January 27th, 2013 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “cool”

  1. The whisper of his voice sweetly against my ear, as the cool chills rise up my arms wrapping around my kneck like a scarf.

    By kk on 01.28.2013

  2. he wanted to be one of them, the cool kids. they, with their classic 90’s style that screamed stuck in the past, but in a COOL way. they were just SOOOOO cool.

    he also despised them. hated them for every fiber of their being. that’s why he brought the gun to school.

    he brought the gun to school to be cool

    By Zoe Edelman Brier on 01.28.2013

  3. a little bit of truth
    to ruin your day:

    your leather jacket won’t erase
    the distinct feline quality of your screams
    when i ran a stiletto through your thigh
    (ruined it completely, thanks for that
    by the way)
    dangerously close to your, you know,
    because you wouldn’t shut up, because
    you called me a slut for sleeping with you
    and absolutely daring to enjoy it.

    By isa on 01.28.2013

  4. he wanted to be one of them, the cool kids. they, with their classic 90’s style that screamed stuck in the past, but in a COOL way. they were just SOOOO cool.

    he also despised them. hated them for every fiber of their being. that’s why he brought the gun to school.

    he brought the gun to school to be cool.

    By Zoe Edelman Brier on 01.28.2013

  5. What is cool? We think it is a description of that which we find appealing and entertaining but if we take a close look at the word it seems to be about temperature. Literally. And why should we define something good as cold? We need warmth to function, but in lieu of the recent global waming developments we suddenly need things to be cooler. Who woul’ve guessed that a colloquialism from the 1900’s would predict a major world catastrophe, even though by chance. My how we must surprise ourselves, no wonder we aren’t immortal.

    By Cecilia on 01.28.2013

  6. The breeze was cool against the window pane. And as insignificant as it seemed, it managed to break a cold sweat and release the pent up aggression formulated by the day’s work. No one ever seems to understand the life of glass, but it’s an intimate one unknown by anything breathing. Inanimate objects release too.

    By Alexis on 01.28.2013

  7. I was sat in the parking lot waiting for Jim.
    “Hey man you’re here!” People oddly following him around. He glanced a me, I waved at me and he walked along with doing anything. Completely ignoring me.
    “Hey, Jim!” He just walked past with people following him. Girls going after him. That’s not fair. It’s me. I’m the cool one!

    By Tai on 01.28.2013

  8. Cool waters lapped against her feet. She tilted her head back, feeling the cool breeze blow her head around her. It was a nice day for a bath. She slipped into the spring, completely content. She felt at peace in the waters. Like she was born from them.

    By Darion on 01.28.2013

  9. my dad. ray bans. layered clothing. Justin Bieber. France
    Dogs. Great Danes. Tundra. Antarctica

    By Laura Sheridan on 01.28.2013

  10. stay cool, like the other side of the pillow! don’t sweat the little things, just shrug it off. Be Cool! Don’t act a Fool. and when the birds come a flocking, Fly like an eagle

    By Biscuit URL on 01.28.2013

  11. The way he looked at her with so little emotion was actually pretty terrifying, considering everything. The day before he had been a wreck, tears streaming, dripping from every crease of his scrunched up face. But now he was just looking at her coolly, as if yesterday hadn’t even happened.

    By lightthisfuse on 01.28.2013

  12. It didn’t matter. She was untouchable, royalty among her subjects. Nothing could hurt her. No one was allowed to show her affection. Love was not an option. It meant being vulnerable, and…touchable. She couldn’t go there. Royals walk alone. That’s what she was meant to be, but it didn’t mean that she had to like it. Or even act by it.

    Princess Josephine, her people, and her country had been threatened, and they took it in stride. Something told her, however, that the princess must be more careful with those who she called her friends. She tried to play it cool and calm her persistent paranoia.

    By Jennifer on 01.28.2013

  13. i am popular
    i am not popular im cold
    im am blue
    i am a personality
    i am a strived for sense
    i am cool.

