July 25th, 2010 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “half”

  1. Filling the glass partway, he pushed it across the table. “There you go.”
    “What is this?”
    “Half full, or half empty?”
    “No, I mean, what is this? It’s dark, but it doesn’t foam like beer. Did you give me iced tea?”

    By Dana W URL on 07.26.2010

  2. Half of my heart won’t do.

    By Avery URL on 07.26.2010

  3. half is not better than a whole. a half is what you are before you find that one person who makes you want to be happy for the rest of your life. a half isnt as bad as it may seem, but once you experience the full, half seems empty and lonesome.

    By jane on 07.26.2010

  4. I was in the coffee shop and they were out of creamer. I was so mad that I threw my coffee at the wall. I felt bad and started to clean it up. While I was cleaning the wall I noticed an add for 50 cents off half and half at the grocery store next door.

    By rahostetler URL on 07.26.2010

  5. In a minute I could be reaching the spot where it happened, but with each effort half my momentum disappeared. At this rate the minute would never end and I will never finish.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.26.2010

  6. I have half a mind to figure out what the word half really means. I mean, to coin the phrase, “I have half a mind” rally does say something, doesn’t it? Or am I wrong? Half is a word that doesn’t easlily spring to mind, does? It means half empty or half full.

    By Rainbow Ray on 07.26.2010

  7. one half, one bigger than other. only 2 of them. two halfs of orange, apple. moon. hand, door. watermelon.

    By Agata on 07.26.2010

  8. Half. One part of a whole. I was whole when I had you, but now I feel as if I am no longer whole. I am uncomplete without you. Half of me wants you back, the other half says I’m too smart for that. But both halves of me are still not whole without you.

    By Madelyn Jane on 07.26.2010

  9. They divided the money up. Half to Tommy, half to Fred. They had done a good job. And they were sure they wouldn’t be caught. Robbing banks was definitely a life they could get used to.

    By Trish on 07.26.2010

  10. half, half is one of the greatest words of all time, its not too much, its not too little. half can be enough to make your heart scream with happiness, or it can plunge you into depression, half is beautiful. half is everything. half is nothing.

    By Dave Fry on 07.26.2010

  11. If I do half the work I’m supposed to do, then I’ll be happy. Half is so much better than a quarter of the work!

    By John URL on 07.26.2010

  12. half of me sits here, and the other half of me is some place else.
    dreaming of wild adventures not known to earth.
    half of me likes it and half of dislikes it.

    By katye on 07.26.2010

  13. half and half milk spills on my countertop. it’s shaped like a cauliflower. i try to eat it. i break my nose. granite and faces don’t go well together, you’ll find.

    By c. marie on 07.26.2010

  14. of my life.
    spent toiling over fields of red.
    and what’s left now?

    no halflife.

    By e on 07.26.2010

  15. Mouth half-open, Kerri stared at her mother. Just stared, in a moment when everything came together suddenly. No, that was wrong. Everything had been there, all the facts. She just hadn’t had the guts to see them until now.

    By Al on 07.26.2010

  16. it’s the in-between.
    the point in which people compromise.
    it’s when you don’t want the whole.
    but still want some.
    and it’s what people get when they
    call marriage quits.

    By NuSol URL on 07.26.2010

  17. To find your better half is the one big reason to be alive .. it always seemed like that when my mother talked about this one person I will find one day who will love me and make my life complete. I should have not believe her!! There would have been a lot less pain in my life

    By sam URL on 07.26.2010

  18. Half is always reminiscent of the lunar cycles. My pen name is half fool, a play on words. Half full is a reference to the zen notion that if you consider your cup half full you are have not yet reached a point of enlightenment. Half empty and you have room to grow and are aware. The double and perhaps triple meaning has inspired me to see all things as being based on perspective. The moon is half full, or perhaps it is half empty and ready to move into a new cycle a rebirth if you will. The ability to be aware and accepting of others perspectives is a key element of moving down the path of true enlightenment and evolution in a human sense.

    By PMurray on 07.26.2010

  19. Half a day had passed since I wrote the letter. I still didn’t have the courage to send it, in the fear that it would be rejected.

    By Hannah URL on 07.26.2010

  20. It had been half a day since I wrote that letter to him. I didn’t have the courage to send it. He’d probably disregard it anyway, lose it on purpose.

    By Hannah URL on 07.26.2010

  21. I was a half twin, more like a person of half blood before I knew the whole story…or was it half of the story. I will never know.

    By Michael URL on 07.26.2010

  22. There was half a glass of wine sitting at the top of the stairs, glistening in the moonlight.
    To me it was half empty. I laughed, Pat would’ve said “No Jer, it’s half full”. Without Pat I’m half a man. Half of nothing.

    By Nadine Taki on 07.26.2010

  23. half milk sucks. what about being a half blood? its like a huge question mark of what are you really. where are you from and what cultures you are built up of. termed as tck.

    By casey on 07.26.2010

  24. I’m sick of always being half of whatever. I’m never good enough. My mum says I’m not whole, wholesome, wholehearted. So I must be half.

    By Nadine on 07.26.2010

  25. empty. full. which is the glass? somedays i choose full. most days i choose empty. but why. it can be whatever i want it to be. and i want it to be full.

    By Leslie URL on 07.26.2010

  26. Half a man is good enough to do the job, she told me. Half is all you need.

    So I cut a man in half. With the right enticements he walked and talked and danced a foin Irish jig. But he wasn’t good enough for what I needed, so I quartered him.

    And eighthed.

    And sixteenthed.

    But no matter how deep I cut and how many pieces, there were never enough of him to get the job done.

    By Jon URL on 07.26.2010

  27. half and half of milk, i am half the size I use to be, paying half the rent, sharing half the bill, half is half of whole, the half of my heart belongs to my love the other half to my son, half is

    By Vivian on 07.26.2010

  28. divided in 2, two parts, not complete, sad, incomplete, half of my heart takes time.

    By Gaarm on 07.26.2010

  29. Half of the milk in the carton was gone! Too bad little Billy really wanted a milkshake. He decided to go to the store to get more milk, but he had no money! He asked his mother to drive him to get milk, but she said no. Poor Billy had to drink apple juice.

    By Anna on 07.26.2010

  30. I’m half in love with you. Too bad that can’t be enough for either of us.

    By MCRoger URL on 07.26.2010

  31. Half. Half is how I feel sometimes–only half there. It’s actually a pretty bad way to feel. Half-sad, half-happy, half-existing. Perhaps it’s better to be whole one way or another.

    By Richard URL on 07.26.2010

  32. I was torn in half. Chocolate or vanilla? He stared at me, waiting for an answer. When I failed in this simple task of providing him with one, he sighed and ordered lemon. I was content. He knew me better than I knew myself–lemon’s my favourite.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 07.26.2010

  33. I cut my daughter in half to see if see was an alien, i was wrong! Now i have a court date in the morning.

    By kyle bruce on 07.26.2010