November 15th, 2014 | 112 Entries

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112 Entries for “transform”

  1. Across the Zone of Avoidance lies another galaxy, slowly pulling us in. Passing through gas and debris and comet dust, we transform: a hundred million lifetimes from now, I will see you again, as through fractals, you and me split and mirrored, over and over.

    By RS Bohn URL on 11.17.2014

  2. My mind and body can transform at any point to what I am meant to be for this Universe. It is coming, this transformation, as I manifest it every day. It is mine as I wanted it that way…

    By trkstr67 URL on 11.17.2014

  3. i transform often enough but never really far enough from where ive been standing for quite some time now. here—-still. swaying—but not real bold movements. just in the wind. as subtle or harsh as it will allow itself to be. this dictates my transformation.

    By Safon URL on 11.17.2014

  4. Have you seen the movie transformers? I haven’t.

    By tyler on 11.17.2014

  5. The autobot transformed in to a eighteen wheeler before my very eyes.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.17.2014

  6. I watched the autobot transform in to an eighteen wheeler before my very eyes.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.17.2014

  7. sometimes you wonder if i am still here lurking in the shadows of life watching over you

    you try and tell yourself “you’re not alone” yet when you get in bed at night the fact that i’m not here envelopes you rather than your blankets you realize now that when you were shutting everyone out i was still there trying to break down your door and i expected you would move on but never did i think you would forget me you can’t even remember what my voice sounds like anymore and the scent on my sweater is wearing off i guess i know now why you never held my hand tight during that fight why hold on to someone you know you are going to lose


    By emmie URL on 11.17.2014

  8. The wind howled against the sides of the building, the girls head pounding. She could feel herself changing, transforming, adapting. Her bones broke and put themselves back into place and she yelled out, her eyes switching to yellow as she transformed into the thing she despised.

    By Ebony on 11.17.2014

  9. you my air, my sun, my moon, my stars my universe

    i was nothing but background noise of a song stuck on repeat to you.

    By emmie URL on 11.17.2014

  10. MY BODY is NOT contingent upon HIS opinion

    By emmie URL on 11.17.2014

  11. Greg was worrying about his ability to overcome his fear of flying. Greg had to find a way to transform his fear into something that he could conquer. The idea of turning his fear into an object allowed Greg to see his fear from the outside and be able to express himself to his fear. Greg didn’t want to levitate far from the ground, he didn’t want to fall from so high up, but he had to get to London.

    By Jack R on 11.17.2014

  12. I had to transform in order to fit in the world. I had to transform, in order to become what was inside, what was truly me. The transformation was so fast, I didn’t know it was happening, to be honest. A true transformation happens right before your eyes. It happens, and then it’s over, leaving you in a daze. When will you transform?

    By KING of ELI URL on 11.17.2014

  13. Suddenly it transformed back to a tiny egg. What had just happened? Where did the wolf disappear? Was I going crazy? The tiny egg had just turned to a giant wolf and back to being an egg again.

    By Emma on 11.17.2014

  14. Today I am going to transform. I am going to transform to a beautiful and strong woman. I am going to transform to someone who is ready to rule the world. I am going to transform to being myself, the one and only creature I have ever wanted to be.

    By Emma URL on 11.17.2014

  15. senza dubbio quello che facciamo meglio è credere di essere eterni immutabili mai ma eterni sempre e cambiare pelle è l’unico antidoto che abbiamo fornito alla nostra paura di restare invischiati della ragnatela dell’oblio della morte del dimenticatoio ma è anche vero che dove vuoi andare cosa puoi fare contro la tua stessa umanità

    By marylucyburning on 11.17.2014

  16. Transforming is like changing from one thing to another like the movie transformers, they start of as cars and then from their they just change into a walking big robot.

    By Ricky Sanchez on 11.17.2014

  17. transformers

    By Alan on 11.17.2014

  18. And then he watched Simon transform into a hideous goop monster. Oh jeeze it was awful. Covered in goop. No one likes to be covered in goop.

    By Fauxdai on 11.17.2014

  19. The word transform is when something is changed physically being changed differently.

    By Alan on 11.17.2014

  20. In the movie transformers robots change into different things such as animals cars human robots bracelets anythings

    By Alan on 11.17.2014

  21. I will transform ice cubes into a glass of water by letting it melt in the sun.

    By Ricky Sanchez on 11.17.2014

  22. was something I already wrote about

    Is this the world’s way of fostering involuntary change ?

    Like I can do something about it……..

    By Earl URL on 11.17.2014

  23. Everyone transforms in life. Its a daily exercise. Learning, changing, growing. constantly shifting into an amalgamation of different thoughts, cultures, and ideas. We are ever changing in a vast shifting world.

    By Mark Hintz URL on 11.17.2014

  24. Adapting, evolving, changing and flowing. This is the process of all life. Shifting from one form to another, growing and loving and hating and living. Dying, decomposing, seeping, changing… Transform.

    By Stephanie Macisco on 11.17.2014

  25. you transform yourself when you learn a new language because you learn not just words but also another way to understand the universe, new situations, new feelings and emotions. Everything.The prefix “trans” means you go through a process, you change into something else.

    By Lucrecia Albert on 11.17.2014

  26. I leave my body, my soul ascends into the universe. I don’t have to feel or think or need. I am free, truly and completely. That body was a prison for something too gentle and kind to be trapped in such a space. I am free to be with my sister stars, transformed from star stuff, to person-hood, to be returned once more.

    By Chelsea URL on 11.17.2014

  27. When she woke up in the morning, she sat at her vanity and began peeling the outermost layer of skin off of her body, much the way a snake sheds its scales. Usually there is a tag somewhere from which she can begin peeling. She grips it, and tugs at it gently — it doesn’t hurt — and the dead dermal layer comes off and begins to flake in her hand. Underneath is the fresh, pink flesh she so loves to see from her reflection.

    By Jennifer Lane URL on 11.17.2014

  28. butterfly, change, adaptation, the ability to rise from hardship and become stronger, rebirth, becoming something new, reincarnation, new,

    By Mina on 11.17.2014

  29. Transform is to change into the person you were always meant to be. To change in the face of adversity and hard ship and become someone, something, stronger. It can be compared to the way a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It is rebirth, reincarnation, change and beauty

    By Mina URL on 11.17.2014

  30. The tranformation from male to female to the Nephilim is all but painfree. Not only do their bodies have to overcome great harships, but their minds are not free from such change either. Although it is possible that they

    By cinthya on 11.17.2014

  31. The transformation from male to female by the Nephilum is anything but pain free. Not only do their bodies go through a great burden but, they’re minds and chemical make up is also affected. Although it is possible for one to either slow or even stop their changes permanently .

    By cinthya on 11.17.2014

  32. I can’t see how language could so transform a thing, but it does. I say love, you say hate, and it brings everything to a screeching halt. I won’t even get started on tone of voice, but it really is true that what you say is as important as how you say it, and vice versa. Just think of the many ways you can mean the work “fuck.”

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 11.17.2014