April 9th, 2011 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “alumni”

  1. When I was in college I made lost of friends who I never talk to now learned a lot of things I’ll never find a use for now and spent a lot of money on stupid things that I’ll be able to justify. Now, I keep getting mailings to give money to the place that already wasted so much time; why would I?

    By Shawn M on 04.10.2011

  2. Growing older
    Looking wiser
    But just as dumb as ever
    The Alumni of EHT

    By John URL on 04.10.2011

  3. That’s all I knew about him, that he was a Stanford alumnus. I had a letter and a box of sweets from his mother, wrapped in love and concern, bought with money she undoubtedly had been saving for. How could I tell her that America was larger than her love?

    By Aditi URL on 04.10.2011

  4. In 3 weeks I will be an alumni of SVU. I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life. Well I mean I do, I want to be a graphic designer. But I don’t know if I’m going to make it or not. I hope that I can get it started. I just want to do something that I love after college.

    By Chloe URL on 04.10.2011

  5. young people

    By vivien on 04.10.2011

  6. Alumni yes oh the people I hate
    They are rude and are always in the way
    Just so annoying and they think they are so good
    News flash no one cares what you do

    Alumni need to grow up

    By Rey on 04.10.2011

  7. Alumni.
    Before you can be an alumni, you must first graduate.
    Before you can graduate, you must first pass.
    Before you can pass, you must first get your act together.
    Before you can get get your act together, you must first overcome your fears.
    That’s what it all boils down to, isn’t it?

    By bethany URL on 04.10.2011

  8. Es una especie de alumno pero nacido en italia, desviacion de la palabra y objetivo de la misma. Especie extraña pero amable.

    By SAUL on 04.10.2011

  9. I didn’t go to college. I wish I had been able to. It seems like such an experience to have, with bonds that last a lifetime to be made. I have to try and bond with people in the real world. It isn’t much fun at all.

    By J. Sherman on 04.10.2011

  10. The Alumni of the Shool of joliuanusbourg know two things:
    to be polite is being truthful and caring about others. That’s all there always was to it. No needed to pay 300 dollars of tuiton fee.

    By Camille M URL on 04.10.2011

  11. These are the past pupils of a university or college. They sometimes support activities undertaken by the current students of that institution. Someday I will be an alumnus, if I finish my degree. Alumnus is the singular of alumni.

    By Laura URL on 04.10.2011

  12. people who have a past with a place. washed up folks who try to hard to remember the old days, but they are too old to really remember what it was like, so instead they worship the memory. people who try too hard to forget what has past. people who have been bombarded with e mails telling them to donate, when all they want to do is move on.

    By Olivia Hern on 04.10.2011

  13. We walked through the halls of Oxford, passing a short, squat man with glasses. “That’s C.S. Lewis,” I breathed.

    The Doctor high-fived the man and grinned as we kept walking. “It pays to be Oxford alumni,” he said with a bit of cheek.

    “Look, Tolkein,”I said, “I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore.”

    By Annie on 04.10.2011

  14. I have been an alumni of many groups. I am an alumni of dropouts, drug addicts, parents, millionaires, lovers, losers, and anonymous writers of meaningless diatribes. We are all alumni of the human race, that is, after we die, if we die, I mean really die, not come back as our mother dying but rather never to exist again in any way shape or form dying, which is an idea I could never subscribe to or I’d have to shoot myself.

    By Peter URL on 04.10.2011

  15. Alumni is a social networking website that enables you to use messaging, photos, discussions, maps and wiki pages. It is a great website that brings old friends from school and work together.

    By Mark on 04.10.2011

  16. my dad is alumni for lacrosse. every year except for the last, we would go back to new york to watch him play. all of his high school buddies were there, playing alongside my dad.

    By karly on 04.10.2011

  17. Alumni … never been to any alumni events of any organization, or school that I used to attend. Look forward.

    By Millie URL on 04.10.2011

  18. Alumni are the people who have graduated from an institution. I’ve always thought of them as old and weird. Until I graduated last year and became an alumnus from my high school…

    By Shanna URL on 04.10.2011

  19. Graduating from a class of thieves
    Stealing their lives away
    It’s sad, really,
    These unenlightened martyrs
    That whisper to the night
    Secrets only the moon can hear.

    By Cole Atkinson on 04.10.2011