November 14th, 2014 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “delirious”

  1. Yuhhbhk jffjfhcskicndjixnvfjjf

    By Kameron Wilson on 11.14.2014

  2. There were floating castles. They were pink, no green. Wait maybe they were blue. He didn’t care anymore. Watching the colors shift were making him dizzy. He wondered where he was. He felt hot and miserable.

    By Lita on 11.14.2014

  3. His head swam with fever, barely clinging to consciousness. The blow had fallen, and with it his hope and grip on reality. He pressed a damp palm to his forehead and grimaced, the pain coming in waves from all sides.

    By Lati_Da on 11.14.2014

  4. Every morning i wake up and feel it.
    the way we skirt around each other tiptoeing through the day
    i walk to class. i sit in class. i get my degree

    By Bekah on 11.14.2014

  5. She looked up. The sky was warped through the waves of the surface of the ocean, but the colors overwhelmed and seemed to come alive with movement of the water.

    By Bekah on 11.14.2014

  6. skin the shade of apple pie crust
    violet eyes blending into the yellow sky
    a shade of lavender becoming one with the
    sunshine, the lemonade to the clouds of ice
    staring like the inside of her head is the most interesting place in the universe

    By Aura on 11.14.2014

  7. a skin the shade of apple pie crust
    violet eyes blending into the yellow sky
    a shade of lavender becoming one with the
    sunshine, the lemonade to the clouds of ice
    staring like the inside of her head is the most interesting place in the universe

    By Aura on 11.14.2014

  8. “Who said she was just sick?” roared Wendy. “She’s delirious! She counts the cracks in the walls from her bed! She keeps talking about birds made of snow in the window! Either her fever is worse than the doctor measured, or she’s gone completely out of her mind!”

    The yelling disturbed Sarah, who whimpered and hid behind my thigh.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.14.2014

  9. You wake me, I’m all greens and yellows
    softening glows become violent beams
    and those yellows shatter into brilliant whites
    that shock my vision, break my dreams;

    I give you a smile, like I know what I’m doing
    when I’m not aware fully of what is going on
    and you look at me, lovingly, awaiting my kisses
    and roll over before too long.

    By teachthegirl URL on 11.14.2014

  10. Mom if you think i am going to wear that you are delirious. No sweetie i just love this dress and you i am not crazy (delirious)

    By mlp on 11.14.2014

  11. She laughed madly, tripping and stumbling over the roots at our feet. Pomegranate juice spilled down her cheeks, staining her white blouse with the vivid color. I was equal parts horrified and in awe of the beauty of it all. She amazed me, all wicked and glorious. It was hard to think of her as the same girl who quietly sat at the back of the classroom, doodling on the cheap wooden desk lid and flicking her dark hair back whenever the teacher called her name. Well, maybe it shouldn’t have been.

    By Kiki on 11.14.2014

  12. With you, I’m high
    eyes glazed over with affection
    stumbling into you
    unaware of my surroundings
    words slowly form, thoughts even slower
    one hard hit of you
    and i’m delirious
    love sick

    By Leah B on 11.14.2014

  13. My head reels. I throw another pillow in Lucy’s direction. Her shrieking giggles echo in my head. It’s a little too late for this, and we’re both past breaking point. I am giddy. I think we had too many skittles. :)

    By Melancholic on 11.14.2014

  14. Spinning.
    Out of control…
    Lost in the world, singing in the rain…
    Changing my mind…

    By Melancholic on 11.14.2014

  15. Tormented by the unrelenting heat and delirious from the lack of food and water, her body at last crumpled beneath it’s own weight; she met the ground knees first, the scalding sand like sandpaper on her sun-reddened skin.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.14.2014

  16. I feel myself spinning, water round my head, sand beneath my feet, and a drunken song spinning, spinning. Calm. One moment of quiet, and and suddenly I know the definition of contrast. Peace, delirious, drunk.

    By dholper on 11.14.2014

  17. I sit at my desk and laugh, laugh laugh, my mind wandering in the depths of darkness. How dare he question me. How dare he think I am weak. I will prove them wrong. I will prove them all wrong! By god with this knife of mine I will kill them all. Weak, they say.

    By Mara on 11.14.2014

  18. There’s a simple way to be delirious when taking over the ship and looking for fish on the high seas. There’s another way forward when you put whiskey into the mix, and look for solutions in the waves, the clouds and the storms that approach.

    By Rmund on 11.14.2014

  19. She’s got pheasant-laughter,
    leaving her at once and
    bubbling on a stove.

    (The stars leap off the world,
    she says, and she follows
    in a ring-neck because it seems
    the proper thing to do.)

