July 11th, 2011 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “straw”

  1. I never knew that the song Turkey In The Straw was that song… That song everyone learns to play when they’re little. I mean, I never put the song and the title together in my head. This seems to shock people… Or it did back before I knew there was a problem with my knowledge. Now I know.

    By Doris Night on 07.12.2011

  2. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It stopped there…i couldnt take anymore. i had to let go of a friend to save myself. And since then, i have havent felt loss just a sense of relief…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.12.2011

  3. The little girl picked up her straw. She gingerly removed half of the wrapper before aiming at her target’s head. One deep breath and… launch. The remaining half of the wrapper sailed through the air and hit her father in the forehead. Mission accomplished.

    By Caitlin on 07.12.2011

  4. That was the last straw. The final piece that did her in. She was finshed, gone. Out of here. She heard his car in the driveway and grabbed the nearest bag. Opening her drawers she began to stuff it full of clothes, jamming her things down, deep and hard, until the bag was overflowing .

    By anne URL on 07.12.2011

  5. moi j’aime les pailles, les pailles ah sont belles et toi tu sortiras les poubelles ? non ! jamais plus !

    By toto URL on 07.12.2011

  6. dusty days stretch on and on as it gets hotter and hotter and we need to get more and more upon that creaking trailer, old plywood split and older hitch rusted and disgruntled. Young men get their first shot at driving and lurch brothers from high platforms of stacked straw

    By Daniel O'Brien on 07.12.2011

  7. Straw sticks out of the mouth of the would-be cow boy except he is in manhattan and the straw is really a toothpick. He wears his cowboy boots every day and dreams that he is in his black range rover on the plains

    By annabelle on 07.12.2011

  8. The straw bale broke their fall, but as John’s arm hit the ground the gun was sent spinning across the deck. Another wave hit washing it overboard. “The note, John, if you please”, Paul demanded at the other end of the pole.

    By stevelw on 07.12.2011

  9. berry jelly tasted good in the summer with vidka and lime. We all like being drunk in the sun dont we? but that has nothing to do with straw does it?


    HAT, YES! win.

    By Ben URL on 07.12.2011

  10. It wasss the last straw, I fell like all my hard work had gone in vain. I did everything possible to save the bird that had fallen into the hole, but alas! has I brought it forth it fell to it death.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.12.2011

  11. It was the last straw, I fell like all my hard work had gone in vain. I did everything possible to save the bird that had fallen into the hole, but alas! has I brought it forth it fell to it death.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.12.2011

  12. She fiddled with the plastic straw floating in the drink, twirling it between her fingers, looking absent-mindedly out the window, biting her lip as she did so. I sat, content, on the opposite side of the booth, happy to just stare at her, and take in her perfection, her imperfection, her infinite beauty and flaming self-respect. Noticing my blatant gaze, she looked down at the marble table, trying to shake me off. But I didn’t falter, and when she looked back up again, she caught my ever-so-slightly creepy eye and smiled, breaking into a laugh.
    I do not think I can recall a moment in my life where I have been happier than those three hours I spent with her in that little cafe.

    By Matt URL on 07.12.2011

  13. i like to put straws in my drinks. not the kind of straw you can make into a hat. im not really too good of a writer but at least im here and i am not fat. i accidently hit the back button so here i am again writing writing writing about straw. or straws. whatever.. its not like it matters right?

    By tanner on 07.12.2011

  14. It was the last straw. I thought I had solved this damn marriage issue. But it surfaced again. I had wanted to go to this really swanky grill place which my friends had been raving about . He refused it downright! Now, he’s taking his sister and family there. Humph!

    By Arathi Menon on 07.12.2011

  15. the last straw, the last betrayal, so public, so humiliating, so unnecessary that it was a potent and absolute act of the will to hurt and destroy, the last to ever have such a chance, the last to be welcome with an open trusting, all giving, fearless heart, that possibility destroyed for anyone in this lifetime, a theft of seven years, wherein was the possibility of two miracles, I know that for a fact, lost again , perhaps forever

    By geraldine URL on 07.12.2011

  16. a straw is something you use to is useless to me, but some people find it very helpful especially old people with weak teeth or sick people.but i never really used it.i find a great pleasure drinking directly from the can, the cup or sometimes the bottle! at the end, whoever invented straw, obviously was very bored and had nothing to do.. like me, now.

    By rana farhat on 07.12.2011

  17. Straw sucks you in.

    By Shruthi on 07.12.2011

  18. Straws: not a useful invention ! i never used one in my life, maybe it s because i can find so much pleasure drinking directly from the cup, the can, and sometimes from the bottle! of course some people find it helpful if they are old or some sort of sick, but for me, whoever invented the straw was a bored person who had nothing to!

