to break up with a best friend, they just let you…die.

    By Melissa on 04.10.2013

  11. her teeth pushed into the hard plastic. her vertebrae crunched as her car smashed into another. her body folded up like a japanese origami figure. there was a blood red line across the cracking windshield.

    By Maximillian on 04.10.2013

  12. Posing against the dashboard of the car she smiled for the camera. I put the camera aside and leaned towards her. She looked up at me, her beautiful eyes brimming with happiness. Happiness that emanated from her entire being. That could only have resulted from what she had just witnessd.

    By sammy on 04.10.2013

  13. is very helpfull have a dashboard.

    By André Luis de Jesus Santos URL on 04.10.2013

  14. i am not a bird.
    i don’t have wings.

    i am not an angel
    in human form;
    i am not a queen

    i am not touched
    by god
    (at least, not more
    than anyone else.)

    my monstrosities
    do not have
    some inherent

    i am not divine –
    not a prophet,
    not a high priestess,

    i am not your saving
    i am not the end of

    i am not the moon or
    the sun. my dimples
    aren’t stars. freckles
    aren’t constellations.

    my lipstick isn’t coded
    for blood, and my high
    heels aren’t secretly

    i am not a token story.
    my girlhood
    is mundane.

    sometimes special,
    occasionally boring.

    i am not better than you.
    the dirt under
    my toenails speak to me
    more than
    these warrior women.

    i have no higher purpose
    and my only struggle
    is staying alive.

    i have courage, but only
    enough to be
    normal, and still
    i am worth as much
    as the chosen ones.

    i am real.
    i am not going anywhere.

    By h. b. URL on 04.10.2013

  15. We made out by the dim light of the dashboard. Although the engine was turned off, the faded lights still shone through the scratched plastic of the old Dodge dashboard. Our breath fogged up the windows as we pressed our warm bodies together in an embrace.

    By donna m. on 04.10.2013

  16. DASHBOARD, TUMBLR. where all the interests of my friends pop up for me to see. but dashboard – car… i have my 2nd driving lesson on friday, can’t wait to have the freedom of driving wow, adventures, road trips, yes please. give me all that… road trips… JOHN GREEN. i love him too much, AUGUSTUS WATERS I LOVE YOU

    By Eve Alcock URL on 04.10.2013

  17. On a mac, there is a cool feature called the dashboard. When you swipe your fingers, you can get to it. It takes place of a desktop. You can fill it with widgets and the like. I use a calendar, sticky notes, games, puzzles, and the weather. You can also download more widgets if you’d like more variation. The dashboard is a really neat feature of a Mac.

    By Paige on 04.10.2013

  18. You look over the dashboard of your convertible Mustang. Long stretch of asphalt, pavement, highway. Where are you going? It’s comfortable to drive, keep moving, but without a destination you don’t know where to go, end up. Can you keep moving when you have no reason to stop?

    By Ashi URL on 04.10.2013

  19. Sitting on the dashboard of the car, waiting for you to walk out of your house. I love you so much, I don’t mind waiting. I don’t mind sitting in the cold, because the thought of seeing you is what’s keeping me warm.

    By KaylaS. URL on 04.10.2013

  20. riding in my car, my hula dancer on the dashboard. Windows rolled down, sun shining bright. Jack Johnson on the radio. Smile.

    By Libby on 04.10.2013

  21. His head banged against the dashboard with astonishing speed. He was disoriented, but conscious. What just happened? Is she alive? She’s not moving. He hears the distant sirens speeding to the scene.

    By Box of Rain URL on 04.10.2013

  22. Of you this of that stupid song about the dasboard light. Sad isn’t it when the power of misic takes such a wrong turn. Of courae thsre is the iconic dashboard jesus along with the hanging dice. But why only car dashboards? My blogger has one. But really whT does dSh board mean a board from which we dash off? I get the board..control panel or instrument panel but dash? – – – – –

    By beverley on 04.10.2013

  23. my tumblr dashboard is the most perfect thing in the world.

    By Kevin Alexandré URL on 04.10.2013

  24. So i was looking at the dashboard and all I saw was black. Was it the night? wast it my dreams? what was behind the black? It was some kind of light and words, written on the dashboard seems to fade away into it, like formulas…

    By Oana on 04.10.2013

  25. the dust is on the dashboard from the flip flops in the sand. the hot summer days as the dirt roads are keeping the car tires company as the warm summer drive is starting.

    By halfbright on 04.10.2013

  26. Dashboard is such a strange word. For many people, it probably brings to mind cars and driving and all sorts of transportaitransportation-based stuff. But my first thought was computers, because on the Mac, the Dashboard is where widgets live. And I love widgets.

    By Maid Mirawyn URL on 04.10.2013

  27. The main computer screen so yha dashboard awsome

    By Fredy on 04.10.2013

  28. My brother has a dashboard so he can do his homework and
    He likes to draw on the dashboard like himself and mostly the family , but now that he is big he gave it to me because he is smarter and can do mental math.

    By Jocelyn on 04.10.2013

  29. I looked over the dashboard at the road ahead of me. Hoe could I have let him get to me like that? All the same he meant more than he should have to me as I drove away from him and what he caused.

    By Jackie URL on 04.10.2013

  30. This word is a new word to me, or recently acquired to my personal dictionary. Specially since I got my Mac last year. A gift of my father to me for college.

    By HyoTora Ross on 04.10.2013

  31. The wind was in her hair and the sun warmed her arms. She reclined with her bare feet up on the dashboard, feeling the music and watching the horizon as they sped along the desert highway, going anywhere.

    By Amanda URL on 04.10.2013

  32. On the dashboard sat a gyrating hula girl named Sandy. Sandy had only ever known the dusty land of that blue F-150, but that truck took her everywhere she’d ever want to go.

    By Hannah on 04.10.2013

  33. we were railing lines on the dashboard like it was no one’s buisness.
    i set up two chunky lines and m just stared at me.
    “you can’t possibly snort all of that” he scuffed.
    “watch and see” i said through half a smile
    with glazed eyes i snorted it all and he kissed my nose, and my crystalline lips clean.

    By rose on 04.10.2013

  34. confessional. platform. drivers seat. beginning. organization.

    By gina on 04.10.2013

  35. ‘Some nights I’m glad that my dash is never ending…’ I sang as tears streamed down my face.

    They were not tears of sadness; my eyes were red and tired from staring too long at the computer. But oh, who could pass up the chance to look at such beautiful images, or read such inspirational words? Graphic interface images that are basically short silent movies! If there is my own personal brand of hell, this would be it. To face sleepless nights and sleepy mornings,for as long as there would be Internet and Tumblr, what a dream!

    By dramarie URL on 04.10.2013