July 11th, 2011 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “straw”

  1. The scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz was stuffed with straw. It would fall out of his belly when he jumped around and he would have to stuff it back in. It made a mess on the yellow brick road.

    By Tammy Durham on 07.12.2011

  2. It’s hard choosing who you want to be with. Or who you’ll end up with. Like picking a needle out of a haystack… but what if instead of a needle… beneath all that hay… is a straw?

    By salichi on 07.12.2011

  3. the lemonade stand is full of them. they’re used for sucking up the cold fresh drinks we have slaved away to create for their drooling mouths, and greedy eyes, when they say, ‘gimme a small blueraspberry”. ok i’ll give it to you you rude bitch. but enjoy your straw. we replace them every half hour almost, and we usually touch the tips with our lovely fingers.

    By Dav on 07.12.2011

  4. the bendy ones <3 they bring back childhood memories you thought you had forgotten. the simple bliss of finding out your straw bends is an emotion you will never forget as a child.

    By Tracy on 07.12.2011

  5. a plastic thing which often has a constant diameter but can vary.
    nothing to do with the red sour/sweet berry.
    its yellow light stuff that animals eat.
    always the last annoyance which breaks our back.

    By deathcraze on 07.12.2011

  6. I held the straw between my fingers, looking up at him through my bangs. Curiosity filled his eyes as i slowly brought the straw up to my lips to take a long drag of my “cigarette.” I stood up as I blew out a puff of imaginary smoke and made my way over to him. I leaned down, my hair pooling against his chest. “I can do,” I whispered against his neck, “anything you can do. Just give me a chance.”

    By Cassandra URL on 07.12.2011

  7. straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw straw

    By salichi on 07.12.2011

  8. That was the last straw! I am not putting up with this situation any more! I am leaving, and I am not coming back. You will be hearing from my lawyers re the dissolution of both the marriage and the business! You are a straw man!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 07.12.2011

  9. What is the last straw, technically? It’s different for everyone, I suppose. It could be very small or very big, but it’s the part of the argument where everything turns for the worst

    By Christy URL on 07.12.2011

  10. lke a hat no maybe like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz like it’s funny that nothing was afraid of him. Is that what I’m like seriously walking around like a total toool thinking

    By gormannn URL on 07.12.2011

  11. I like straws. I can use them for drinks. Maybe I can use them for pudding too. I dunno, whatever the use may be, they’re pretty handy. I wonder who created them. Einstein? No, but whoever did, they sure are smart for patenting the shit out of it!! Oh man, straws…haha.

    By Jennifer on 07.12.2011

  12. Everyone will write about this being The Last Straw.
    Well it is the first thing that comes to mind. A powerful conversation, where someone just says this is it. Zero tolerance. I will not take any more of this behaviour. You’re skating on thin ice buddy so you better watch out.

    By travellati URL on 07.12.2011

  13. straws usually are cylindrical in form but they have various lengths. some are very thin, others are too stout. they are used for drinking but doesn’t quench enough your thirst while sipping in it takes more effort than actually drinking directly in a cup.

    By daye on 07.12.2011

  14. Straw spelled backwards is warts. That’s pretty gross.

    Why are strawberries called strawberries?

    What’s the difference between straw and hay?

    By hammer URL on 07.12.2011

  15. he was a man made a straw. a scarecrow they called him. but beneath all the straw and stuffing, there was a man. a man i loved. despite what others may have thought and said. i loved him. with all my heart. he was what i needed. what i wanted. and i miss my scarecrow. i mmiss my man of straw.

    By bek. on 07.12.2011

  16. He tilted her straw hate upward to get a glimpse of her rosy face. Shyly, she glanced at another direction, embarrassed.

    By Ife URL on 07.12.2011

  17. sip, drink, beverage, thisty, coke, bbq, summer, friends, gone, alone, sad,depressed,

    By shawn on 07.12.2011

  18. amzing beautiful straw, energy, makes me do everything, so I’m just all in so that I keep on walking and nothing can make me go back. I’m not just moving on I’m movving forward! Straw , goooo, make me try a new thing, No fear to make mistakes, no fear to do my deeds,

    By Boryana Yosifova on 07.12.2011

  19. Here hair was dry and stringy. It hung like straw from her scalp, yellow and unpleasant. How I hated her hair, as it was part of what made her different from me. More importantly, it made her better than I was in her eyes.

    By Kyrie Huggins URL on 07.12.2011

  20. you can drink from a straw. a straw is bendy. a straw is colourful. i love straws. straws are awesome. straw can also be strands of hay. YEY we can make a scarecrow out of straw. Like the one from wizard of Oz!!!!

    By Edel on 07.12.2011

  21. bales and the last suck longest – kids want yard long straws, curly ones – colored ones, straw down your pants after romp on the bales – long hot summers of childhood. Straw dogs the book / movie??

    By mike on 07.12.2011

  22. Blaine drinks his coffee from a straw. Darren does that in real life. I don’t really like straws because they keep the liquid from getting to my entire mouth, and then I can’t really taste it. I hear they’re good for your teeth though, And i guess they kind of help with hot liquids or something. I don’t know.