    By Pandatry on 11.14.2014

  20. Memories. Disappearing. Start. Stop. Lights. Very bright. Spinning Round and round. And round. And round. AND ROUND.

    By Isha on 11.14.2014

  21. Bored

    By fasya on 11.15.2014

  22. The infamous delirious feeling of falling heads over heels in love with someone is probably the most desired thing to me now seeing how that kind of sensation got

    By tobe on 11.15.2014

  23. Depression. Suicide. Delirium. To see the word in a brighter light than others. Darkest light I’ve ever seen. Walls run black, night flows red.

    By NPCarter on 11.15.2014

  24. i was too happy
    probably delirious
    from being with you

    By tones8 on 11.15.2014

  25. Dave lay on his futon, staring at the ceiling. Deliriously happy at the thought of reconnecting with his daughter, his mind raced to create conversations with her that would fit his “cover” of a potential boyfriend, so that his wife would not find out they had reconnected. At the same time, his wife lay in her bed, coughing, feverish, and at times delirious herself, but completely aware that soon, she would have to surrender herself to a hospital bed, and her children to her mother’s care.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.15.2014

  26. “I don’t know what delirious means?” She says, wringing her hands in time to the clock

    By Luce on 11.15.2014

  27. Delirious i am Delirous
    so delirious I’m drowning it’s a deluge
    and where do i go
    where does she go
    drain of sweat and tears and lust and fallen friends
    and lovers and broken promises
    and burnt hair and bruises
    –things not seen

    By emptyroomheart on 11.15.2014

  28. delirious, this word can be used in many ways, to express joy,pain or any type of emotion

    By Jennifer England on 11.15.2014

  29. She was delirious. Threw all my shit around the apartment before I even had a chance to walk through the door and explain myself. I mean, I guess she wasn’t all that crazy — what I did may have been crazier. But that bitch needed to act like an adult, not like a child.

    By Anisha on 11.15.2014

  30. delirious is the word that I not know which is, but I make

    By leiz on 11.15.2014

  31. I was delirious in love. Lost in the brine of sheets. Every day after would be utter sanity.

    By Medicine Bear URL on 11.15.2014

  32. I woke up in the middle of night. I didn’t know what woke me, but I wasn’t quite feeling right. I was quite delirious. The room was spinning and I had no spacial sense at all. There was someone there though. Someone that I didn’t know. It was a man. Probably about 6 feet tall, ans quite broad.

    By Bryan on 11.15.2014

  33. the wheat heads swayed in a haze
    a summer storm’s afterthought was sweeping through the area
    a farmer sighed into the wind
    the eddies were delirious, drunk on hot air
    and the shouts of men going to war.

    By Kairn on 11.15.2014

  34. Whenever you wrap your arms around me, I am delirious. The thoughts in my head just swirl around and I can’t even begin to form a coherent sentence. You make everything fade away. It is a feeling that I’ve never before experienced, this delirium of love. I never want it to end.

    By Sandra URL on 11.15.2014

  35. i was delirious with guilt.hysterical. It overwhelmed me and invaded every aspect of my life. I tried to get over it– sober myself up with heavy metal or a horror story from the Sunday newspaper. But no matter what, the damnation was felt from the inside out. I could barely breathe anymore.

    By Jonnea on 11.15.2014

  36. I am so happy that I am almost delirious. What made me delirious is the sight of my son laughing laughing with all his heart’s content. I know it is not the exact definition of delirious, but I don’t know why this came to my mind.

    By Audee on 11.15.2014

  37. Being emotional was like being drunk, brandon hated doing it and it always left him feeling so uncontrolled. Physical vulnerability he could handle. the limp on his left ankle still left him able to kick ass, but emotional limps? Forget it.

    By Arin on 11.15.2014

  38. She’s crazy. Completely and utterly mental, in every single way you could ever imagine a human being to be. A wild mane of hair flows around her face, down way past her wast, completely untameable. A wide, almost manic grin is spread across her face almost constantly. From her mouth is a constant stream of the most ridiculous, absurd nonsense you will have ever heard, making sense to nobody but her. And yet somehow, I’m in love with her. Maybe I’m the delirious one.

    By Morgan on 11.15.2014

  39. She blinked her eyes open, something moist and sticky coating her eyelashes, not allowing her to open them fully. She was confused, in some sort of delirious haze, not recognizing her surroundings. A dim, green light shone overhead, and her stomach hurt; a sharp, stabbing pain. She noticed a strange figure approaching, and as it got closer she could make it out. She screamed, of course in vain.

    By Kaela on 11.15.2014