July 11th, 2011 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “straw”

  1. It was the final straw to this massive miscommunication.
    you had torn me apart and ripped out my heart.
    I am done
    with everything that I worked up to be, everything was for you.
    But now its over
    and it’s all your fault.
    That goodbye was the perfect ending to everything we could have been
    everything we should have been
    but you tore that apart.

    By Rachel URL on 07.12.2011

  2. brown, long and used in many applications over the years from house material in insulation to animal bedding.

    By ggf on 07.12.2011

  3. 7-Eleven Day. July 11th. You get a free Slurpee. You drink it with a straw. Brain freeze ensues.

    By Tamara on 07.12.2011

  4. Her straw coloured hair fell from her face as she lay back on the bed. He climbed closer onto her. “Now I’m going to give you something you will never forget”. He said.

    By ggf on 07.12.2011

  5. Im tired of all the piffle and trifle that I get,
    I like a bit of solid that I can do this and that,
    but most of all I like a little bit of that,
    beneath a boater of a nice straw hat.

    By james cooper URL on 07.12.2011

  6. it is yellow, dried corn, some people may say it is golden. you can use it as food for horses, my language is being awfully primitive today. i like straw it is a bit scratchy sometimes though.

    By sophie pramann on 07.12.2011

  7. straw is straw. in a way it is sort of unique, like people of all races. you have straw rhat is long, and pieces that are short. They range in colors from like yellow to dark orange. some live in scare crows others are eaten by cows. humans don;t do this but they too serve different purposes just as one becomes a teacher and the other a doctor

    By tara on 07.12.2011

  8. The field, which just last week was full of stalks of straw that came up to Holly’s chin, was now empty with just inches of scratchy stumps remaining.

    By Abbi URL on 07.12.2011

  9. Straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw. That’s the last one.

    By Joe on 07.12.2011

  10. you use it to suck things mainly drinks but what if it could do more than that what if a straw could give you away of going to another place when you blew into it you would be transported to a place that you first think of i know if that was to happen i would be with my boyfriend right now.

    By tellitell URL on 07.12.2011

  11. drink drink drink, warts. straw is warts spelled backwards. I find that amusing. Is it backward or backwards? does it really matter? I use straws when I leave a drink by my bed so i don’t have to use much effort to drink. i don’t know what else to say, this is kind of boring but i love SU.

    By Kayla on 07.12.2011

  12. there is no way to make drinking out of a straw look sexy. however, being the straw that breaks that camels back can be perceived as a sexy and triumphant.

    By vinnie on 07.12.2011

  13. It used to be used as bedding for people but it attracted tics and rodents.nowadays it is used for pet bedding. Straw also can mean a plastic tube which you drink with.

    By Emmanuelle URL on 07.12.2011

  14. Straw from the back of the pile,
    Waiting to be picked but never really seen.

    By Samantha Guyatt on 07.12.2011

  15. It used to be used as bedding for people but it attracted tics and rodents.nowadays it is used for pet bedding. Wtih this straw you can weave hats, baskets ands all sorts of different things This has been done for centuries and will be done forcenturies from now – unlike the bedding. Straw also can mean a plastic tube which you drink with.

    By Emmanuelle URL on 07.12.2011

  16. i don’t usually like using a straw while drinking my coffee no matter how cold it is..i like the essence of the foam in my lips going down my neck cause i think it’s kind of sexy..when i was younger i used to love straws cause they were fun to play with..i don’t have the same idea’s not that i got too old, it’s just that i’m used to changing styles and preferences during the years

    By joanne on 07.12.2011

  17. I like straws. They’re so usefull. You can put them in bottles of wkd and get drunk faster than you would have done. They are plastic and long. I like things that are plastic and long. Like dildos.

    By Stephanie on 07.12.2011

  18. Type about straw here. You have 60 seconds!

    By Kellie on 07.12.2011

  19. It was dry that year so we all huddled together in the corner of the barn, in the cool, away from the sun that flooded through the gaps in the large doors.

    By Lylah Lockridge on 07.12.2011

  20. good for horses, no nutritional value it but it makes for good bedding. Makes me think of straw hats and boys in overalls chewing on a piece of straw. I think of autumn and hay rides.

    By S.gawrysiak on 07.12.2011

  21. I have a friend that will only drink with a straw. I like using straws with smoothies. They taste so much better than turning the glass up. It is refreshing.

    By Wynona URL on 07.12.2011

  22. you can find it at a farm and animals eat it and stuff and you can use it to build a house :L . And i have no clue what else to write about. blehhh and stuff.

