January 29th, 2013 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “baby”

  1. She looked down at him with tender eyes, eyes only a mother could have. He was her first child. She never expected that she could love someone so much.

    By Marie URL on 01.30.2013

  2. babies are cute…realy lovely…best creations of god…i d luv to have 1 f my own…they r the best f lyf…every1 shud learn frm babies….lil cute sweet and really innocent….:)

    By mittal URL on 01.30.2013

  3. As the plane taxied, the baby cried incessantly. Many around me frowned in disdain, but I smiled, thinking to myself; “He’ll be a great singer once he knows the words!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.30.2013

  4. She held the baby up into the weak morning light. Fair cheeks, soft dewy skin, thick long eyelashes, red lips. She’d grow up to be someone beautiful. Maybe she’d become an actress, a model, a high powered lawyer, a mother. She didn’t know. She didn’t want to know. Sucking in a deep breath, she placed her in front of the warmly lit house. Snowflakes drifted down and around her, swirling like the cut up pieces of her heart. “Bye bye baby,” she whispers, “don’t come back.” She rings the door bell and leaves.

    By liquoricelaces URL on 01.30.2013

  5. the baby crawled into her parents room, she was looking for her mama, but she was nowhere to be found. panic filled the baby as she looked behind doors, under bed but with no luck

    By Mike on 01.30.2013

  6. baby baby baby oh,
    baby baby baby oh
    baby baby baby oh
    thought that you’d always be mine, yeah
    baby baby bumble bee
    baby mine don’t you cry
    baby mine dry your eyes
    rest your head close to my heart, never will part baby of mine

    By Mary on 01.30.2013

  7. The news was a bit of a shock, but I guess it didn’t catch anyone completely off-guard. Thalia had changed a lot in the last six months. She had proclaimed so vehemently – even days before her wedding – that she would never have kids, so it was lucky that her husband to be was accepting of that idea. Yet, here she was appearing before us, pregnant. And glowing.

    I didn’t quite know what to make of it. A baby is a happy thing, so I was happy for her – but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy with her general change of disposition.

    By hannah URL on 01.30.2013

  8. A baby is innocent and a baby is small. Babies are a gift from God. Babies smell good, except for when they poop. Baby are precious but they also cry a lot. You never want to wake a sleeping baby. It will cry even more. Babies are so loving.

    By Amber on 01.30.2013

  9. Baby Baby Baby Oh
    I can’t get that song out of my head

    By Mrs. Lee on 01.30.2013

  10. They are small and vulnerable. They need constant attention and care, if they don’t have it they will die. When I was a baby i was too small so i was put into an incubator… I don’t remember when i was a baby.. How could I?

    By Maya on 01.30.2013

  11. A baby boy was born about twenty nine years ago to parents with certain uncertainties in their hearts. They were young and were out to conquer the world. The world defeated one and was defeated by one. The baby grew up to be a boy to become a man and saw all the awkwardness in the family; but he thought to himself, “Is that all? The world is not so tough at all!” The reason for such a brave stance is the heart taken by a calling from above.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 01.30.2013

  12. I like this girl and I want to marry her anad have lots of babies

    By Antonio on 01.30.2013

  13. youngling, newborn, it’s a raindy day and you see a baby on someone’s dorstep.

    By andy clarkson on 01.30.2013

  14. Baby soft skin on the palms of your hands becomes roughened, callouses from days of digging and toiling. You look up at the sun and grimace when it reaches its peak, hands shading your eyes. You grunt and turn back to the baked earth and continue digging,

    By Kelsey on 01.30.2013

  15. There was a baby, a blue little baby, a baby boy to be exact. He was like no other baby ever seen before. This baby was special, magical even. This baby had powers, this baby was going to change the world as we knew it.

    By Aubrey on 01.30.2013

  16. Baby small thing gross hytfgh hytfgh I had a baby but then I didn’t want it so I gave it to my friend. Now she won’t let me see it. It was only a baby carrot but I’m pretty upset

    By Baby baby on 01.30.2013

  17. in my arms
    but all its own person
    I do not yet know
    but already on her way
    to sunset

    By heidi on 01.30.2013

  18. There was a baby. A blue baby. Struggling to breath. This baby had much power though, and was destined to change the world as we know it. There was no way this child could die. No, no, please. Not my baby.

    By Aubrey on 01.30.2013

  19. Det er så lite som skal til. Åh, som jeg elsker hun med de blonde krøllene og de store, lyseblå øynene som fortalte mye mer enn alle så. Hun visste at jeg visste. Det var ikke nok, selvsagt. Aldri blir vi fornøyde. Når er nok virkelig nok? Vi sier det hele tiden, men vet aldri.

    By ANDREA ALEXX. URL on 01.30.2013

  20. If only
    there could be another person
    who would look at you
    in the way of
    complete trust

    By Jubacat on 01.30.2013

  21. Baby is a word that scares my boyfriend. If I talk about a friends cute baby he gets all squirmy and says “Stop pressuring me!” If I get a stomach ache for any reason he’s like “Are you pregnant?!” It’s pretty funny to see him sweat.

