July 26th, 2010 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “strung”

  1. j’étais petite quand la foudre m’a tombée sur la tête. depuis je mange des marshamallows quand il pleut et j’ai peur des voitures noires. on jour je vais mourir, sans avoir connu l’amour ou la haine.

    By s on 07.27.2010

  2. I’m all strung out and I don’t want to do anything today. I think I’ll just waste the day away and lie in bed listening to the rain softly tap on my window, wishing I wrapped up in his arms rather than in this blanket. It would make the perfect day.

    By kelly URL on 07.27.2010

  3. J’étais petite quand la foudre m’a tombé dessus. Depuis, j’enfile les marshmallows quand il pleut et j’ai peur des voitures foncées stationnées devant la maison.

    Et un jour je mourrai sans avoir connu l’amour ou la haine. Enfiler le temps.

    By wlate URL on 07.27.2010

  4. i was so strung out on painkillers that the weight of the world felt like it was falling on top of me. i didn’t feel relief, I didn’t feel weightless..I felt miserable. Like everything I had, everything I had worked for was all crashing down around me. and it was

    By lauren on 07.27.2010

  5. I feel strung out on a wire, like my whole life is falling apart. It hurts to see everyone else strung out; just like me. It’s a difficult feeling to have. Strung out.

    By Bukowski on 07.27.2010

  6. The year was a bad one. The trains were hot and the ride was long. I felt trapped between college and the real world and was questioning my direction. I turned to drugs and was very strung out.

    By Robert Provenz on 07.27.2010

  7. The lights were strung above the awning as jewelry is given to a girlfriend. Simply to show that they were important. Sometimes more important than than they look. It’s an appearence thing. The more there was, the more important you seemed. So, she strung those lights, to attract more people. LIttle did she know, how she strings one thing, reflects how she lives. Later that night, she strung the jewelry. Tonight, she needed all the help she could get.

    By Kristen URL on 07.27.2010

  8. Strung out. Wait until the poisons that you take to feel so light take over and blow your veins to pieces. Stringing lies and comfort through your veins like christmas lights. Shine pretty soul shine, you’re all finished. The rush is gone, the fun is gone, the comfort is gone. Desire’s come back, you’re just strung out again.

    By Emily Jane URL on 07.27.2010

  9. a string walked into a bar and asked for a drink. the bartender said, we don’t serve strings here. The string said, “I’m a frayed not”

    By treb URL on 07.27.2010

  10. I’m strung out on love, but I’m willing to head to recovery. This drug doesn’t work anymore, and the fix is too costly.

    By Layla Macoran on 07.27.2010

  11. It’s pretty painful, these nights. The days don’t bring much either and I am left here. Not really, but it feels that way. Strung out on whatever dying vine is creeping up my wall. God, it hurts. I can’t find contentment in the people here. I just don’t feel attached to them. I’ve known them all my life and still, nothing. This house is not a home, not for me.

    By e.dawn.k. URL on 07.27.2010

  12. I already strung this bead on my lined paper. No this is a computer. Where are the lines? Strung from telephone poles?

    By Nancy McKay on 07.27.2010

  13. The lights bobbed across the alley way in time with a season gone past. Strung together between now and then.

    By suu URL on 07.27.2010