    By Cassie on 07.12.2011

  23. Hi this is me talking from outerspace. I would just like to say that your ingenious I dea to make a straw…You know the things that help you sip your cups..sooo smart I want to make a flaying juice and park it on the rear end on my car. I didn’t know you could be so handsomly smart about something so silly.

    By Nikki URL on 07.12.2011

  24. I already wrote about the damn straw. I’m not gonna get all poetic. There are bendy straws and those are the best kind, especially if they’re coloured. I just don’t like straws. I think they’re pointless, unless the cup has a lid. Then they’re necessary.

    By Charlie URL on 07.12.2011

  25. Is there only one work per day? This is the third time I’ve received straw. This is some bullshit. I don’t care about straws. I want them to leave me alone. I want a new word. This 60 seconds better go faster because hot damn, I don’t feel like writing about straws anymore. LEARN TO DRINK FROM A CUP ALREADY.

    By Charlie URL on 07.12.2011

  26. Straws are one of the best things ever. They can be twirly or bendy or straight. They can also be a million different colors and I love colors. Without straws I couldn’t drink smoothies or milkshakes in the same way and I love those too. You also wouldn’t be able to make those Japanese straw blowing paintings which I made in first grade. Straws are just one of those inventions that make everything better.

    By Brianna Barriga on 07.12.2011

  27. i already wrote about this goshdarnit. it makes me think of straw hats, and sunny days and picnics with the man you’re going to marry, and then your sunny house with beautiful children and maybe something tragic happening but you still look gorgeous and wonderful, and as tragic as it may be its going to be okay.

    By esme on 07.12.2011

  28. red and white. like a peppermint candy. its thin and long and it bends at the top. simple yet important. drinking coke on a hot summers day, sipping it though a straw.

    By tigerwigerr URL on 07.12.2011

  29. I moved the straw inside my strawberry margarita, watching my fiance’s reflection in the glass. He wasn’t saying anything. All he did was mess with his belt.

    By Alanah on 07.12.2011

  30. straw-
    i have my drink without one.
    i just unscrew the cap and toss ’em back
    without a care for presentation or even sanitation
    it’s me, i’m having a damn drink

    By mitchell stark on 07.12.2011

  31. the straw is yellow. needle in the hay. elliott smith was a beautiful soul. straws are what you use to drink from. different colors, shapes, twists and turns. i remember drinking from them as a child.

    By Stephanie on 07.12.2011

  32. I fell back into the straw, my head narrowly missing the support beams of the barn we were in. “Hey,” I chuckled with what I hoped could pass for an indignant pout. Truthfully, I was failing quite miserably at equipping myself with any expression but ‘pathetically in love’ at the present time. She just giggled, placing her arms on each side of me, her blonde locks tickling my face. I gulped, all coherent thoughts suddenly fleeing my mind like a rabbit from a fox as her proximity overruled my judgement. “Uhm,” I muttered, distracted. “This is definitely a bad idea. Yep. Definitely bad.” She glanced around with a grin on her face, humouring me, before turning back to cock an eyebrow. “Do you see anyone around?”

    “Well, no, but there’s-”

    “And is anyone going to show up sometime soon?”

    “You never know, my brother could-”

    “Then quit complaining,” she breathed, “and let me kiss you.”

    I started to protest once more, but my words turned into a splutter as she placed her lips on my neck, running them up to my earlobe. “That…yeah, that sounds nice,” I managed before giving up on words altogether.

    (Yes, I continued on with this a little. Hey, when inspiration bugs you, you don’t slam the door on it).

    By Madi URL on 07.12.2011

  33. straw….. i like to stick em up my nose and act like a walrus

    By alex on 07.12.2011

  34. With nothing but straws filling my body, I’ve got no more brains that a scarecrow. Although, I wouldn’t care to meet any dorothy’s in my lifetime. I find her rather ridiculous. But, anyway, back to my straws. Oh well, whatever, they’re not that important.

    By Jenraah URL on 07.12.2011

  35. He chewed absently on the straw he’d shoved in the now-empty glass of coke and ice. His eyebrows were drawn together as he concentrated on some far-off spot in the distance, a scowl playing across his features.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.12.2011

  36. The last straw is the kind when one is at the end of one’s tether. People resort to it when there seems no other solution in sight. Sip drinks. Horse feed. Hats. Dried grass. Catches fire easily.

    By Kamal on 07.12.2011

  37. There was a house in which lived a family. The family, to all those who encountered them, were perfectly content. Each child was smart and beautiful, owing to the same qualities in the parents, and the house’s 3-car garage afforded them the opportunity to always be where they needed to be.

    By B on 07.12.2011

  38. The straw hat fell from the sky and landed on the timid girl’s feet. She looked down only to see the golden strands of sun’s hair evaporate.

    By RedSkyeArtiste URL on 07.12.2011

  39. At the end of the summer, i was certain, that this will be the smell, that could bring up the best memories of my whole life. The smell of straw in the air, over the lakes above thress under the big mountains covered by ice. Summer in austria

    By d4nt3 on 07.12.2011

  40. dry grass which needs no water. It is a food for animals, I think the healthy one. I connect it with the summer, sun and hot weather.

    By zuzana on 07.12.2011