November 15th, 2014 | 112 Entries

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112 Entries for “transform”

  1. Inert black mass. Nothing.
    Existence is nothing. Nothing is existence.
    Active white energy. Everything.
    Existence is everything. Everything is existence.

    Roots flow through, branches embody all.
    Centre out, transform.

    By NPCarter on 11.16.2014

  2. We all transform, whether it be our personality, out facial structure, our height. We don’t directly think of the work “transform” off the top of our head, unless we think about transformers, but whether we realize it or not, there’s transformation all around us. Its beautiful.

    By Hannah URL on 11.16.2014

  3. Transference. It was a simple arc that sparked within the circut – no immolation, no isolation. Simply it is what it is because it is to be.

    By Intuition on 11.16.2014

  4. this isnt even my final form, I wonder how many times we actually think that in our daily lives as we are always transforming our behavouir, mindsets and patterns, to transform can be a good thing or a bad thing are you transforming to destroy or being a new tool and invention to heal.

    By Stefan on 11.16.2014

  5. ‘She turned into a monster’ said the blonde haired boy sitting in the very corner of a small square room. ‘She really did I saw it !’ he added a second ago, looking wildly at people gathered around trying to find someone with at least a bit of belief in their eyes.

    By Omnix URL on 11.16.2014

  6. the transformation that has occurred in myself over the past two years has left me unrecognizable, even to myself. who have i become? who have i turned myself into? do i like this person? do i want to be her? even you, my love, do not see me anymore, yet somehow you still love me. how is it so?

    By cv on 11.16.2014

  7. I can recall the momment when he transformed infront of me, pure and talented, a new aplha was being created, nothing more or else. I was ready to accept him as our new leader, but for the start I must win his heart as his mate and friend. What can I do if I dont win his trust and heart.

    By Mihaela URL on 11.16.2014

  8. The day he changed me was my end and my beginning, I couldn’t wait to start my life next to him, by his side forever. But this transformation will change me or make me stronger. I am not sure and I hope this way of me transforming into a wolf will be Gods plan for a better life.

    By Mihaela URL on 11.16.2014

  9. The moment rattled me to the bone, smashing everything that I knew about myself on the inside and transforming it into something new.

    By Carly on 11.16.2014

  10. a cog rolled and hit the point of perfect
    balance between flawed and unreal
    i looked up at the pupa
    and it looked down at me.
    i felt extremely happy and apprehensive
    for what the next line would bring

    By Kairn on 11.16.2014

  11. The priest knew exactly what was happening, but the same couldnt be said for the dozen or so terrified boys crowded around the tied up child, hissing and spitting like a viper.
    “This, children, is a grade A possession, and what exactly do we do in this sort of situation?” The priest asked, dissecting the children with his eyes, looking for the least unnerved one.

    By Flesh on 11.16.2014

  12. Looking at it, I just see a bowl of flour with eggs, salt, chocolate chips, and sugar.

    By Steph URL on 11.16.2014

  13. transform into what you need, what you want
    i’ll be your favorite in every category
    tell me how you want me to transform for you
    what do you need me
    tell me what you want
    anything for you

    By dj on 11.16.2014

  14. I think it would be alsome to tramsform into a person that has the power to do anything but also has the power to turn their powers on and off because they might hurt somebody. they would be cool. They would get so popular and be so much fun to hang out with then they could fchange the world by inventing a way someone else could turn into a nother one of him and do cool stuff

    By Raylea on 11.16.2014

  15. you transform me
    with your
    golden eyes
    dark heart
    i look at you and i feel myself slipping
    i thought i’d be new
    full of love
    but now i’m laying on the floor
    stripped of myself

    By Julie URL on 11.16.2014

  16. I wanted so badly to transform so many things that has ever occurred in my life. My past never seemed so great to me. I thought that I could change into the person I’ve always wanted to be but somehow I haven’t found that transformation I’ve been longing for. I have no idea what I could be doing or who I could be. Maybe one day.

    By Abby on 11.16.2014

  17. You are a butterfly. You are a butterfly. Those words danced in her head and began to tap along her tongue. But she held them in and remained silent, even as their cadence grew louder inside her brain. You are a butterfly they chanted with a growing fervor of a tribal drum. She took one more step forward towards the edge of the bridge. “I am a butterfly,” she agreed just before she jumped.

    By Soft URL on 11.16.2014

  18. It’s a never ending cycle of transformation
    drab, colors
    to brilliant life
    and then a dazzling white
    which is the butterfly
    the chrysalis
    and the caterpillar?

    By Steph on 11.16.2014

  19. I never expected it to happen, it just did one night. I was lying in my bed and all of the sudden everything was different. Everything was different, but, at the same time, nothing was at all. I had just realized how much he meant to me. And in one instant, that changed everything, and nothing at all.

    By RM on 11.16.2014

  20. In the moment of #transformation, I get to take with me the pure essence of what I’ve always been looking for. Though I’ve always buried it with the numbing desire of the flesh. Today, with courage and trust, I leap into the unknown, wishing and hoping to find her. @oneword @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.16.2014

  21. can we say ‘x will happen tomorrow’
    and be right or wrong — mean anything?
    that which will happen will happen;
    a thousand possibilities curled in a chrysalis
    beating like a clock

    By Jem Page URL on 11.16.2014

  22. haruhi eyed the dress with mutinying distaste. hell no, she threw it at the dog, who tripped with a squeaky whimper as her leg slipped into the armhole. the december breeze spurred the season’s chill to bite into her cherry pink nipples.

