July 12th, 2011 | 467 Entries

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467 Entries for “plague”

  1. The black is possibly the biggest, that terrible mask the plague doctors wore with the long beak full of herbs or vingar or some such to protect the doctors breathing, at least they knew that much. Fancy seeing that if you were feeling poorly………

    By james cooper URL on 07.13.2011

  2. Why do little girls turn goth? What is so fascinating about death and unhappiness that they feel the need to dress in black and talk about all the different ways to die? I mean, I guess I do that but I didn’t when I was 11. I was too busy being alive!

    By Peter Pan on 07.13.2011

  3. I spied her sitting above
    me high in her shiny SUV

    she had shaken my hand
    limp and I was not

    yet still she now sat
    furiously rubbing
    antibacterial soap
    between her palms

    with a scowl on
    her already scolwing face
    as if I had the plague
    or something.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.13.2011

  4. her sadness swept down like a black plague
    covering her
    assaulting her
    blinding her like
    a merciless cloud of
    winged creatures
    her lids fluttered
    she dropped slowly the flowers in her hand
    and fell to the ground

    By Julie URL on 07.13.2011

  5. Tick tick tick. Time taking away a breath at a time. Every moment could be our last. Living in fear; of ourselves, of death, of everything. Of the people we were becoming. Second by second. Tick tick tick.

    By Athie URL on 07.13.2011

  6. It’s the plague. Deadly. We still have it inside us. We cut off the snake’s head but its tail is still wriggling within our souls. We need to kill the plague. We need to defeat it. Revolution. Inner revolution.

    By FaridaEzzat on 07.13.2011

  7. The plague fell upon the lands swiftly, leaving none untouched. Those fortunate enough to save it were haunted by the loss of their loved ones to the Black Death.

    By Peter URL on 07.13.2011

  8. its something you cant get rid of. it haunts you and beats you up from the inside and the outside. it makes you ugly. its in the past. its from hundreds of years ago but its got such a harsh meaning and its killed so many that everyone still knows about it

    By Deborah May on 07.13.2011

  9. kills people… not a good thing.. rats cause it?
    blubonic is one variety of plague… surat plague of 1990s..

    By vinayak on 07.13.2011

  10. Plagued by his own inhibitions, he huddled down into the covers, wanting to stay in that soft, warm place forever. Knowing he must overcome this, overcome himself, he forced himself to rise into the sunlight. He opened the window and greeted the morning.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 07.13.2011

  11. there’s a plague of words attacking the people. from a foreign carrier, they leap onto unsuspecting strangers. it makes them over analyze minute gestures, like glances and flickering eye contact. it kills the weak; sends them into a cold sweat of debilitating unrequited infatuation. they’re all better off quarantined…

    By jess tv URL on 07.13.2011

  12. something that could be bad. something that takes over the whole body. so it doesnt necessarily have to be bad i guess. someone could be someone elses plague. they could take over, take over who you are and change you completely. make you a different person and love differently. but it could also be bad like you know, being sick and dead people and such. like the black plague.

    By charly on 07.13.2011

  13. i dont really know what that means, i think it’s a disease or something.

    By alina on 07.13.2011

  14. The Thing that would plague me at that moment and there after was alighning my karmatic path with his. I’m not a purist but I try my best to remain still. To let my life be mine own and no one could change that.

    By joel schneider URL on 07.13.2011

  15. So I was walking donw the street one day when a rat suddenly appeared out of no where and bit my ankle. I immditioly felt a swelling and hot sensation running through my bodfy, i kenw i had caought theplague. I didn’t know hwat to do, so I immeditly amputated my leg below the knee to keep the infected blood from spreading

    By J-sizzle URL on 07.13.2011

  16. i already wrote about this word last night, not sure what time zone that is on, but here i am again looking at this word that reminds me of something that theives oil from young living has used to fight germs.

    By ShantiMama URL on 07.13.2011

  17. Plague. Ague coul be a plague of kinds too. vague. Hague. Does it
    ever snow ther? There is a lot of ice here. I slipt an fell yesterd
    It was a bit of a slip up for th w t h w

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.13.2011

  18. There was a plague of worries bombarding Jeff’s consciousness. He could barely look around his natural world without becoming unable to think clearly. Everything presented a different worry, a different concern. What was the point in living if everything was going to be a worry?

    By Zander Slavitz URL on 07.13.2011

  19. Post late again- got umpteen envelopes. fan mail or wot??

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.13.2011

  20. “May the plague be upon you, and your children, and your children’s children!” spittle hit the terrified merchant’s face as Red spat the words.
    The merchant’s knees were starting to give out, and a small bead of blood was forming near to where Red held the dirk to his throat.
    “Take it, take it!” cried the merchant holding out the small figurine.

    By mariesdaly on 07.13.2011

  21. It could kill you, it could rid you of someone or something you truly hate. Is it a good thing, is it a terrible thing to be dreaded? So many memories, faded away now, al you can think of is… fatality. Death. But can it bring happiness as well?

    By Jessie Craver on 07.13.2011

  22. locust. Biblical. The Pharoah in Exodous. Frogs, Killing of the first born. Its an interesting passage, there are things about God that i will never understand. This being one of them. What would God be if i understood him? Not God….

    By Shelli on 07.13.2011

  23. Post late again- got umpteen envelopes.( fan mail or wot??)

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.13.2011

  24. I thought of love as a virus for my next novel but didn’t consider love as a plague or turning into one. But it’s almost fitting.

    By imchele URL on 07.13.2011

  25. Post late again- got umpteen envelopes.( fan mail or wot??)
    There was a plague of women invading the wiz that he waz’s

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.13.2011

  26. Her face, the texture of tongue
    rippled under the strip lights
    the glare of pearl curtains
    reflecting onto yellow eyes

    The swoosh of the door
    annouced biology’s messenger
    trauma’s advocate

    The sentence lengh
    was a fly on the paper
    worst was the full stop
    now known, just waiting
    to be written

    By gsk URL on 07.13.2011

  27. we each have our own individual plague cutting us down in different ways. Each day we face the massive plague of the masses at play, the plague of the hopeless assbackwards people following the wave. Plague of society is the plague of today.

    By Emma on 07.13.2011