April 10th, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “thirst”

  1. Two nights ago I was bundled up in blankets with a scratchy throat, biting my lip, and drinking my own blood. It was pretty gross. I felt terrible. I wanted to go out and jump on the tramp. But I knew I couldn’t. I was terribly thirsty. But i couldn’t move to get water.

    By Isis on 04.11.2011

  2. I thirst for water. I thirst for glory. I thirst for a better life. I thirst. It aches. Thirst burns and aches. After I drink, I still thirst. Sleep does not cure thirst. Death cures thirst. Only when I am dead will I cease to thirst.

    By Madeline on 04.11.2011

  3. Finally I stopped drinking my own blood (it tasted like rust and dirt and salt) and I found that I could move. I got up, and miraculously didn’t fall down. I stumbled down the stairs and poured myself a glass of water. I drank the whole thing then i drank more. Then I went upstairs and crawled back in bed.

    By Isis on 04.11.2011

  4. Right after I crawled into bed, I found that I was terribly thirsty again. I kicked off the covers again and ran downstairs and got the glass of water and brought it upstairs and drank the whole thing. I was still thirsty. What is wrong with me???

    By Isis on 04.11.2011

  5. I thought that surely I had some sort of disease. Then, I could see rainbows before my eyes. I hated the rainbows and I wanted them to go away.
    I woke up in the morning and I found that I was in the bathroom. I sneezed twice. I was sick. Well, it was my karma for falling asleep in the bathroom.

    By Isis on 04.11.2011

  6. Friday night you could say I was thirsty, but I didn’t drink what hydrated me. Saturday morning hurt my eyes so that’s why I took a walk through my graveyard. I discovered founders buried there and collected the chipped candle wax scattered in the dirt. I brushed the dirt from their tombstones and traced my fingers over the mossy engravings. Those granite slabs are beautiful, but Eleazar Wheelock sounded like a dick and I was still hungover.

    By what people will see URL on 04.11.2011

  7. i am so thirsty and my throat really hurts and is dry. the humidity is making it that much worse. thirst is a common factor as of right now because i cannot breathe through my nose so i have to breathe through my mouth and it is making it dry and there for makes me thirsty

    By Bella on 04.11.2011

  8. Crawling in the desert, thirsty and exhausted. Then, you see a Whopper. A SPICY Whopper. You think twice before eating it, and decide to take a bite. Just one bite! You take a bite. It’s good. It’s spicy. Really spicy! Way too spicy!
    Now you’re even more thirsty.

    By Laura on 04.11.2011

  9. Thirst, we can thirst for more than just water or a drink. We can thirst for God, for love, for family and certain people. We can thirst for passion and adventure. Or just for fun or relaxation if we need it. Thirst is a want or great need for something. Something we need and/or want that makes us human.

    By Ashlee URL on 04.11.2011

  10. Quench not, no matter the drink, no matter the recourse of nourishing wet sloshed so beyond teeth set in neat rows – I cannot – I will not break from this thing, this need, this unconscious desire made conscious by the the feeling in my throat.

    By Matthew on 04.11.2011

  11. I am thirsty often but at the moment I am nauseous so it is hard to drink much of anything. Me mum thinks that I should go to the hospital to get that figured out. I often thirst for sweet beverages because I love sweets.

    By Amanda Baecker on 04.11.2011