April 11th, 2011 | 630 Entries

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630 Entries for “bookshelf”

  1. i saw a plant on the bookshelf. it was no ordinary plant. This plant was special. It was a mutant space plant and it told me to do crazy things. I never thought about if it was a good idea or not I just went with it. Before I knew it the plant took over the world and now we live in an all plant based society. I guess it’s pretty awesome.

    By Mimi on 04.12.2011

  2. I had placed your heart on my bookshelf but the blood seeped into the books and made a mess. So I ate it instead. See? You are still a part of me.

    By Nathalie (@spacedlaw) URL on 04.12.2011

  3. don’t even get me started. i want a bookshelf that goes throughout my entire house. there’s something about owning the actual hard copy of a book that i will always enjoy. i don’t really understand digital book readers. i need to feel the paper between my fingers as a turn the page. father, please build me a bookshelf.

    By Anja URL on 04.12.2011

  4. bookshelf. I look at the bookshelf beside me. And there are shoes on it. My books are hidden in a secret place. I don’t have that much books though. Yea schoolbooks are on my bookshelf in front of me, behind my computer. But those aren’t really books, right? So yea. thats it I guess..

    By Hedwig URL on 04.12.2011

  5. i sat and studied her bookshelf. the books were organized by colour, and then by size, and then by thickness. it was a library of perfection. it made me want to vomit.

    By leigh on 04.12.2011

  6. a bookshelf can be filled, and can fill you. The more knoledge you offer it, the more knoledge it will bestow upon you. its a love hate relationship, its an open hand, a gift. An everyday oppurtunityi

    By Julia Randall on 04.12.2011

  7. one of the most important inventions of the 16th century, the bookshelf is most importantly a pineapple by which one can achieve different book places in a certain room. For example, in a study, a bookshelf can be used to exemplify this. There is no space on a bookshelf for tea or pretzels and it is highly unlikely that anyone would sit on them.

    By Elias URL on 04.12.2011

  8. Cluttered with lives. The life on pages breathes slowly but surely with the tea above. Candles linger in the corners with small trinkets. I wonder if I will ever truly understand the mysteries beneath the dust.

    By Emma Leigh URL on 04.12.2011

  9. i love my bookshelf. it contains sooo many books that i have collected over the years. some from my childhood that i can read over av over again like the bfg to ones that i am still working my way through. i wish i had more bookshelf space in my new room bc i would have it filled. i want a huge library in my hosue when i get old filled to the brim with books from all over the world

    By Merritt URL on 04.12.2011

  10. “Don’t stack that there,” he said to me.
    “Why not?”
    “It’s a bookshelf. For books.”
    I stared at him, and then glanced at the generous piles of crap all over the room.
    “I think, perhaps, we can make some sort of exception to semantics?”

    By Scott on 04.12.2011

  11. Not you.
    Not you. Hell. Not you.
    I can’t breathe when you unintentionally do this.
    Screw the bookshelf.
    Not. You.
    I was doing so well alone.

    By Me URL on 04.12.2011

  12. My bookshelf is a place where i turn into when i find myself lonely and secluded. It is a place beneath which i can find my friend and to which i can confide and share my joys,sorrows,laughs and tears. it is indeed a place for my best friend.

    By shriz on 04.12.2011

  13. What an interesting occasion. Today is the day I acquire my mahogany bookshelf, fit for the stacking, rowing, and lining of books. Oh joy! I love books. Especially bookshelves. Not good for food, though. That sucks.

    By Emerald Planter URL on 04.12.2011

  14. Places of historian times, historian chronicles, Neverwinter Nights archives, wonder, area of thought and wonder, seeing where the words will take you, mysterious thought of authors,

    By michelle on 04.12.2011

  15. I sat there staring at the book shelf, trying to remember the last time I had taken one of my grandfather’s books off and read. That is what I needed. A good book would get me through this night.

    By Kimberlyn181 URL on 04.12.2011

  16. He reached up to the bookshelf without looking, feeling the spines of the books as we went.

    There it was. The third shelf of the bookshelf, third book in from the left.

