July 10th, 2011 | 463 Entries

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463 Entries for “mean”

  1. taylor swift’s song “mean” is the first thing that comes to mind. i can definitely relate to this song. the world is cruel and you’ve just gotta be the bigger person and get past it. “one day i’ll be livin’ in a big ole’ city and all you’ll ever be is mean.” so true.

    By shannon on 07.11.2011

  2. mean is the mean of the mean people of the mean bla bla bla sdfsdfsd sdf sfds dfsdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdfsdfs dsdfs dfsd fsdf sdfsdfsdfsdf sdfsdf sd sfsdfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdfs dfs sf sdfsdfsd fsdf sdf sdf sdfsdfs gdfhhdf dfhdf rtwert whser sdgsdgwserg sg s gefg s gs tgsdr hrdsh ss ggsedtgsegdrh srhsrh sh sh s hshdrfh

    By Aleksandar on 07.11.2011

  3. i did this word yesterday. what’s up?

    By Stacey URL on 07.11.2011

  4. I mean is the only thing I know.. with me its either… ‘you know’ at the end of a sentence or ‘what I mean is this or that’.. always hoping the listener understands what I’m driving at… its the mean streets of understanding

    By james cooper URL on 07.11.2011

  5. verde,verde,verdisimo que te quiero verde!

    By jacaranda on 07.11.2011

  6. I dont want to be mean, everyone else is mean, not really actually but I notice it when they are and don’t get over it for a long time. especially if it’s someone I care about. I guess I don’t care if they’re mean if I don’t because I know I’m nice and try to be as nice as I can (when I remind myself of it, which i”m getting better at) and feel like I am, not so much a better person, but will hopefully have a positive influence on the meanies.

    By Cintia on 07.11.2011

  7. avg. Pretty lame. Almost as good as i wanted it to be. It’s mean to somebody ….isn’t it.

    By mr584903 on 07.11.2011

  8. It wasn’t what he meant. He meant something more, not something less. He was mean, because he was hurt. She had no clue. She never understood him. Maybe it was for the best that she walked away and left him.
    She certainly thought so. How could this continue when they wanted different things, needed different things? it was useless.

    By Rolo URL on 07.11.2011

  9. you’re so mean, she cries. tears roll down her chubby cheeks, as the bully stands over her, pigtails hanging at her sides, intimidating. the girl sitting on the ground looks up with big blue eyes, and the bitchy toddler above her just snaps another arm off her doll.

    By Emma URL on 07.11.2011

  10. he’s being mean and unfair, i just want to know if he’s mad me. why won’t he answer. i have thoughts like these swirling through my head so fast there making me dizzy.

    By sami on 07.11.2011

  11. people who are ugly and say things like “stupid” and say things they don’t mean just to hurt other people. sometimes parents are these people. more often than not mean pertains to bullies and people who are considered enemies. people who disappoint you.

    By alexis on 07.11.2011

  12. I have noticed that a lot of the people I was close with turned out to be very mean people. I really didn’t try to change like you say i did. You just gave up so easily on me. It’s not entirely my fault we’re not friends anymore. You are to ignorant to see that, though. Just calm down.

    By Becky on 07.11.2011

  13. The meanest thing I’ve ever seen is a little girl demanding her father to cook waffles at 9 am precisely. She doesn’t want to be mean but that’s all she knows. She goes around bossing everyone in sight as if she is a princess who deserves everything RIGHT NOW. I also think that it’s mean when

    By Christina on 07.11.2011

  14. the average rainfall is dying to fulfill your expectations, it would mean that you would wake up with rain in your eyes, tears spilling down your cheeks, drool at your lips and sweat on your brow, the water would just pour out of you, water in a desert

    By bluish on 07.11.2011

  15. i’ll ask what it means
    but i know you don’t know.
    nobody ever knows.
    but i’ll ask anyway.
    what does it mean?
    what do you mean you don’t know?

    By achiri URL on 07.11.2011

  16. Evil. Hmmmm…evil. Evil eyes. Eyes!

    By Leo on 07.11.2011

  17. It’s mean when people go around demanding that the world take care of them. They believe that they deserve the utmost time and attention. It’s horrible when children think that they must go places and spend money to be happy.

    By Chrissy URL on 07.11.2011

  18. I find that mean people are really the people who need someone to be nice to them the most. They are feeling something so strong and they can’t deal with it, so they take it out on others. And truly that is something every individual has to work on because we all do it.

    By Christina Santiago on 07.11.2011

  19. …And I got knocked back by a rush of freezing wind.. and by freezing I mean by the time I hit the floor I felt like my bones would shatter in a 1000 pieces…

    By Anton URL on 07.11.2011

  20. i like being mean. it makes me feel good and powerful. if it wasn’t for mean people in this world, we would be over run by sissys and lazy people. being mean is not such a bad thing.

    By phillip on 07.11.2011

  21. Mean is a place I rarely explore. It’s a place for evil human destroyers. Mean is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Children are some of the meanest creatures I’ve ever encountered.

    By Chrissy URL on 07.11.2011

  22. well when someone says they eill call u and act like notrhing happendned and when someon lie about their feeling s
    and when someone act like a other person with u and like a other whith someone and mean omg is it that
    yeaaa yeaa yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    By Dunja on 07.11.2011

  23. His eyes were cool, calculating. “I know what you’re thinking.”
    She stared at him, her heart throbbing in her chest, like a stampeding horse. She longed to tell him how much she loved him, how long she’d been waiting for this moment alone with him.
    “Just stop it,” he stated, with as much feeling as he might have giving a passing stranger the time. “I don’t feel that way,” he said, finishing her off.
    As he walked away, he brushed past her, shoving her slightly with his shoulder. She could feel her insides crumple within her upon the contact.

    By Stacey W. URL on 07.11.2011