November 17th, 2014 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “oak”

  1. tree leaves woods cheese oak more trees forest water creak peaceful technology hunting plants animals Richard nick Andres David cheese Oscar

    By Cheese friend URL on 11.18.2014

  2. tree with leaves woods dirt sun water more and more trees peaceful wood hunting plants forest no tech, no people lonely dark scary poisons frogs animals dangerous animals

    By oscar on 11.18.2014

  3. Dave parked the car near a line of oak trees at the entrance to the park. Ohara had warned him not to do this, but he couldn’t wait. Down the road, the students started trickling out, running into the arms of the mothers waiting outside the kindergarden. He saw Tom, and his heart stopped. He had grown so much! His awe gradually turned to confusion as Tom stood quietly by the wall, alone. After a few minutes Dave saw his mother in law pull up in a car and Tom got in. Where was his wife? Working?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.18.2014

  4. The giant Oak towered over all the smaller trees. There were Maples and young Oak saplings just beginning their long lives. The wind howled through the Oak’s branches and rattled it’s leaves. Winter was approaching and would be here before you knew it.

    By Patches on 11.18.2014

  5. i stared in awe as i looked 100 feet above my head at a 100 year old oak tree.

    By Jennifer on 11.18.2014

  6. Thick arms, thick legs. He was a towering testament to the tiny part of herself that desperately prayed that her life would transform into a romance novel at any moment. The smoking, earthy, sent of oak lifted off his presence. He had shaved in at least a day, or perhaps that shadow returned almost instantly after a shave. It was intoxicating, stereotypically beautiful.

    By Beth on 11.18.2014

  7. Oak……Really?!?!?! First thought is a big Oak tree. I wish I was hanging out under that big tree on a nice warm day with a good book to read.

    By Nana on 11.18.2014


    By tyler on 11.18.2014

  9. the oak was no strong enough to hold her lean. life’s weight was too heavy for even the firmest support. she could hold it up no longer on her own, so she leaned habitually—breaking everything she used for support til there was nothing left. just her, standing, heavy.

    By Safon on 11.18.2014

  10. Standing tall and strong was not a convenience, it was a necessity. The force it took to continue standing was nothing compared to the failure in folding.

    By Brittany on 11.18.2014

  11. The small oak table in my grandmothers living room.

    By Lynn Renee URL on 11.18.2014

  12. is strong
    is valuable
    is rare
    but breaks and disintegrates. Eventually.

    By Earl Del Rosario on 11.18.2014

  13. The beauty of the wood, the subtle smell of its bark – neither give a hint to the powerful, strong or mighty nature of the oak. It could hold the weight of a thousand men or crush a habitat. Starting from such a small meagre acorn then growing and growing until it is the tallest tree in the forest, until it houses the creatures which will also feed on its fruits, until it is mercilessly chopped for the very properties that give no clue of its greatness.

    By insanity rambles on 11.18.2014

  14. My grandparents live in a house made of oak wood.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.18.2014

  15. I often wonder what it would be like to use all the resources of a oak tree. To have the shade of it. To see the acorn and use them in craft projects. To quietly sit by and watch the squirrels feast on the little delicacies they find in the mighty oak.

    By Cynthia URL on 11.18.2014

  16. I often wonder what it would be like to use all the resources of a oak tree. To have the shade of it. To see the acorn and use them in craft projects. To quietly sit by and watch the squirrels feast on the little delicacies they find in the mighty oak and wonder what they consider as they sit by. I longingly peer down the street lined with these stately trees. And when the fall comes, they bring such beauty. What a sight!

    By Iris URL on 11.18.2014

  17. The trees, their acorns upon the ground. Fallen from the branches on high to a bed of leaves below. Fall is upon us, and the beautiful oak delivers its seed.

    By Capricious the Great on 11.18.2014

  18. tree ,tree,tree is all I can think of.Tall strong and now I want a taco can I have one when I finish writing.

    By Andrea on 11.18.2014

  19. oak trees are very strong and huge trees .Oak is a nut that people and animals can eat it tastes bitter but they said its useful .

    By lulu on 11.18.2014

  20. Her Grandfather had plant this tree, and her Father played on the swing hanging from its branches, and she had begged and begged her Father to build a tree house for her when she was a little girl, now her sons and daughters are playing on the swing and the tree house that are in the tree that her Grandfather had planted. This was her family tree.

    By Hope Strubs on 11.18.2014

  21. Oak is a type of tree, one of the strongest as well. They drop walnuts or acorns, I forget which one it is…

    By WriteFast on 11.18.2014

  22. Oak is such a hard wood. It’s kind of like certain people who have this hard exterior. Difficult to finish and make smooth. However, when it’s all said and done, oak can have one of the best finishes of any of the wood family. I wish I was like that!

    By Danny on 11.18.2014

  23. oak forest is a great place to hunt he told her. And if we get married that where we would live is okay for you? was is okay she had lived in a city all her, but she felt that God wanted her to marry him and she loved him. ” YES of coarse I will be fine.”

    By bob smith on 11.18.2014