    As be pulled out the title, a key feel to the floor. Hidden under the book on the bookshelf, the key to his father’s Corvette.

    By JamesXavier on 04.12.2011

  17. I love books. They are so fun. I love filling up bookshelves! I love having bookshelves in my room and house for I am a bookaholic!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By wordwhiz URL on 04.12.2011

  18. So many ideas contained on my bookshelf. Sadly, I haven’t read most of the books. Maybe I keep them as decorations as an empty bookshelf is sad. Maybe I want to seem smart to visitors. But maybe I really have a thirst for knowledge. It’s probably quenched by my purusal of the internet and my reading for work.

    By James W on 04.12.2011

  19. It lay in several pieces in the middle of the lane. Yellow splinters fanned across dull bricks. The mud was slowly pulling the shattered remnants down, and the heartbroken girl couldn’t gather them in time for the rain anyway.

    By Cheerio URL on 04.12.2011

  20. My life on a bookshelf. I want all my prose on it’s own shelf, to show that my life – real and fictional as one – have filled up a significant amount of time, emotion and were worth everything it took to write them…my life as a bookshelf.

    By Stephanie Watson URL on 04.12.2011

  21. I can be obsessive about my bookshelf. My novels are in alphabetical order – my excuse is that it makes it easy to find anything. Different shelves for poetry, short stories, memoir, travel. it works for me – but no doubt some people find it all a bit anal.

    By joey URL on 04.12.2011

  22. so many books upon the bookshelf. So many choices. All there is is one book. One book I want to read, and one book I want to write. You are the one book I see, all covered in red and gold, so shiny. A book of love, a book of poetry, a book of prose, a book I need. You are my one book, standing out on the bookshelf.

    By Susie on 04.12.2011

  23. I see the comics on the bookshelf and i desire the attention that they get. All he ever wants to do is stare at those books. Not me. Then snatch my phone and stare at other pretty girls. Not me. But if i was on the bookshelf, he would love me. He would have to.

    By .ashleyf URL on 04.12.2011

  24. Volumes of my life fill the shelves
    From Magic Tree House and Shel Silverstein
    To Narnia and Harry Potter
    Myriad sources of imagination
    Lies within my bookshelves
    Because one has never been enough
    To contain the far reaches of my daydreams
    My bookshelves were home to my favorite stories
    My greatest heroes and inspirations
    You could say bookshelves wrote this poem

    By Stephanie URL on 04.12.2011

  25. i brought it to school. my bookshelf.
    but that didn’t stop my roommate from putting her alarm clock on it. didn’t stop her from standing on it to change the heat in our room.
    our room.
    my bookshelf.

    By Esther URL on 04.12.2011

  26. My favourite books are on my invisible shelt. Most of them are Harry Potter ones, but also my oun book, The Children of the Headmaster

    By gabirel on 04.12.2011

  27. I like bookshelves. I got them for my birthday. My old ones were tiny and were bending under the weight of my books. I got a Kindle for my 12th birthday to help fix the problem, but I still needed shelves for my 13th birthday.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 04.12.2011

  28. It’s got stories, full of hearts–broken, anew, fresh, strong, hidden. Some have walls, others have no cage surrounding. This wood carries love, strength, perseverance, worries, hope, despair, and simply, life. Go read.

    By Lilly W. on 04.12.2011

  29. The bookshelf held many things. Not only books but nick nacks and decorative pieces. These things of course are not of importance. The importance that the book shelf held was of course secrets.
    These secrets, you may think, are the knowledge and tails hidden within the books themselves. You’d be wrong in thinking that. For the collecter of these books wrote notes in each book that he read. To an unsespecting reader they might seem like innocent notes, but they are so much more…

    By Magee on 04.12.2011

  30. I’ve already done this excercise, and the idea of writing more about boxes and constraints seems fitting.

    It’s wood binding, holding us against our will, packaging us in sections to which we do not belong. This is not sane, this is not normal, this is not healthy.

    We should be sprawling heaps, pages spilling, and ink swirling. Instead, we are dusty lifeless tomes, confined to this wooden prison.

    By Talia on 04.12.2011