January 28th, 2013 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “visitor”

  1. who can it be
    knocking at my tree
    whispering venom
    and wanting to flee

    who can it be
    sleeping next to me
    do I know you, sir?
    Or are you strange to me?

    Oh, no. I’m just dropping in.
    Just visiting.

    By Octowhat on 01.28.2013

  2. What is a visitor? Are we just visiting in this world? Maybe it is really not our world after all and we are just visiting. If that is the case… who would be the host if we were the visitor?

    By Lori Donnelly on 01.28.2013

  3. There is a vistor at the door i hear the thump thump of the knocking at the door. Yet i can seem to get up to get the door so i’ll just let it be. then i realize its getting louder and closer. What could it honestly be? Im gettign scared now as i sit on my couch I quickly get up and look towards the door as its my door looking through the little window just wanting to get it. Hes my visitor.

    By Megan Thompson on 01.28.2013

  4. I left my spine behind somewhere in Africa, perhaps hidden in the backseat of a taxi or bleached white and half-buried in Saharan sand. I was a visitor in a strange new land, knock-kneed and unprepared to fend for myself. Unprepared to face the attention I would inevitably receive. But I learned quickly how do defend myself and ignore the crude whispers of men on the streets. I just wish I could still do that now.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.28.2013

  5. You won’t be my visitor anymore. You left my life, and you’ll continue to leave my mind. One bit at a time. Just like you entered it. Goodbye. Farewell. I love you.

    By Kathryn on 01.28.2013

  6. Sitting in a morning waiting for sunrays come…. still beautiful mist.

    By Frank on 01.28.2013

  7. He was the sole visitor that caught my attention. He was the only one not having fun. He was too still, I could almost see him breathing. His eyes ticked occasionally, jolting from side to side. Paranoia? But why?

    By Kim M on 01.28.2013

  8. I flipped the next page of my book when I suddenly heard a knock on the door. I tottered towards it and opened the door. I saw him carrying a body of a child with full of wound, body covered with blood. My voice shook. “W-what in the hell-?”

    “Please help me,” he breathed hardly.

    That was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life.

    By unblurthefuture on 01.28.2013

  9. If I were a visitor to this planet I could only look on and wonder “what the hell are these people thinking?”. Greed, corruption and a complete lack of compassion for their fellow humans, plants and animals. And that is just their leaders. The people on the street aren’t much better. If I just appeared here I would have to ask myself “do they not see they live on the most beautiful big, blue, ball of water and land with blue skies and clear water?”. Why do they not appreciate what they have been given?

    By Paulie Aragon on 01.28.2013

  10. Visitor is such an underrated word. In my opinion, it is much deeper than it appears on the surface. A visitor can often bring insight into a place or situation that isn’t often explored. Someone who is not a visitor is used to their surroundings, often going through the motions of each day. A visitor’s eyes can explore the same surroundings in a different light, and open one’s eyes to a whole new perspective. They will find much more in the things you take for granted.

    By Jake on 01.28.2013

  11. through the looking glass
    you plunged your fist
    then hips
    straight toward my lips

    I’ve fallen for Alice
    (so she need not herself)

    By smnthbll on 01.28.2013

  12. The an came in the night,dark, lurking in the shadows near the entrance to the hospital. He came seeking refuge from the cold, a traveler in the dark finding refuge in sickness. The Visitor was me.

    By nick on 01.28.2013

  13. im a visitor to the place of clarity but now, after a long, hard look around i do believe’ ive decided to make my permanent residence. seems there as been a place for me here all along but i’m just now getting my exact address. found it. home. thanks for leaving the doors unlocked for me.

    By Safon on 01.28.2013

  14. The an came in the night,dark, lurking in the shadows near the entrance to the hospital. He came seeking refuge from the cold, a traveler in the dark finding refuge in sickness. The Visitor was me,the wanderer, the traveler, the visitor.

    By nick on 01.28.2013

  15. And so I will tramp this perpetual journey, a stranger to all. A visitor to all who see me, all who are kind enough to house me for a day or two. But if you want to find me, all you have to do is look under your soles, because that’s where I will eventually come to be.

    By Kromamatic on 01.28.2013

  16. the visitor was amused, he had never before seen something so magnificent. He was overwhelmed with joy. Never before had he whitnessed more

    By Karla on 01.28.2013

  17. She could tell she was unwelcome from the moment she stepped foot inside the door. His sister was glaring at her, and he looked none too happy to see her himself.

    “I’m sorry,” she ventured, and that just seemed to intensify his anger.

    “No you aren’t.”

    By Alis on 01.28.2013

  18. rude. polite can’t stop looking at his or her hair intruder validation judgemental i can’t stop looking at your face, beautiful, you make me feel ugly, i feel stupid ridiculous ready nervous my house you walk in and barrage barricade grenade sometimes

    By Stephanie on 01.28.2013

  19. The visitor just came to my door. I didn’t know what to expect. Someone had told me that I would receive a really nice surprise but I was actually pretty scared. My mother had died two days ago and nobody was supposed to visit me in at least one year or two. I am a lonely person. I never receive visitors in my home. This is so strange to me… Should I open the door? That doorbell is driving me crazy…

    By Jimena on 01.28.2013

  20. i didn’t feel right. i was only the visitor, this was not my home. i tried my best to fit in or at the very least blend into the background, but i felt like i was sticking out like a sore thumb.

