November 15th, 2014 | 112 Entries

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112 Entries for “transform”

  1. One day I decided that I wanted to be different. Not better or anything. Just different. I was tired of what I was. So I decided to transform myself. I decided to leave no trace of the former me in myself. I would be entirely new — entirely different. The question was how to go about making this transformation happen. I would have to go to the Wood. The Wood always had the answers, if you were brave enough to venture in. I wasn’t really brave enough, but I decided that the new me would be, so I could borrow against my own future courage to make it happen.

    By Emily on 11.15.2014

  2. At the farthest corner of the sky, I could see a sliver of sunlight. I stood at the top of the moor and watched as the navy blue sky transformed into the palest shade of pink, then into a vibrant scarlet. The hues spread like water splashed onto a watercolor painting, and I thanked God that some celestial painter had chosen to make me a part of his painting.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 11.15.2014

  3. She is a changeling-
    Of life and light-
    That I see in the night…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 11.15.2014

  4. The need to transform the appearance of the area were we were staying became all the more necessary, when we learned that the trees nearby were termite eaten and could collapse at anytime.

    By victor walkes URL on 11.15.2014

  5. The need to transform the appearance of the area where we were staying became all the more necessary, when we learned that the trees nearby were termite eaten and could collapse at any time.

    By victor URL on 11.15.2014

  6. He was like a caterpillar. He had his suicide note written, the knife in his hand, but something changed. She came. At first it was nothing different, just a new friend. But then she transformed him. He was happy again for the first time in, like, ever. And he loved her, all the way up until she left. She jumped off the bridge. he wasn’t enough.

    By liz URL on 11.15.2014

  7. i want to transform my life like a metaphor: rising from the dead, Jesus and phoenix. I don’t want to start over. I want to re-route. I want the chance to transform failures into genius.

    By Momaroma on 11.15.2014

  8. Reborn
    from fire she grew
    she faltered
    potentiality unwavering

    By G on 11.15.2014

  9. She thought of herself, the way she used to be: shy, soft-spoken, polite. None of those things were bad, she reflected, but they were all part of a much bigger problem: she had been weak.
    Now, she was none of those things. And never would be again, she supposed.

    By Lati_Da on 11.15.2014

  10. To transform, first takes willingness…and of course courage. Afterall, a change is involved when it ti transforming

    By RaShelle on 11.15.2014

  11. Take what is, make it other than it was.

    By bilbo on 11.15.2014

  12. I’ll transform these words into bullets for your skull. I’ll transform these scars into something that’s worthwhile. All the time I’m doing this, I’ll be living in denial, living with a drunken grin, trying to smile and win.

    By Stefan URL on 11.15.2014

  13. The transformation from child to adult is a long and hard process, at least it was for Sam. She had waited a long time to legal, but now she realized there was more to it than that.

    By liz URL on 11.15.2014

  14. Transformations are what make us. It can be something as little as starting to like spicy food, or something as big as the ones close to us dieing. Each one transforms us in some important way.

    By Liz on 11.15.2014

  15. I want to take all the bad out. I want to empty the it all out. It’s asphyxiating this darkness between us. Sucking us in like a blackhole. I want to transform it into light. I want to transform us into something better.

    By Cx on 11.15.2014

  16. You better transform what you’ve got into what you want, got no time to stop for inconsistencies that drag me into the bitter being I used to be, gotta be the man you always knew me to be; I couldn’t see anything keeping me from spiraling down the drain, I always hoped those darkened thoughts would never come again.

    By Stefan on 11.15.2014

  17. She always was a caterpiller crawling from leaf to leaf waiting for the day she would transform into a butterfly with silken wings and radiant, vivid words to tell her story with. But now the way things were going, as she dangled from the mouth of a blue jay, how could she think if anything hopeful or beautiful like that?

    By Madison on 11.15.2014

  18. It’s not like in the movies.
    Don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty cool, I guess, turning into another creature and all. But the actual shifting part, the transformation from two legs to four, from human to beast? It’s agony.
    You ever broken a bone? Picture it. How it sounds. How it feels.
    Now multiply it by ten. By a hundred. Now do it by two hundred and six, ‘cos that’s how many times it’s gonna happen in the next few minutes.
    It’s agony, the single most painful thing you’ll ever be able to withstand, be able to live through. And it never stops, never gets better. It’s always gonna hurt.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.15.2014

  19. Transformation is
    The moment when you stop being
    And start living

    By Zelle on 11.15.2014

  20. With a series of increasingly alarming shrieks and groans and shuddering rumbles, the robot began to bend in half. Its arm-flaps folded in, its legs compressed, until finally–

    “You’re a lamp.”

    “A transforming lamp!”