    By Ranafrt URL on 07.12.2011

  19. I always choose the red straw. I don’t really know why. When you’re made to feel you have to choose you just try and assign some significance to it. If I were a better person I’d choose the blue one.

    By Victoria Lloyd URL on 07.12.2011

  20. I put my straw in the cup, and then realized I fucking hate straws. I sat there staring at it, wondering why the fuck I just did that. Then I looked up, the sun was out. Something felt odd, like I was seconds away from some epiphany. Like I was just out of reach of some big phenomenal realization. Like I could extend my fingers and stroke the very fabric of life.

    Then I remembered I fucking hate straws, and threw it away.

    By William on 07.12.2011

  21. a straw is made of plastic it is harmful… straw is used to sip liquid. it can also be a grass straw. it is collected as fodder . it is brown
    There are fancy straws too. in various colours. its used for decoration too.

    By k on 07.12.2011

  22. when I think of straw, I think of Coke. I think of soft drinks. I think of sipping something out of something. Oh wait, I think of a hat too. A straw is something that bridges ourselves from the things that we want or in case of a hat, some protection.

    By B. URL on 07.12.2011


    By Anonymous on 07.12.2011

  24. Rebecca wondered how romance novelists thought this was such a wonderful place to be.

    “This straw is itchy and it’s digging into my back,” she moaned to her paramour.

    “Don’t worry,” Ed whispered. “It gets better.”

    By Leticia on 07.12.2011

  25. The bales of straw, piled high, temporarilly obscured a view that to the boy had become as reliable as the setting of the sun. As he rounded the stack to help unload another from the back of the battered Ford, he barely took in the far mountaintops, or the grain waving in the wind. Like so many others, he had forgotten they existed.

    By Richard on 07.12.2011

  26. Straw Oh how you have not been useful to me. I am completely capable of drinking from a cup without the help of a straw.

    By Untz untz untz on 07.12.2011

  27. My girlfriend has to use these to drink all fizzy drinks because it affects her teeth. I only ever use them when I am at a cocktail bar or a fast food joint. I remember my friends and I used to get sherburt straws.

    By Benjamin Charles on 07.12.2011

  28. Le clou, sur mes frères, celui
    de notre maille – en le tire…
    émaas culture a le ion de lire

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 07.12.2011

  29. I need a straw hat. I love to garden but the sun is brutal. Yesterday, while walking my dogs, I passed a woman working in her garden, wearing a beautiful straw hat. I want one!

    By elizabeth b URL on 07.12.2011

  30. The mime actor wearing red and white striped leg stockings slurped loudly on his red and white striped straw from a red and white striped carton.

    By Charles on 07.12.2011

  31. A wicked witch threatening you with fire, so that you’ll burn to the ground following the brink of her desire.

    By Hannah on 07.12.2011

  32. horses eat straw and i guess it’s yummy for them and it’s yellow and straws are also red striped things that you use in drinks?! and it’s what the house the first piggy built was made out of.

    By Ashley on 07.12.2011

  33. it’s usually striped and i don’t like plain straws. i like drinking out of it especially when it’s bendy. but i don’t like drinking water with them.

    By Ashley Chong URL on 07.12.2011

  34. juice
    burger kng

    By Fatma URL on 07.12.2011

  35. Stttrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww.

    Open wide.

    Dawgter, diah’g-nosies peas?

    Smoke’up, Dope’up, Drink’up. ====== Drawl 0f Intoxication.


    By Josie URL on 07.12.2011

  36. The girl walked into Burger King with her money in hand. As she contemplated on what to order, it occurred to her that she would not have enough for a drink. She looked at the stack straws near the soda fountains and a thought came to her mind. If she stole all of the straws, they’d have to provide her with a drink. Either that, or they would arrest her and ban her from the eatery.

    By Fatma URL on 07.12.2011

  37. Straw is something that cows graze on. The same can be used as fuel as it is abundant in farms around the world that grow crops. Other than that, straw can be used for making roofs at many places of the world.

    By pritam URL on 07.12.2011

  38. a straw sat idly in my glass of orange juice. I kept my eyes focused solely on the straw because it gave me an excuse not to look into the eyes of the man that sat in front of me. His blue eyes would have been too much for me, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    By camilla on 07.12.2011

  39. straw is what horses eat. its golden and soft and has a homey- type smell. very farm-like.
    a straw is also a tube that you can use to suck up liquids. it reminds me of the 50s. O.o

    By Harmony Knill on 07.12.2011

  40. Piles and piles of straw as far as the eye could see. At least that’s what the long stems of mown grass seemed like to her. It reminded her of that story, one of the fairy tales she’d been told long ago. Of a young girl who got caught up in the lies her father told.

    By Tangerine on 07.12.2011