July 27th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “maid”

  1. I’ve always wanted a maid. Not to say that I would follow in the extremely classic maid sex fantasy, though. They would be a confidant. Someone who could be confided in when I took over the world.

    By Lindsey on 07.28.2010

  2. He had sex with the maid. Plain and simple. She was beautifully simple, with olive skin and dark eyes. He was pale and ordinary, with a just as ordinary wife and children. He craved the exotic, he craved adventure, and he got it, in her, the maid.

    By Stef URL on 07.28.2010

  3. Makes me think of the Sherlock Holmes movie, when the police officer says his wife is a chamber maid right after Holmes says how “liberal” they used to be. Is that a prostitution joke? It must be considering where the key was hidden.

    By Ally on 07.28.2010

  4. The maid cleaned the house yesterday. She wore a black dress with a white hat. She carried a feather duster. She broke a vase… on purpose

    By Marrrr on 07.28.2010

  5. I feel like a slave to my family and my co workers. Constantly picking up after not only myself but them as well. Can’t you find the time to pick up after yourself like grown people should? It’s not that hard!

    By Sovineh on 07.28.2010

  6. I saw her standing inconspicuously in the corner when I entered the room. The maid couldn’t have been more than 12 or 13 years old, but she had the worn-down look of someone much older, and looked as though she had had about enough of life. I glanced away quickly, uncomfortable with the possibility of looking just like that due to a few missed opportunities.

    By Christina URL on 07.28.2010

  7. It was an uncomfortable feeling, having someone pick up after him. He’d grown up in a family of 8, bursting out of a 3 bedroom home. He didn’t know what to do with such a luxury.

    “Uhm, yes, my laundry is in the corner. Thank you. Thank you.” He had made sure to hide his underwear underneath the rest of his clothes.

    By Martin URL on 07.28.2010

  8. Day after day, the same routine. Strip the sheets, steam the mattress, wipe down he bathroom, etc etc. The worst part is the aches and pains that accompany an unrequested exercise routine.

    By Misty URL on 07.28.2010

  9. I would lov eto have a maid, an old jamaican lady, cos I think they are good housekeepers. I wouldn”t need one in a saucy outfit or anything weird like that, just someone to do the cleaning and th

    By jenny kline on 07.28.2010

  10. maid? i wish i had a maid. my room is a mess. we once had a cleaning lady but she thought my dad was growing pot. he was actually growing tomatoes. no joke. she was a little weird, and later had a nervous breakdown which i hope had nothing to do with how messy our house was. she was a little weird.

    By Melissa Rostek on 07.28.2010

  11. I think of milk maids all in a row. It is a more pleasant though than someone cleaning your house.

    By Brent on 07.28.2010

  12. A maid is a person who cleans houses. For whatever reason, they’ve been fetishized quite a bit in the past couple centuries. I’m not really sure what’s up with that.

    By Gear on 07.28.2010

  13. I need a maid to clean up the mess that you left, because i refuse to touch your things.

    By lilldeh URL on 07.28.2010

  14. The little maid skipped merrily along the dirt lane, not noticing the pebbles and sharp rocks that obscured her path. Today the clouds looked like puffy cotton ready to be plucked, the sun shone so above like a summer-sweet kiss, and the maid could care less about the rest of the world.

    By jackie on 07.28.2010

  15. i already did maid? whats going on.. uhm. maids steal your stuff. yeah. ok im not doing this again!!!!

    By Kiara URL on 07.28.2010

  16. the maid is waiting for something not quite sure what. aware of the fact that she is being watched from the window that faces the apartment shes in. she doesnt mind, she actually wonders who and why someone would be interested in watching her. her life is nothing, she has no one. not even 1 family member.

    By t on 07.28.2010

  17. ssomeone who cleans. cute outfits. but really most of the times just minorities trying to get a job. four letter word. like fuck, but not. two vowels. this is an interesting assignment. i miss my boyfriend. i miss us together.

    By liz on 07.28.2010

  18. The maid didn’t know what to do anymore. She was full of the crap that she had to put up with all her life. She wanted out. Her masters, or as she saw them, owners, have abused her for too long. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed the knife.

    By Tori on 07.28.2010