    “That’s how you’ve gone undiscovered on Earth this long? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

    By Yona on 11.15.2014

  21. a petal stirs in its final hour of immobility
    a flutter of the wind, a breath of life, the gentle gaze of a human girl on its weeping cells
    the petal arcs its spine–it has a spine?–and evolves, shirking off its flimsy form
    turning to the delicate curves of a tiny girl, cherry pink skin like its flower predecessor
    eyelashes and hair so glossy and pale as to be transparent

    By Aura on 11.15.2014

  22. Whenever we talk about transforming ourselves, what are we really changing, we are still the same person, same characteristics. Sure you could change your scenario, chance your friends, but one thing stays the same and that is you

    By Sara Garcia on 11.15.2014

  23. The butterfly came out of the cocoon. She thought it was amazing how different it was from the caterpillar that went in.

    By Lita on 11.15.2014

  24. The mood was dim and quiet. Not a single word was spoken among the group of people as they stared at someone they used to know. She never looked so different than before. Was this really the same person? It has to be. But, who is she really now?

    By Emily URL on 11.15.2014

  25. squeeze yourself-
    shouts from all directions
    because after all,
    what is truly

    By M on 11.15.2014

  26. Everyone starts out as a flower bud. No one gets to decide where they are born or who their parents are. Humans are like flowers. We grow everywhere but we don’t get to choose where and when. But we all soon grow into a beautiful flower when we finally find our true potential.

    By WallFlower on 11.15.2014

  27. Jeremy wanted to transform the entire place into a summer locale. He was already starting with the house. About two months after he bought the shack, I arrived to visit it and was greeted by a stunning beach house sight. From the Grecian pillars to the marble balconies, the place looked as if it belonged on an island, maybe even in another world.

    “She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” Jeremy said to me as he led me to the door. Even his clothes had become more stylish.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.15.2014

  28. slowly she began to transform in front of their eyes
    as she
    let her face cloud over into an abyss of darkness
    as she
    lifted the blade onto herself and pushed forcefully
    as they
    screamed as her body fell lifelessly

    By Kay on 11.15.2014

  29. Joel sat in his bedroom, years passing by outside his window as he grew from a boy with a single bed to a man with a bunk.

    By Brenton on 11.15.2014

  30. How could he have known? His arms flung out, encompassing a great light, and water trickled over unseen plastic surfaces, a million time lines spend backwards, the light of the moon bent over half frozen ice…Nobody spoke. There was a silence so great

    By Tayelr on 11.15.2014

  31. Tom could hear his mother coughing, and was frightened. He did not understand what was going on, but he did not like it. His whole life had been transformed. A new home; a new school; Daddy was gone, and he didn’t know why; and Mommy was sick. But he tried not to cry. Mommy didn’t like it when he cried.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.15.2014

  32. I can’t climb out of this one.

    Can’t be transformed.

    Just can’t. Can’t move.

    Be my buoy in the sea…

    Save me before I drown.

    I just can’t fucking climb out of this one alone…

    By Typewriter Bleed on 11.15.2014

  33. i have everything in me to do this. i would like to transform into an angel. not the kind with wings and a glow and a halo, but the kind that will make heads turn to me. i want to be gorgeous, but in an evil way. i want to have that angelic face, but with the heart of the devil. it’s easier to transform into someone with a cold heart, rather than be hurt because of your warm approach.

    By ames URL on 11.15.2014

  34. Transform. Like transformers, the movie. What if I want to transform, is it possible? Is it within my reach? Sure doesn’t seem like it, seems like something only the celebrities can do. Seems like something only the people with money can do, or with fame of sorts. Its horrible, but what can I do about it?

    By Rachel on 11.15.2014

  35. The goal is to transform, one day. One day I hope to metamorphasize into something bigger, stronger, greater, wiser…

    I can’t fool myself into believing that’ll just happen, though.

    I’ve got to go, there’s plenty of work left to do.

    By Iceman on 11.16.2014

  36. bring me
    guide me and hold my hand
    to the path sketched in my mind
    don’t bring me
    i have eyes on the map i’ve sketched
    i have feet of my own
    i have hands to hold each other
    go to the place
    the place that i and i myself have sketched routes around
    the map’s in my mind
    don’t hold my hand
    i can find my way just fine

    By j on 11.16.2014

  37. is the word this world constantly bombards our subconscious with.

    We have to, or we don’t, or we want to.
    That doesn’t matter much now.

    The world matters. Not us.

    By Earl Del Rosario on 11.16.2014

  38. what does it take? you live and you succeed and other times you fail. or is failure just a means to transform ourselves. there are no problem, only opportunity’s. there is no bad with out good they tell us

    By sean m on 11.16.2014

  39. Rain drops burn into liquid gold
    Fire, endless fire
    that rushes down from the skies
    courses through my veins
    it singes your name
    into my damp skin

    By Amrutha on 11.16.2014

  40. Stepping through the fog her thick kinks and curls spread like fire behind her. Barefoot, dress exposing her her shins and sturdy ankles. Her footprints pressed evenly into the moist earth. She was transformed from a world of a chaos into one under her own control.

    By Beth on 11.16.2014