    *Inspired by concepts from Richard Hugo’s THE TRIGGERING TOWN

    By Maya URL on 11.16.2014

  23. I woke up from a cold sweat, it was pitch black outside. I rolled over to check what time it was and my alarm clock read 3:13 am. The streetlamps were glaring through my window and for some reason it made my whole left side start twitching. I was calling for help but no one could hear me, a peircing sound was drowning my voice out. I couldn’t take it, was I going crazy? Is this all just a figment of my imagination? I had no idea what was happening, I was scared and felt alone. Now my head is pounding I feel like my brain is being stabbed with a rusty nail. I kept calling Im screaming at the top of my lungs, still no one could hear me. Am I going mad? I couldn’t be, I’m the most sanest person I know. So why? All I could think during this was why me? My face is burning up. I laid a finger on it and it felt as if I just touched a hot iron. Wait. Stop. Am I dying this thought was killing me Im laying in my pool of tears just thinking about this but then everything just stopped. It was peaceful as if I was on another planet. It was dead silent and I felt normal, it felt good. It was probably just a bad dream, puberty can do that to you. But the pain felt so real, so vivid. That experience made me think but I was to tired to think so I passed out shortly after. I woke up I woke up 6 hours later and it was 9:27 am. I jolted up and stretched oh how good it felt to stretch. I grabbed my hair brush from the dresser and made my way to the powder room to get ready for the day ahead of me. I started to brush my locks, I looked in the mirror and saw a complete stranger staring back at me. All I heard was a loud thud.

    By Nialler on 11.16.2014

  24. It’s all about everything
    to see not only my eyes morphing
    but to see my hands
    melt into a pool
    of yellow. Shut
    my mouth before
    the impression of me transforms too

    By Anamika on 11.16.2014

  25. Tired. Always so tired. Tired of white lies buried so high you never quite reached up to the sky. What happened to all of those promises you were meant to keep? right on the edge of something afraid to fall in deep.

    By G on 11.16.2014

  26. There was a space somewhere to transform the letters and phrases into something worth bringing to the lawyers, but he couldn’t bear to sit in the same room with them, much less be witness to their practically snorting Earl Gray tea, with fingers raised to snobby skies.

    By Rmund on 11.16.2014

  27. the blindfold was romoved and what i saw in the morror before me simply dazzled me. there stood a woman who looked confident and radient. touching the mirror i realised this was me. i was transformed.

    By Nikki on 11.16.2014

  28. He could feel his muscles strain against his flesh. Each tendon breaking apart from bone to rearrange into something monstrous. The anguish he felt as he broke free from his humanity.

    By Andrea on 11.16.2014

  29. A million butterflies zoomed around his stomach, fluttering and jittering. It was only a matter of moments before he entered the portal and transformed into a non-terrestrial being. What shape would he assume? Would he be a predator or would he be prey? Would he be able to revert to his old well worn human form?

    By LittleLoui on 11.16.2014

  30. The transformation that took place in the time span of a single day was immense. She didn’t know whether it was for the better, not yet; but regardless, it had happened. Never again will she cry over something so minuscule such as love.

    By A Tree Hugger on 11.16.2014

  31. To transform is to completely break down and destroy before growth and change can begin. I have been transformed by life.

    By Deborah on 11.16.2014

  32. Change, it frightened her to her very core.
    There was nothing else in the world that she wanted more.

    By Abby on 11.16.2014

  33. you sift the sand crabs through your fingers,
    a sideways-shuffling gift for me

    i blink at you in the saltwater sunlight
    and i’m not sure who i see

    you with a crab dancing between your fingertips,
    your hand held out to me.

    By missfeathy on 11.17.2014

  34. If only I could transform my way of thinking about those things that affect my life, I might have a better chance of peace and good health.

    By victor URL on 11.17.2014

  35. I wasn’t always like this. I was shy and introverted and weird and hid in a shell. That all changed within the span of four weeks. I’m not sure if I like myself more now or less. I can’t go back to who I used to be, but I think I was happier then. Now it seems like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

    By a on 11.17.2014

  36. She stared at herself in the mirror,unable to recognize her own battered-,broken down reflection. She tried to recollect the exact moment she had transformed from a happy,confident being to this weak mess that was looking back at her. This broken down version of her with sunken eyes, dark circles and a ash white face gave away no emotion. It was just blank and allit did was stare. She looked away in disgust as she could not bear to see what he had left behind. A broken soul.

    By marium hassan on 11.17.2014

  37. To transform oneself you first have to believe in yourself, and then you can accomplish pretty much anything you want to do.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.17.2014

  38. I LOVE to transform. It’s just one of my hobbies. Hmm maybe I should be an actress… I like to take many forms. Sometimes I want to transform into a real mature woman, sometimes into a basic white girl, and sometimes into a movie star.

    By Michelle on 11.17.2014

  39. Those caterpillars
    Make it look so damn easy
    But it never is.

    By Soft URL on 11.17.2014

  40. If all we could do is walk into the water and bathe. If all we could do was see each other through the clean eyes that Tuesday morning brings. That would be something to take away from this. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Ninety days is all that it takes. Twelve steps up the ladder is the promised land.

    By Bryan URL on 11.17.2014