    By dwhandrews on 01.28.2013

  21. He walks in with a gift in his hand not for anyone in particular just a gift that he means to place on the table in front of him and then sit. He will sit and wait until someone cimes up and opens this gift then they will see why he’s waiting. Inside the gift there is

    By Jack Hereford on 01.28.2013

  22. Touch and go, touch and go
    Old habits are forever ingrained
    Even when forced to stay in one place
    The perpetual visitor finds ways to sublimate
    Onwards, upwards, forwards, backwards
    Time in, time out, in between the bouts
    Oceans waves, moves the sands like grains
    Ever present, sometimes observant, always keeping pace

    By Intuition on 01.28.2013

  23. Aliens! Who needs ’em? They walk into your house and they DON’T take off their shoes, and then you know what happens? They track mud EVERYWHERE. And on top of that, they drink all of your pepsi. I for one am not having it.

    By Chris Moleski on 01.28.2013

  24. The visitor slowly descended from the sky. Each person that saw it, saw something different. A man. A martian. An angel. Something evil. Something good. A quantum being capable of being everything and nothing all at once; it exposed us to ourselves.

    By Sheep on 01.28.2013

  25. “You have a visitor.”
    My groggy mind struggled to comprehend this unlikely event through it’s cocktail of painkillers. A visitor? Who? Who in the world?

    By annie on 01.28.2013

  26. I was not a native to this planet, I was a visitor. Sure, i looked and acted like a human being. i had brown hair, eyes, and freckles. i WAS AN average height, an average weight. I appeared the same as others, a little boring, but generally the same. I enjoyed the activites that others did, but ultimately, i was simply a visitor and would not be here much longer. i just had one goal: to fall in love.

    By Shawna on 01.28.2013

  27. Every time I was i my house for the last six months I felt like a visitor. Not a visitor ro reality, or humility, but of love familiar only with that fact and it’s profanity. A visitor to family. I haven’t felt like I’ve had a family in a long time. In some ways people might find that fact alone profane.

    By Taylor Rizzo on 01.28.2013

  28. I didn’t here anything, had no idea there was a visitor until the dog let me know that someone was at the back gate. There he was. The light of the morning. Love personified.

    By Bea on 01.28.2013

  29. A visitor came into my home. He was tall, and fair skinned. His smooth skin, and his light eyes were not appalling in the least. He stood there, his eyes heavy.

    By Samara Bennett on 01.28.2013

  30. one day i was a visitor. I felt out of place but people welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. I love to visit other countries and experience cultures. experiencing food, people , life is amazing.

    By arianna on 01.28.2013

  31. You have a visitor.
    What? Who? I haven’t had a visitor in goin’ on twenty years now.
    Well, seems you do.
    Hot damn. Are you sure?
    Sure as shit.
    They say what they want? You sure they ain’t here to sell me insurance, or god, or otherwise stick a straw into my wallet?
    They look right enough, but I didn’t ask questions. They knew you’re real name, so I figured that said all that needed to be said.

    By Amanda on 01.28.2013

  32. knock knock,
    the visitor is here.

    she comes around every
    couple of days
    seconds, when she’s persistent.

    the visitor isn’t someone i particularly care for.

    she steals away
    all of the life from my
    home, she takes
    all of my food from the pantry.
    she’ll take me
    out to the gym, but
    she never lets me leave.

    i wish she’d leave me alone,
    but the visitor is at my door,
    and i can’t leave her out in the cold.

    By rachel. URL on 01.28.2013

  33. Someone new, a person who comes to your house, suprise, friend, family, animal, guest, something new, an old aquatiance, pleasent

    By AMber Wyskochil on 01.28.2013

  34. a visitor came to the door. he came in hesitantly. nobody spoke, they knew he would come sometime. The first women got him a chair, the second brought him a glass of water. ‘well’ she said, ‘I know that you have come for the boy’. ‘yes’ he said, ‘the boy. is he well?. See for you

    By evertsz on 01.28.2013

  35. he walked through the door
    my loely visitor
    asking for company,
    but never getting near,
    he looked run down
    almost beaten
    my i could see
    this man had nnot eaten

    By dustin l on 01.28.2013

  36. someone comes to visit me. they are not expected and quite frankly i do not want company. but i let them in anyway and we pass the time; it was more enjoyable than expected.

    By Nicole on 01.28.2013

  37. He came in the middle of the night, hair billowing out behind him. In his hand he clutched an ivory staff, carved with interwoven designs of leaves and vines. He took me by the hand and led me outside. I followed his gleaming silver hair which floated on the wind.

    By Joel Abraham on 01.28.2013

  38. It was night and it was dark
    A visitor arrived
    He was tall and lean
    and was missing a spleen
    yes, we won’t forget
    the Visitor.
    He came at dusk
    and smelled of musk
    yes, we won’t forget
    the Visitor

    By Stephanie on 01.28.2013

  39. It was night and it was dark
    A visitor arrived
    He was tall and lean
    and was missing a spleen
    yes, we won’t forget
    the Visitor.
    With a furrowed brow
    he came at dusk
    and smelled of musk
    yes, we won’t forget
    the Visitor

    By Stephanie on 01.28.2013

  40. I really hope you weren’t just a brief visitor in my life.
    I miss you so much and you’ve only been gone for a day.

    By Shay on 01.28.2013