    By Courtney Connors on 01.28.2013

  14. Someone spilt milk is aisle 5.
    Six months ago.
    No-one has been there since. Aisles 1 to 4 have since been cut off from the world and are thought to have devised their own civilisation and rhyme schemes. Their entire concept of cool is derived from the July 23rd style sections of a local newspaper found abandoned in the homeware section. Tea towels were once gathered to attempt a removal of the spil but they instructing the citizens of Isle Onetofour that remaining calm and carrying on was their best course of action.

    By Chris Glynn on 01.28.2013

  15. It’s cool outside. Not cold, just cool. I love to walk in the crisp, fresh air, hearing the leaves crunching underneath my feet.

    By Dino Dragonrider on 01.28.2013

  16. I used to think andrew s. was the coolest kid in the world. He had charizard for a pokemon card. NOT just 1 he had like 3. I was so jealous of him and at the same time wanted to be him. Everything just came easy to him, starcraft, bass and people, he just seemed to not care and at garner peoples respect b/c of it.

    By Zach on 01.28.2013

  17. cool is something to describe an ice cube.

    By Desi on 01.28.2013

  18. Funny, I wrote about the word Cool yesterday. Perhaps it is a different kind of cool? Yesterday I talked about snowdrifts and cold temperatures, but perhaps this word is decribing a hip personality? Perhaps they thought my entry was cool, so they used the same word again so I would write more about cool stuff?

    By Maaaaaaaaaaatt on 01.28.2013

  19. not cool, cold. your heart is frozen and the warmth of my love will never be enough

    By stephaniewrites URL on 01.28.2013

  20. Today is a gool day, both physically and metaphorically. I am at a conference and have met a lot of great people…cool! I took pictures of participants that are from Mississippi in the snow…cool! I am in NY and not Ohio…cool! Today is a way cool day.

    By Jeanette on 01.28.2013

  21. I want you to know
    That I don’t wait for hot drinks to cool.
    I’d rather sip it scalding,
    Then drink it lukewarm.

    And I want you to realize
    That I don’t drink the dregs
    Of my coffee or my tea
    Because it’s either too sweet
    Or too bitter –
    And I don’t like a lot of either.

    By Abbey on 01.28.2013

  22. It was a cool evening in spring. The leaves were rustling high in the treetops with a breeze that was present but not overwhelming, a breeze that kissed your cheeks and reminded you just how good it felt to be alive. Casting a subtle glow across the scene, the moon rose in the star-littered sky; setting the perfect backdrop to end a perfect night.

    By Rebecca Johnson on 01.28.2013

  23. Awesome is what it means. Which awesome. Gotta go. So this is really short, bye

    I do not know

    By I do not know on 01.28.2013

  24. The sun could barely warm the ice cool surface of the glistening icicle. As cool as cool could be it just shone transparently.

    By RB on 01.28.2013

  25. Cool? COOL!?!?!! Is this the best word they got because they always seem to have a real word like “Confiscated” . I don’t even know if this website is working anymore because COOL? It is like a word a second gradar would use.

    No Body Knows

    By No Body Knows URL on 01.28.2013

  26. It’s the temperature outside. You know how it feels. You have to play it. You see it. It’s not a way of life. It’s a way to show how you feel. It’s a way to prevent others from seeing the turmoil on the inside. You just gotta let it out. You have to open up. You have to air it out. Because it’s smoking in there, inside your brain. Not just now, all the time. Play it like you feel it. Just play it cool. Play it cool.

    By Eric A on 01.28.2013

  27. moderately cold; neither warm nor cold: a rather cool evening.
    feeling comfortably or moderately cold: I’m perfectly cool, but open the window if you feel hot.
    imparting a sensation of moderate coldness or comfortable freedom from heat: a cool breeze.
    permitting such a sensation: a cool dress.
    not excited; calm; composed; under control: to remain cool in the face of disaster.
    That was from the

    By I do not know on 01.28.2013

  28. Winter is “cool.” The snow I had to shovel this morning is cool. Teens call almost everything cool, but what really is cool? Is cool a temperature? A person? Or even a song? Cool can be anything your little heart desires I suppose.

    By ReeganFlattery on 01.28.2013

  29. cool down my is not race..

    By mrinmoy URL on 01.28.2013