April 10th, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “thirst”

  1. Thirst is deep. One cannot swallow away thirst. You can only quench it in whatever manner possible. Sometimes we drink things that are not good for our bodies or our souls in order to quench our thirsts. This what it takes sometimes just to survive. We can without food for awhile, but without water almost no time at all. That’s the way that thirsts works.

    By Delirious URL on 04.11.2011

  2. water keeps me hydrated. feels like a great relief. like pain healed by happiness and love. thirst is something we all experience. inevitable, persuasive.

    By togram on 04.11.2011

  3. All the time, slightly unsatisfied, but is it really worth going and buying a bottle of water? Always drinking from the tap. It’s so much cheaper, but always leaves you slightly thirsty.

    By used URL on 04.11.2011

  4. I must admit. Although I have fully drunk my share and have been warned not to drink again, I still thirst for more…

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 04.11.2011

  5. This thirst was different than any thirst I had ever felt in my mortal life. It was tugging at my heart like a child’s hand on the string of a soaring kite, pulling me towards the town, yearning for the wonderful, satiating blood of unsuspecting humans.

    By Nachos on 04.11.2011

  6. I have a thirst
    that can never be quenched.
    My soul is broken
    beneath the hell that
    has consumed me.
    My heart has reached
    an end.
    The conclusion to a
    useless life.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 04.11.2011

  7. for life for things for juice. for anything. its just a word that describes the strife in life. that there will always be a thirst for more to come, it is my lifes ambition. it is everything that needs…. Everyone that needs is thirsty. Stay thirsty my friends. God is the thirst quencher.

    By Ashley on 04.11.2011

  8. My mouth is dry as I wait by the stage, oboe in hand. This slender instrument, it needs water for the sound to flurish like a rose. The thoughtless stage hands, they have forgotten an oboe reed needs to soak. My reed and my mouth are dry.

    By Karly Andreassen on 04.11.2011

  9. I thirst for many things: for coffee, for time with my family, for the ability to provide for them, for quiet time with the Lord.

    By David Saleeba URL on 04.11.2011

  10. cow goes moo and the rabbit goes hop. ant is thirsty and the avengers are GO! ellen degeneres is a robotic fascist. rembrandt likes doggy’s

    By gideon rivers on 04.11.2011

  11. Thirst is the way to define how one needs water. Thirst for life is how one determines the depth of your soul. Thirst for life brings happiness, brings liveliness, brings creativity and purpose. Without a thirst, we would be empty zombies roaming the earth with no goals or adventurous will. How sad.

    By Jaya on 04.11.2011

  12. i feel really thirsty when i walk on a hot day, that is a good thirst

    By viola on 04.11.2011

  13. it’s so hard when one doesn’t drink water. We need water to survive, otherwise we become thursty. Thirst can translate into other meaning and refer to other kinds of thirst such as knowledge thirst and emotional thirst. Knowledge thirst leads to ignornce.

    By sarah URL on 04.11.2011

  14. Thirst is an annoying feeling of need. This need can be good or bad. Needing water is a bad kind of thirst. However, knowledge thirst or life thirst makes one forever looking for meaning of life and how to go on about making the best of it!

    By Sarah URL on 04.11.2011

  15. on my lips, i don’t feel it. on my tongue, i can’t taste it. and the air, oh so dry. hot hot heat, got me beat.

    By ShariJenkins URL on 04.11.2011

  16. armawill you love me forever or you will just severe

    By arma on 04.11.2011

  17. It seems that as i make my way through life that I have a thirst for knowledge. But as i move through the world i have found that I must study on my terms. When i take a class on a subject I lose my thirst for the knowledge on the subject when I am subjected to a teaching style of someone else.

    By Preston James URL on 04.11.2011

  18. Parched? Sometimes the tiniest drink will slake your thirst.

    Look for the green for next 30. No longer invisible.

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 04.11.2011

  19. quenching juice gatorade haterade, sunglasses ,gel, hair, greasy fries burger milkshake little rascals pickles cartoons, babies, sneakers, jungle gym, gum, roller skates, maybe in a rink, chapstick, nail polish, tweezers, shower, haaaairr

    By sarah on 04.11.2011

  20. I thirst for more. I thirst for experience, for love, for acceptance, for friends, for my family. I thirst for what makes me happy and for what makes those around me happy. I thirst for God. I thirst for inspiration. I am only human. I am constantly thirsting for more.

    By Cecilia Dorhauer on 04.11.2011

  21. Fuck…

    I’m so goddamn thirsty. How did I get myself into this mess? Why the hell would I have chosen today of all days to take a trip away from home? The plane crashed, but I fell into a sand dune. By rights I should have died, and I’ve spent the last three hours wishing I fucking could.