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.30.2013

  22. There is a n annoting baby that I can’t stand to here cry. It keeps spitting green juice on everyone person who walks by. I am not sure I know what else to say about thisl Who can heanlde this insanity!!

    By Bjk33 on 01.30.2013

  23. I recently have welcomed into the world a niece. My sister went through nine months of pregnancy. Well, eight and a half. The baby was two and a half weeks early. Which was both worrying and alright. It simply is.
    Baby’s are wonderful though. I’ve gotten to hold a newborn before. Once they’re clean and don’t have all the birthing fluids on them, they’re quite delightful.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.30.2013

  24. She’s my baby. I love her more than life. She’s amazing. My baby. My wonderful, blue eyed, blond baby. God, she makes me so happy. I’m a slob, I know. But I truly love her, my baby.

    By Marta on 01.30.2013

  25. “A baby?”
    She sighed her frustration.
    “Yes. A. Baby.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes, Todd. I’m sure. I think I would know.”
    “What if there are multiples?”
    “I’m sure there will be.”
    “Will she be ok?” The concern in his voice stopped her from making a snide comment.
    “Yes, Todd. She’s a dog, they have babies all the time and she will be fine.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.30.2013

  26. My brain feels like a foetus, all comfy in the amniotic cerebral fluids. No thoughts for me today, just listening to the bassy tones of the outside world through the duvet.

    By Chris Glynn on 01.30.2013

  27. The day that she came home from the doctor, everything changed. I imagine more so for her than for me. But for me too. I just couldn’t do it. I put three long years into this relationship and a dumb mistake ruined everything. I packed a bag and never said goodbye,

    By John on 01.30.2013

  28. My heart lept up my throat as I heard a thunderous voice rattle the heavens above my family’s tents. “Hark! Today, a baby has been born to you! And He is Christ! The Lord!” My knees went weak and I collapsed onto the ground along with my brothers who were beside me. I peaked through my fingers and saw a sky full of angels, magnificent, beautiful, and insanely strong. The blood that had just previously run cold, ran warm and refreshing. I stood up. “Get up!” I yelled, “Our Saviour is HERE!”

    By Emma on 01.30.2013

  29. The dream about the odd, distended baby dressed in a scummy, fuzzy orange sleeper sitting in a grocery cart, no straps, messy and burbling reoccurs again and again. An ugly baby, not horror story ugly, real-life ugly and there is something in her face that repels.

    By rebecca on 01.30.2013

  30. the innocence of a person can be observed when he is a baby. they are god’s creation who are here to learn and teach at the same time. one can learn aloyt from them, they have no professionalism but only brotherhood.

    By trytest on 01.30.2013

  31. I wanted a baby once but by living with a baby and by baby i mean my baby that I married, i’ve decided that such a thing would be suicide for me and potentially her cuz she can’t stand having responsibility to take care of herself much less the needs of a child while im away at work. so if i did have a baby, that baby would either be dead or my baby would kill herself leaving me alone with my baby.

    By aaron on 01.30.2013

  32. Baby, you make me feel like a woman! *pun intended

    By ree.bee on 01.30.2013

  33. Babies are really ugly. To baby someone is even uglier. Do not talk to people or small people like they are puppies or babies. Treat them with respect. Baby talk drives me crazy. Baby animals are about the only exception to the above complaints.

    By richard frances abigail nouget on 01.30.2013

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    By Baby URL on 01.30.2013

  35. i once was a baby and i was awesome i would climb mountains, beat up superman, and fly to mars and say hello, but i turned 2 and then 3 and then 4 and then i got really old so i don’t do that stuff anymore

    By Some Random Black Guy on 01.30.2013

  36. Cradle,they are sweet and very loveable. It starts with a “b”. Here is the definition,
    an infant or very young child.
    a newborn or very young animal.
    the youngest member of a family, group, etc.
    an immature or childish person.
    a human fetus.
    I have a really good memory, my name is I do not know!

    Sincerely, I do not know

    By I do not know on 01.30.2013

  37. Cradle,they are sweet and very loveable. It starts with a “b”. Here is the definition,
    an infant or very young child.
    a newborn or very young animal.
    the youngest member of a family, group, etc.
    an immature or childish person.
    a human fetus.
    I have a really good memory, my name is I do not know!Hi my name is I do not know, now I have to do a conference, peace out! Do not forget my hints!!!!!!

    P.s Jack/John Beach is on here I already said who he was thouh, so bye!

    Sincerely, I do not know

    By I do not know on 01.30.2013

  38. Happy family, husband, sweet, big house, many toys, beautiful smile, laughing, funny, soft

    By Pat on 01.30.2013

  39. I looked at the child in my arms. So perfect. So wonderful. Yes, wriknly and a bit pink, but beautiful all the same. She had my eyes and her father’s nose; it was a small, button-like thing, but it was still beautiful.

    By Zalia Henderson on 01.30.2013