    By Rachael on 07.12.2011

  23. Her hair was like straw: just as dry and yellow. When she shook it, it eerily stayed in place the way a scarecrow does even after all of the crows have flocked to it and sat there, taking their shits like there’s nothing to fear.

    By Tori Lewis on 07.12.2011

  24. straw is made of hay it is also made of plastic to sip things. only liquid but sometimes wen the liquid is very thick you can use it…and sometimes when you want to drink something hot dont use it or else it might melt. straw is a great invention especially for women. they dont have to free leaving any lipstick marks on the glass…

    By nayak on 07.12.2011

  25. I like the thinner straws. They allow you you drink slower. That way, you really get the time to appreciate what you’re having.

    By Nishat on 07.12.2011

  26. The straw sits in the lemonade. I like to blow the wrapper off the straws at people I don’t like. Or people I do like, depending on if they think it’ll be cute or not. Whatever. Straws are straws. They have two holes, one in one out. You don’t necessarily know which one is which. But they are there. The straw just is.

    By Orange Dakota on 07.12.2011

  27. He looked and licked his lips. The waiter walked past him, and he sighed, still hungry.

    By Lesego on 07.12.2011

  28. I drank a million gallons of water with just one straw and then the straw broke and i had to get another and suck up the rest of the water then i was so fat that i blew up and died. but then i was resurected.

    By Kukiko on 07.12.2011

  29. Straw is gold and light, it splits apart in my hands, it is airy. Written backwards it is warts. Warts are red and slimy. They are serious and they spread. They are the opposite of straw.

    By Eli on 07.12.2011

  30. i drink through a straw. but only sometimes, like when i want to drink really fast without the ice getting in the way of my mouth. i always look through straws to make sure there’s no spiders in them for some odd reason. i like cool bendy straws but they never seem to work as well as straight straws. when i use a straw i feel more feminine.

    By courtney on 07.12.2011

  31. He fell on the stack of straw piled up in the barn. First, it cut his skin and slowly all the crawlies came out from the pile of straw. He was gobbled by pile of straw.

    By Bunty on 07.12.2011

  32. a little plastic thing used to drink a bevarage in a funny fashion…also can be used in a metaphor when we reffer to something as the last straw or the last bearable and tolerable thing in a series of more hardly tolerable things that ensued

    By eli on 07.12.2011

  33. “Oh hai, Lisa!” Johnny said as he stuck a straw up his butthole.kjnbkjnjhgjg ,mb..,nkjhkhkh

    By Johnny on 07.12.2011

  34. The straw man had no heart, right? All i can think about is laying in hay bales with you, and wanting to kiss you in public without caring. Your dad would come in off his tractor and kill me if he even suspected. I am a straw man

    By jsmoon on 07.12.2011

  35. The scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz was made of straw but was a better friend than the human friends. Brainless can be valuable. Straw is fragile but brain is dangerous.

    By FaridaEzzat on 07.12.2011

  36. I drink out of straws sometimes. Lemonade, soda and the like. Straw is also what I fed to my neighbors horses when I was little. They loved me for it. I’m actually quite afraid of horses but when they were eating the straw from my hand, I wasn’t quite so afraid.

    By Amanda URL on 07.12.2011

  37. I straw is somthing you suck. just like alot of other things you suck. you can regret sucking other things, bbut not a straw. a straw will always be there. it doesnt ask you to suck it. it is just there if you want it. so if anyone is being used, its the straw, wheres any other suckable item is the opposite. you are the one who would be used if someone was used. not the object. unlike a straw. i like straws now that i think about it.

    By Some One on 07.12.2011

  38. A straw man is a terrible thing. For one thing, he has no brain. For another thing, pundits are always propping him up to try to bolster a stupid argument. How would you like it if your options were to be a brainless fool standing in a field all day, ostensibly frightening away birds, or a pundit’s tool to try to frighten and intimidate his audience into thinking that his current viewpoint is correct?

    By Dan in Ohio URL on 07.12.2011

  39. i like to drink out of a straw because it helps me drink my drink easier and does not allow me to get sugar on my teeth. straws are also fun to blow wrappers off of at your friends. there are bendy straws and curly straws and plastic straws.

    By Danielle on 07.12.2011

  40. There’s a difference between hay and straw. Geeze. “Aww, look at the pretty horsie eating all that straw!” No, good sir, I think not. Horses eat hay. Not straw.

    By Vanatron URL on 07.12.2011