    By Adam URL on 04.11.2011

  22. today i thirst for starbucks. that rich foamy goodness concocted from sugar and soy and ground up coffee beans. but alas, i have not money to put towards such luxuries. so i continues to thirst for this delicious drink, as well as for money.. damn you money. you ruin everything.

    By Anja URL on 04.11.2011

  23. The young man crawled across the sand, hurriedly scrabbling for the oasis. The harsh, unforgiving desert had taken its toll on both his physical body, which was screaming for water, and on his sanity. He needed water, and fast.

    By Erin Beuglass on 04.11.2011

  24. “do you have the thirst? do you have the drive? do you have what it takes to be a coast guard?…i didn’t think so.” those were the last words that my supervisor had ever said to me. little did he know how easily i could prove him wrong

    By Esther on 04.11.2011

  25. water

    By eli URL on 04.11.2011

  26. He had the thirst. He saw her throat and couldn’t help himself.

    The thirst.

    It was everything. He needed to slash and mutilate.

    He was Jack the Ripper.

    He had the thirst.

    By JamesXavier on 04.11.2011

  27. I was thirst before i meet you, I was thirst at your eyes, even thought I was gratefull, i was thirsty for you.

    By marlene on 04.11.2011

  28. warm headed heart and there are so many more days to come you did stop counting them and the desert seems to be thre just inside you just inside where to go to feed that hunger no more animals no more vegatation and you are so happy to be there all by yourself

    By ingeborg on 04.11.2011

  29. im thirstyyyyyyy

    By edna URL on 04.11.2011

  30. thirst is the one thing you need to solve in your lie to do other things because if you are thirsty you cannot do other stuff. you need to fullfill rhis need and if you dont you probablyu wikll die. sooner or later everyone dies.

    By gaby on 04.11.2011

  31. The burning inside her throat had become way too much for her to bare, her thirst was controlling her, stopping her emotions completely, other than the bloodlust that had taken over, and given her an evil glint in her eye. She looked around, her hair standing up on end, making her look like one of those punk girls that sits in her Third Period gegography class, the one who gave her such a hard time about being a little bit slow. Who is going to have the harder time now?

    By Jessie on 04.11.2011

  32. I have a thirst for coffee. I need for my veins to come alive and pump enough oxygen to brain so I can focus on this never ending journey they call education. I have a thirst for water that is pure and natural and revitalizes my soul. I am always thirsty. I find myself always looking for something more to fulfill and quench me.

    By Nicole Corwin URL on 04.11.2011

  33. dehydration. i want to visit the desert. i would be thirsty in the desert but i think it would be pretty. and new. and i would like the desert. when i walk a lot i sweat a lot. not as much as when i run a lot though. then i get really sweaty. i sweat a lot. and then i get dehydrated. but i try to drink a lot because when you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrayed and that’s bad for you.

    By Sarah on 04.11.2011

  34. i thirst for life, for God, i thirst for experience, for love. i am a thirsty being waiting to be quenched. i seek water, i seek satiation. i will look for this satiation until i find it. i will live until i do. all my life i will seek the Truth. i will travel the world until i know the answer.

    By Erica on 04.11.2011

  35. To drink.Feed for it. Chase for it. I love thirst it keeps me moving. It makes me want to do better. To prosper. To grow. Thirst is in everything, its the one thing we all have in common we all thirst. Its normal. Its life.

    By Michael Williams URL on 04.11.2011

  36. i thirst for more. i thirst for You, God. i thirst for truth and love and an end to the discrimination i am experiencing. i thirst for someone to say hey, i love all of you – not just that part, but all of you and i will never try to change you.

    By haley on 04.11.2011

  37. I am not thirsty but I know others are. So many people, regions, countries lack safe drinking water and that is something hard to handle. How can you survive without water? So many people, children, mothers, fathers, elders are thirsty.

    By Lauren on 04.11.2011

  38. I thirst for you Oh Lord. Speaking of thirsty I want a beer. Thirsty Thursdays are my favorite passtime. I love it. Thirsty, Thirsty. I actually do thirst right now. I want to be on the beach and quench my thirst. Please God. Help me quench my thirst.Leo

    By Leon on 04.11.2011

  39. i am thirsty. there is nothing more right now that I would love more than water. but instead I’m typing , poorly. and I’m about to burst laughing. I am still with thirst.

    By li.write.hear. on 04.11.2011

  40. Thirst is a feeling most people feel whether it be from lack of hydration or simply a desire for something. A thirst for knowledge or success can sometimes be more powerful than a thirst for water.

    By lenee on 04.11.2011